Men’s Bracelet & Watch Style Guide: Rules to Combine and Wear

 men's watch and bracelet set

A wristwatch is a prime accessory that men can adorn, while they have more options such as a bracelet. The inventive and contemporary way of styling men’s arms is to mingle these two phenomenal accessories altogether. Many will be skeptical about wearing the bracelet and watch on the same wrist but one can actually carry this style to grab the attention and to give an outfit that extra ounce of oomph.

Now the question is: How to wear it and what to combine according to the occasion. Pairing the wrong watch with bracelets leads to a mismatched and non-cohesive look. So, be with us and keep reading to find all the answers. Basically, there are no such substantiated guidelines to make it look aesthetically appealing, but there are always unwritten rules which work well to make a difference.

A. Do and Don’ts of Paring Watch with Bracelet


1. How to Combine on the Basis of Material

Mens Gold Watch and Bracelet Set

Mens Silver Watch and Bracelet Set

Going overboard with jewelry can distract you from the rest of your outfit. So it’s very crucial to select the material of the wristwatch and bracelet. The first canon is to pair similar materials. It is safe to play with alike material when you are still greenhorn to adapt this style. Donning the same metal bracelet and watch makes it look more connected and effortless.

You must match the dive watch strap material with the bracelet material. For e.g. gold with gold, silver with silver, wooden with wooden, and leather with leather. Paring a gold watch with a gold cuff bracelet is a very elementary but impactful combination. If you are wearing a classic brown leather wristwatch, then a brown braided cuff bracelet would make exquisite pair. Always prefer to wear gold during the daytime and silver during the evening time.

Never pair pick silver metal with gold or rose gold. Don’t mix a brown leather watch with a nautical or rubber bracelet, and a black leather dress watch with a layered bracelet, natural fiber bracelet or Paracord bracelet. Wooden watches never fuse with precious metal or tennis bracelets.


2. Emphasis In Terms of Watch Strap

 how to wear bracelet with watch

watch and bracelet on same wrist gq

To draw viewers’ attention you need to create a focal point where it emphasizes a specific element. The aim is to enhance a distinct feature in the look.

Always prefer a flat surfaced metal cuff, tennis bracelet, and silver beaded bracelet with an engineer watch strap for creating an appealing look.

Braided leather strap, natural fiber rope, or stone bead bracelet look polished and eye-pleasing with a double ridge strap.

The leather itself has a different texture and it is very obvious to make a pair with a similar natural texture-based bracelet.


3. Emphasizing in Terms of Colour

Bracelets that go well with watches

When pulling off the bracelet and watch combo on the same wrist, the color of the bracelet must harmonize with the watch for an effortless, and natural look. Do not add too many colors altogether. Add one or two colors that are strong enough to gain attention.

Have a look at the example, if you’re going to wear a bracelet with a watch, it’s usually best to match the bracelet’s color with either the watch’s dial or the strap. You can even pick subtle color hues from your outfit, button, or belt.

Avoid adding more than two colors to the bracelet if it is not gelling with the watch.


4. Layering of the Bracelet

How to Layer Your Bracelets With Your Watch

It is time to get more experimental with bracelets and layering is a good choice. It is important to be aware that we have to pull all the right kinds of layers to achieve the look and still the individualism should be retained.

Leather wrap bracelets are meant to get layered. Small beaded bracelets and paracord bracelets are good for layering.

Layering of two to three bracelets would be great but that should not be in bulk, you are not at Coachella or beach party. If one can understand this they will definitely improve the styling. Most importantly carrying a bracelet in both hands is like ruining the entire dressing. Do not make this mistake if you are not a pro at styling wrist watches and bracelets.

B. Style Guide to Wear Bracelet with Watch According To Occasion

Choose Material and Combination on The Basis of Occasion

Choosing the right material when assembling a new look is vital for its boom. When you are blending two materials should be well balanced. Choosing your wristwatch and bracelet according to the profession, occasion and weather is absolutely necessary. Remember just like your clothes, your bracelets speak volumes about your personality.

1. Daily or Casual Wear

watch and bracelet combo

There are few bracelets and watch combination that elevates your style quotient on a casual occasion. Wear a simple leather strap watch with a beaded bracelet, and a Zulu strap or nato strap watch with paracord or nautical bracelet for a stylish look. You can even pep up your casual looks with a Macrame bracelet.

