The Contemporary Sports Accessory: Hugo Boss Watches

Outdoorsy, active, competitive, and full of life – If these are adjectives you would choose to describe yourself, you fall under the category of what I call ‘contemporary sport’. Of all the accessories part of your daily wardrobe, your wristwatch inexorably speaks magnitudes about your personality, without saying a word. And a contemporary man with a sporty inclination – be it physical or attitudinal –needs a timepiece that will match up to his high-performance routine and never-back-down outlook towards life.

Hugo Boss Contemporary watches

A man’s wristwatch is an inlet into the hidden corners of his personality, a reflection of who he is and everything he holds dear. Your watch is able to say more about you than you would willingly share, at least the first time you meet someone. Famous athletes around the world are known not just for their super-talent on the field but also their larger-than-life personalities off the field. And when it comes to indicators of strong personalities, there is nothing that says contemporary sportquite like a timekeeper from the Hugo Boss Watches Collection.


Hugo Boss has a solid reputation in the timekeeping business, for their commitment to creating exquisite timepieces, designed especially for men with taste as strong as their personalities. Grounded in premier aesthetics and technology, Hugo Boss watches have successfully blurred the line between an active and luxurious lifestyle. Authentic, reliable online retailers such as have made it easier than ever to find yourself a timepiece that truly matches your desire to settle for nothing but the best.

With a collection so gorgeous, it’s tough choosing favorites. Nevertheless, I’ve put together a list of my top choices for a ‘contemporarily sporty’ Hugo Boss addition to your wardrobe.

Hugo Boss Contemporary Sport – Grand Prix (Model No: 1513475)

Hugo Boss Contemporary Sport Grand Prix 1513475

The brown colored Contemporary Sport Grand Prix from Hugo Boss is a front-runner in the list of awe-inspiring timepieces of all time. Made of polished stainless steel, the decadent timepiece boasts of a scratch resistant mineral crystal case, strapped in with a perforated brown leather wristband – interestingly inspired by driving gloves. Additionally, the dial consists of a tachymeter, chronograph and small seconds totalizer, giving the timekeeper a functional yet masculine edge over other choices. It’s a flawless amalgamation of sport and classiness; a collector’s must have in the trunk of a modern man’s accessories.

Hugo Boss Contemporary Sport –Pilot Vintage(Model No: 1513327)

Hugo Boss Contemporary Sport Pilot Vintage 1513327

An ideal fit for the contemporary man with a vintage heart. This timeless wristwatch is a product of impeccable craftsmanship and artistry, made extra special with the addition of super polished stainless steel and a Pilot Edition hammered case by Hugo Boss. The classy black dial made easily readable with contrastingly colored hour markers is supplemented with a record of day as well as date. And who can miss the classic, ‘never goes out of style’ silver link strap? You just can’t go wrong with this one.

Hugo Boss Contemporary Sport – Rafale (Model No: 1513390)

Hugo Boss Contemporary Sport Rafale 1513390

Here’s a timepiece that will effortlessly leave a lasting first impression, making a bold statement of its own. The Hugo Boss Contemporary Sport Rafale is secured with an authentic leather strap with crocodile texture.The technologically advanced, three-hand timekeeper is equipped to stand out in a crowd – even in the dark. You read that right,the hour markers are filled with luminova, meant to illuminate themselves in the dark. An irrefutable top pick: style marries function with this distinct, sport inspired timepiece.

As aesthetic meets functionality and sport meets sophistication, the Hugo Boss Contemporary Sports collection has definitely got me spoiled for choice. The entire range boasts of immaculate craftsmanship and premium design coupled with progressive technology. Be it a casual day out in the sun or an informal soiree to attend, every timepiece is here to make a statement – and I can’t help but love everything it has to say.

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