Different types of Watches for your Best Time

The desire to keep time by one’s side has been there for generations. Watches have not only been a mark of a disciplined personality but have also become one of the most picked accessories when we talk of fashion. There have been a variety of watches to choose from in the market and with the advent of technology, newer ones keep coming.

Watches can be categorised according to their shape of the dial, the technology that they work on and based upon their application. Take a look at the basic categories we have assembled for you to get you the perfect watch!!


Types of Watches by Dial Shape

      1. Rectangle
      2. Round
      3. Square
      4. Oval
      5. Triangle
      6. Tonneau/Cushion

When selecting a perfect watch, many would like to consider the dial and the shape of it. Watches come in the following shapes usually:

You get the following shapes easily when you explore the watches in the market. The Round ones are the most common until asymmetrical ones started coming in the 1950’s. By the 1970’s we could get stainless steel dials in a variety of shapes.

Tip: Make extra care on choosing the right size. You definitely don’t want to appear like wearing a big clock on your wrist.

Still we would recommend you give extra attention to the feel of the watch along with the working rather than just the looks.


Types of Watches by Mechanism

        1. Analog Watches
        2. Digital Watches
        3. Quartz Watches

movement typesImage Courtesy:

1. Analog Watches

These are the watches that have travelled time with us throughout. Technically speaking almost all watches are analog watches, unless otherwise. Typical face watches, these have two-three hands with hours written form one to twelve on the face.

These work on mechanical gears and hence called analog watches. Owing to the craftsmanship involved these are one of the most popular luxury watches around time.

Although basic working being the same, each vendor adds its own functionality to their designs and these often turn out to be costly.

Some Pioneer Brands: Titan, Omega, Tommy Hilfiger, Rolex, Rado, Patek Phillipe

2. Digital Watches


Digital watches work on the principle of digital signals and hence can store information. These display time in numerals and can also give time in 24-hour format. You can even set an alarm or timers in these.

Usually these find applications in sports watches where timers and other storing functions are required.

Some Pioneer Brands: Fastrack, Titan, Casio

3. Quartz Watches


These work on the world famous Quartz technology that contains a piece of Quartz oscillating at 32,000 vibrations per second. Because of their extreme accuracy, these are widely used and are expensive. These are battery operated.

These are the best option for people who are too obsessed with accuracy and consistency in the time and do not want their watches to go slow due to natural degradation.

Some Pioneer Brands : Rolex, Michael Kors, Omega, Omax, Citizen

Types of Watches by Applications

Watches have been not only been a time-teller or a fashion element but also been serving variant purposes according to the need.

      1. Sports Watches
      2. Chronographic Watches
      3. Pilot Watches
      4. Diver Watches
      5. Luxury Watches
      6. Mechanical/Skeleton Watches
      7. Diamond Watches
      8. Water resistant Watches
      9. Clip Watches
      10. Smart Watches
      11. Pebble Time
      12. Pocket Watch

1. Sports Watches


These are worn by sportsmen and have a variety of features added to them as per the requirement. You can get various types of watches when going for this one. These are high precision watches and give a sporty look as well.

Depending upon the requirement, you may get both digital or analog watches in these.

2. Chronographic Watches


Athletes usually go gaga over a chronographic watch that provides with the stopwatch function as well. These usually have sub dials for hours, minutes and seconds as well. These watches can be either quartz or automatic.

Some Pioneer Brands: Diesel, Michael Kors, Tissot, Guess, Tag Heuer

3. Pilot Watches


As the name tells, these are adored by pilots, gliders or skydivers. These show dual times in military format and are often a choice for people who keep changing time zones.

Some Pioneer Brands: Aviator, Casio, Citizen, Zodiac

4. Diver Watches


These watches are worn by Surfers, Divers,Sailors and are pressure and water resistant.

Some Pioneer Brands: Luminox, Omax, Nautica, Police, Rado

What to know before Buying a Sports Watch:

Picking the right watch depends on what training you want to use the watch in.

A mountain rider must check in for a good GPS system within. Runners and athletes should look in for a pedometer and a heart rate monitor and prefer digital watches. A hiker may require an elevation tracker also.

These watches must be water resistant and heavy duty with a very sturdy strap. One must go for silicon and other water resistant materials when buying these.

Definitely you don’t want to compromise on the battery life of your watch, hence be sure to check on the quality of battery as well.

5. Luxury Watches


These watches are great for watch collectors or watch connoisseurs and the ones who appreciate great precision and handcrafted complications in a watch. Such watches are often encased in precious gemstones and other expensive materials.

