Working Long Hours? Protect Your Eyes with These 5 Blue Eye Glasses

The relieved feeling of logging off for the day is one that often comes along with a throbbing headache and stinging eyes. Unhealthy work patterns and high-stress deadlines have led us to spend close to 12 hours on our work devices every day. This is highly detrimental to our eye health in the long run which is why it is important to work around our obligations and keep our eye health as a priority.

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To keep the eyes safe for the foreseeable future, it is important to establish a healthy work-life balance and keep our visual acuity protected. While cutting back on our exposure to digital screens may seem unlikely since, after work, we shift to our smartphones for personal downtime, we can invest in protective eyewear like blue ray glasses. Since prolonged exposure to blue light from digital screens can ruin our sleep cycles apart from eye strain, blue ray glasses have become a lifestyle essential in recent years. Seek Optics also offers replacement lenses for their blue ray glasses, so you can keep using them for years to come. Here are some blue ray glasses that can help protect your eyes throughout those long hours of work.

Lets check some frame and glass option that are in style and easy available in market. However not every good looking glasses will look good on your face. check our article regarding sunglasses types to best match with your face type.

The Blue Ray Cat Eyes

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Since blue ray glasses are a lifestyle essential for every person who works on a digital device, the foremost design to make sense and cater to the masses is cat eye blue light filter glasses. Since they are arguably the most easily flattering design of eyewear for women, cat eye blue light glasses are a great choice for a first-time buy. These blue ray glasses keep your eyes safe and give you that lifted look in a delicate and stylish manner.

 Chic Squares

chic square

Square rimmed blue ray glasses are also one of the most reliable choices a first-time buyer can make if they want to look suave and cool in the workplace. This particular pair is in a terracotta brown, speckled with black to give it that tortoise-shell finish. Since blue light filter glasses are not available in too many unconventional options, these ones are an immediate classic due to the depth of their design. These blue light glasses can easily transform from work glasses to a casual accessory due to the trendy colour scheme. 

All-rounder Rounds

all rounder

Round blue light glasses make a good pick for those who like to make the most of their protective lenses but enjoy retaining a touch of their personality on their face. These round blue ray glasses are made from a black frame which does not continue to the ends of the temple tips. Instead, the frame tapers out into a wire frame to keep it durable through active and stressful days, even when you are not stationary at the office. 

Dual Toned and Trendy

dual tone

This blue and yellow combination of tones in these blue light glasses is one that is sure to make some heads turn the next time you put these on. While the goal is to keep your eyes safe from eye strain and headaches, you can look effortlessly cool while doing so with the help of these blue ray glasses. Peppy and preppy all at once, the playful touch of these blue light filter glasses will put a smile on your face every time you look into a mirror. 

Bronze Rectangles

Bronze can be an intimidating choice to explore when shopping for blue light filter glasses, as thin frames might seem dainty for daily use. However, these glasses can be a good investment in the long run if you are someone who does not like heavy frames and eyeglasses. Many people do not wear eyeglasses regularly, which is why they should go for these blue ray glasses in bronze for that regal and responsible aura you can embody in the workplace.

In this eara, average screen time of a person is around 7 hours in a day. Those who are working in I.T and tech sector their time would be around double of normal person. It is very necessary to protect vision for longer time and technology is here to serve us.

As time goes on, the visual acuity of our eyes naturally deteriorates with age. However, if the natural course of deterioration is exacerbated by unhealthy digital dependency, our eyes will lose their prime function much earlier than they should. Blue ray glasses curb the amount of artificial blue light we are exposed to, keeping our eyes safe and free from eye strain in the process. Hence, you can head over to trusted brands like Titan Eyeplus for your stylish and protective pick.

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