How Many Watches should a Man own?

If you wish to enjoy the freedom of accessorizing your outfits in the best way possible, then you should own more than one watch. Despite the occasion, it always pays to have a watch that accentuates your outfit. However, given the various activities forming a part of people’s daily lives, it can be difficult to get just one watch for matching every event. Today we have taken a look at some common categories of watches that you need to own for expanding your style boundaries. Generally, speaking, a man should own at least three watches, namely a dress watch, a sports watch, and a casual everyday watch. This is a general recommendation and the numbers will be higher for a watch collector. Watches are similar to shoes, though you can own just one pair, it would feel lame to wear the same set every day. Building a shoe collection can offer you appropriate footwear no matter what the occasion calls for. It’s the same with watches as every timepiece carries a distinct vibe and function.

Basic Watches a Man Should Own

Dress Watch

dress watchThough the name sounds extremely flamboyant, a dress watch can serve as your savior on those days when you wish to blend in rather than stand out. You can sport these watches casually provided they don’t have a luxurious look and feel. Since the dress watches come in an array of styles, you can easily sport a metal watch with a leather band for business-causal, formal, and semi-formal gatherings. For those special occasions, you can wear a gold or silver dress watch to ooze out flamboyance. A luxurious dress watch can amp up your confidence while keeping it classy as you accessorize your look in various ways. Since Dress watches have a more elegant look, they are mistaken to be extremely expensive. However, this is not always the case. Let’s now take a look at some of the hallmarks of dress watches:

  • It features a thin case that doesn’t raise too far off your wrist.
  • The diameter of dress watches ranges typically between 34mm to 40mm.
  • It comes encased in either precious metal or stainless steel.
  • Usually, the watches have a leather bracelet, though you can also get them in metal link bracelet styles.
  • The dress watches have a simple dial devoid of numerals featuring just an hour, minute, and secondhand.

Sports Watch

sports watch
These heavy-duty watches come with an added health feature be it a step-tracker, heart-rate monitor, calorie counter, etc. These watches can help you stay active irrespective of your chosen workout. Other than just telling time, these watches can also take good care of your lifestyle. Sports watches are usually made of rubber or plastic and are a top pick of fitness aficionados. You can add them to your collection if you are an active man who likes running, working out, or simply enjoying the outdoor air. However, you can also wear them casually. The trademark features of sports watches are as follows:

  • Has a long battery life ranging up to 40 hours.
  • The durable body design can stand bumps and falls.
  • Has built-in GPS navigation and tracking.
  • Sync with popular training apps.
  • Offers an array of customizable sports modes alongside stress and sleep tracking and an additional 24*7 activity tracking.

Everyday Casual Watch

everyday casual watchAlso known as a beater watch, it is the most common type of watch owned by a man. Any form of watch which can be worn daily forms a part of this list. The best thing about casual watches is that they complement an array of outfits as they aren’t fully occasion-specific. Your watch might be metal or plastic, mechanical or digital, and with a leather or rubber band but still, be considered under the casual category. A casual watch is the default watch that you can grab while heading out to run your daily errands. The following features can add to the versatility of your everyday casual watch:

  • It is best to get it in neutral hues so that it doesn’t snatch away the spotlight from your remaining outfit.
  • It is preferable to get everyday watches in a steel band.
  • Getting them in a water-resistant design act as an added plus.

Activity-Specific Watches a Man Should Own

Diving Watch

diving watchDon’t let the name fool you as this watch can also be worn by non-divers. The versatile style watch is both water-resistant and easy to read. Coupled with a high versatility quotient, this watch is going to come in handy even while vacationing. You can wear it with different outfits. Ideally, a diving watch will have either a titanium or stainless-steel case. Their diameter will range between 40-46mm and the watch glass comes coated with sapphire or made of sapphire for better scratch resistance. It always pays to buy watches with 150m or more water resistance so that you can carry on your diving sessions without any worry. Get them with strong lume, glare-proof glass, and pronounced chapter ring markers and hands for easy time readings underwater. The bezel is a defining factor for diving watches as it indicates the level of oxygen left in their oxygen tank.

Field/Outdoor Watch

field watchThe rugged yet practical appearance of the field watches has made them a hit among the military. It was introduced in the 19th century and sported by German officers. However, this style has persisted to date and finds its way into the watch collection of most men. True to its nomenclature, an Outdoor watch can be worn for different activities like mountain climbing, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, and the like. The USP of Outdoor watches lies in their low-light functionality and high readability on the dial. This style can blend in seamlessly with your sartorial sensibilities if you wish to break out of your mundane wrist game. The diameter of Field watches ranges anywhere from 36 to 42mm and they come in a PVD-coated or stainless-steel case. Often the watch glass features a minimum of 100m water resistance and comes with lume-painted hands for easy night-time reading. You can shop Field watches with a leather or nylon strap and a high-contrast dial. Getting them with a glare-proof coating also assists in easy reading while sapphire glass coating offers superior scratch resistance. An Outdoor watch is often accompanied by a GPS for navigational purposes and an altimeter and barometer for measuring altitude and air pressure.

Tool Watch

tool watchThis multi-functional watch can be beneficial for men who like to exercise efficiency in every field of life. If you wish to engage in underwater activities, then you can get a dive watch. Similarly, if you wish to keep track of multiple time zones, then you can add a GMT watch to your collection. A tool watch’s primary purpose is to serve its owner rather than look good. They are thus easy to read, extremely reliable, and highly accurate. These watches are relatively cheap and hardy enough to keep looking like new even when they experience a few dings or scratches along the way.

Luxury Watch

Luxury WatchIf you have a soft corner for fancy brands, then you can add a luxury watch to your collection of timepieces. Watches from top brands like Fossil or Tag Heuer can impart a distinct flavor to your look while oozing magnificence with their trademark style.

Chronograph Watch

Chronograph WatchShow off your personality with a chronograph watch. Here the aim is to find a bold and striking piece rather than going for something versatile. Ideally, a chronograph will have a titanium, stainless steel, or PVD-coated case. They will feature multiple sundials and a crown and two pushers. The diameter of these watches ranges from 40-46mm with sapphire-coated glass for scratch resistance and glare-proof glass for easy reading.

Smart Watchsmartwatch to buy

In a world where time dances to the rhythm of technology, smartwatches emerge as nimble companions on our wrists. They transcend the boundaries of traditional timepieces, weaving a tapestry of connectivity and convenience. With a touch, they grant us the power to track our steps, answer calls, and glimpse into the heartbeat of our digital lives. Embrace the symphony of style and functionality, as these miniature marvels unite fashion and innovation in perfect harmony.


Choosing the best watch for men is extremely subjective as something which will suit your personality might not flatter your friend. However, watch enthusiasts have collated a few pointers which can determine your purchase decision:

  • The accuracy of the watch won’t matter much if it doesn’t paint a pleasant picture. Thus, it becomes imperative to evaluate your look for determining whether you should go for a classic or modern, dressy or casual watch. You can also try on the watches of your co-workers and friends to get a better sense of materials, sizes, and various watch styles.
  • When it comes to timepieces, the brand name has a big role to play. Often, a little badge on the dial vouches for its quality.

Even if you are a minimalist, it pays to own more than one watch so that you can create versatile looks. Just one gold watch, one silver watch, and one with interchangeable bands can have your back as you nail the accessory game like a pro.

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