2. Dress or Formal Wear

Men’s Bracelet & Watch

When it comes to formal wear, always opt for an elegant one to accentuate your look. If you are wearing a steel watch, then sport on a thin metal bracelet or precious metal beaded bracelet. Choose a very refined and fuzz-free bracelet like gold chain or metal cuff because you don’t want it to stuck anywhere. If you are wearing a digital watch, go for the beaded bracelet.

3. Outing or Sunny Brunch

how to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch

Going out in the evening is more than casual, look for a bracelet that complements the overall style. During the evening you tend to be more carefree and lively, to add extra cheer to your mood add some ecstatic element and color to the bracelet.

Corded leather wrap, stone beaded, nautical, or natural fibre bracelet seems appropriate for an outing. You can add layers too if it’s coordinating to the outfit and occasion. For sunny brunch, you can add an extra lazy mood by adding a 24 X 7 beaded bracelet and vegan leather strap or perlon strap.

4. Style Guide to Enhance Apple Watch with Bracelet

wearing bracelets with apple watch

Accessorizing your luxurious Apple watch with a bracelet amplifies the whole attire and offers a bold look. You can style your smartwatch with a bracelet on the same wrist for both formal and casual days. While pairing make sure that your bracelet material is friendly to the watch as you don’t want to damage or end up with scratches.

According to your Apple watches strap choose the bracelet, and try to match the color and the fine finish just like your watch. You can opt for beaded, braided, Macrame, or cuff bracelets to create a stylish and sophisticated look. Silver shade bracelet compliments the all-black look of your Apple watch. You can buy Apple watch straps in various colors to match your bracelet for a more stylish look.

C. Rules for Pairing Up Watch and Bracelet

1. Focal Point

how to properly wear bracelets with your watch, mens bracelet with watch styles

The first and foremost rule of wearing both a watch and a bracelet on the same wrist is never to let your bracelet outshine. The only accessory that should grab the spotlight is your timepiece. You must wear the more delicate and understated bracelet to complement your watch. Paring an equally flashy bracelet with a watch lessens the watch’s aesthetic qualities.

2. Stacking

mens style guide on wearing bracelets with watches, Bulova Men's Bracelet Watch

Stacking too many bracelets next to your watch not only looks clumsy but also takes away the focus from the start of the show. Although one bracelet is enough to glam up your style, you can go for a maximum of three bracelets depending on the size for a cool, balanced look. Always keep in mind that your bracelet should look like a portion of your watch. Over-layering just mess up things. Too many straps of layering will lose the essence of the entire look.

3. Balance It Out

how to wear watch with bracelet, Men's Watch Bracelet combo

Donning bracelets on both sides of the watch is a big no-no. This makes your watch look squeezed in and ruins your look. Always wear a bracelet either above or below the watch to complement it rather than stealing the show. Your bracelet should fit comfortably around your wrist. Make sure that your bracelet does not get hidden under the watch.

4. Avoid Heavy Rings

bracelets to pair with watches, Watch and Bracelet Set for him

Never wear heavy finger rings or too many rings on the same hand when you are pairing the watch with a bracelet. Heavy rings not only distract attention from your watch but also make your hand feel heavy.

5. Perfect Spacing

wearing bracelets with watches, Watch with Bracelet Set

Spacing plays an important role when you are wearing a watch with the bracelet on the same wrist. There must be enough space between the watch and the bracelet to allow them to stand out individually.

6. Overlapping

Stacked bracelets and watches, men's watch and bracelet set

Never wear your watch and bracelet on top of your cuff. While standing with your arms down, the sleeve or cuff should cover your watch and bracelet. And while bending your arm, the watch and bracelet should peek out of your sleeve or cuff.


  • Wearing a watch with a bracelet works well with people who have small wrists as people won’t notice your wrist.
  • Go for material that is friendly to the watch so it does not cause scratches to your precious watch.
  • Go for light shades of the bracelets with a blackish-silver tint.
  • Metal bracelets are great for formal occasions.
  • The gold watch strap is very refined and a single layer of the bracelet will solidify the look.
  • The brown leather watch strap goes well with a gold cuff bracelet
  • Always choose a sleek bracelet to deter you from going over the top.
  • The classic cuff, minimalist, and bangle bracelet are best to wear with the Rolex watch.
  • Leave enough space between your watch and bracelet to make them stand out individually.
  • Wear anchor bracelets with a chronograph watch.
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