Some Pioneer Brands: Rolex, Rado, Omega, Omax, Swatch

6. Mechanical/Skeleton Watches

These watches are liked by those who have an inclination to mechanical objects. These work by mechanical winding of the mainspring to keep them working. There are two types of mechanical watches in the market:


Manual Mechanic/Skeleton Watch: In such watches, the person has to manually turn the button outside the watch case, crown, to keep the watch working.

automatic-mechanical -watches

Automatic Mechanical/Skeleton Watch: Also known as the self-winding mechanical watch, you do not need to wind the watch yourself. A rotor keeps winding the watch by the force of gravity as and when the wearer wears the watch.

7. Diamond Watches


These are adored by people who are in for a huge collection of expensive watches that also go along with their outfits. Women particularly use these as a piece of jewellery as these are studded with diamonds and usually are very expensive.

Some Pioneer Brands: Marc Jacob, Cadini, Burberry, Timex, Tiffany Co, Swatch

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8. Water resistant Watches


These watches are particularly designed and tested for being resistant to water and are standardised for the same. Not every watch is water resistant even when they claim to be waterproof.

Some Pioneer Brands: Rado, Rolex, Versace

One of the very important facts to be known is that these watches are tested for water resistance in still water. Hence, it doesn’t take into account the resistance under turbulation.

Keep the following things in mind while purchasing one:

      • If the water resistance of your watch is not measured in meters,multiply it by 10 to get it in BARS or ATM’S(atmospheres).
      • Check the following water resistance levels:

Normally, water resistant will tolerate splashes of water or rain under 24-30 meters/100 feet

water resistance watchesImage Courtesy:

50 meter/165 feet- Swimming pools and showering without pressure
100 meter/330 feet-  general snorkelling(minimal pressure)
150 meter/500 feet-  general water sports
200 meter/660 feet- skin diving and free diving without scuba gear
300 meter/990 feet- scuba diving and snorkelling in depths that do not require helium gas
1000 meter/3300 feet- scuba diving at depths greater than 500 meters
DIVERS 150 meters/500 feet- best for scuba diving and meets ISO standards
DIVERS 200 meters/660 feet- suitable for scuba diving except professional deep water diving

9. Clip Watches


It’s a multifunctional tool that usually consist of a watch with a clip so that you can cling it with your backpack or your jeans. The watch also sometimes has other multi tools built around it like a fold out knife or a fold out scissor making it a perfect outdoor accessory. Sometimes micro lights and torches are also clung along with a watch. The Clip watch can be both digital or analog.

10. Smart Watches

With the technological advent, watches have now started coming with a whole new level of features. These watches have now come with Smartphone features. These can measure your pulse, provide training, play music, give alerts and perform a wide variety of other actions.

Some of the newest products in the market are:


Olio 24-Carat Gold Leather strap Smartwatch: these ones are on their way to the market and look good and works well even when not connected to the phone.


ASUS ZenWatch: This one has a leather strap and comes in rose gold and silver body colors.


LG G watch: This one has been one of the first in the market of android smartwatches. It has IP67 certification.

11. Pebble Time


This one comes with an always on color e-display, unlike its predecessors.

Some Pioneer Brands: Garmin, Apple, Sony, Samsung

12. Pocket Watch


These can be any type but are small and compact so as to come in your pocket. These also have a chain attached that you can sling along your pocket.

Some Pioneer Brands: Casio, Pierre Cardin, Q&Q

There are 5 types of pocket watches and collectors often make good point to choose them according to their type and age.

Open-face Pocket watch:As the name suggests, this one has an open face and shows time without the need to remove any cover. These have been popular in recent times only, and were not popular in eighteenth and nineteenth century.

As these were open to rugged environment, these needed frequent repairs.

Full-hunter Pocket Watch:

This pocket watch has a full cover that is often engraved with a name or a picture. Since every time the cover needed to be removed to check time, a half hunter pocket watch was developed.

Half-Hunter Pocket Watch:

This watch had a cover that has a crystal or hole allowing the wearer to see the time without the need to open the cover of the watch.

Double- Hunter Pocket Watch:

This one has a front as well as the back lid that can be opened.The back lid enables the wearer to keep track of the mechanical movement of the watch as well.

Double Half Hunter pocket watch:

This one also has front and back lid, and a window in the back of the watch from where the mechanical movements of the watch can be clearly seen without having to open the back lid or the front lid.



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