Men’s Best Watches for Small Wrist to Buy Today

Over the last few years, oversized watches have ruled the markets. However, the times are changing now, and everyone’s making endless efforts to find what suits them best. If you’re someone who has small wrists, we got you covered. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best watches for a small wrist to buy.

Firstly, as they say, no two humans can ever be the same; so chill. You don’t have to blame or cuss yourself for your small wrist size. Moreover, it’s not just that men have smaller wrist sizes. Interestingly, some women also have smaller wrist sizes. Having a small wrist is okay, and it may be natural as well.


Now, let’s get started and explore some important details about small wrist sizes before we jump in to explore the best watches.

The Challenges of Having Smaller Wrists

  • Quite honestly, it may be frustrating to have smaller wrists when most of your friends have big and wide wrists. The frustration of having smaller wrists may also lead to self-doubt and an inferiority complex. However, you need to embrace yourself for who you’re how you’re.
  • Secondly, some of you may also find it challenging to find the best watches that’ll glorify your looks. Frankly, at times it may feel nearly impossible to find big-face watches with a perfect fit.
  • Last but not least, you may also find it challenging to dress up daily and make your bold fashion statement.

But what are the Benefits of Having Petite Wrists? – Advantages

  • As per sports experts, boxers with smaller-sized wrists may deliver punches rather quickly than boxers with bigger wrists.
  • Most importantly, a majority of vintage and classic watches tend to fit well on smaller wrists.

What Wrist is a Small Wrist?

As we all have different types of bodies, fashion apparel, and accessories manufacturers often generalize common measurements. A small wrist can be defined as a wrist measuring smaller than six and a half inches based on studies and generalized measurements. However, the measurements do vary for both men and women.

As per data recorded in various studies, a woman’s small wrist typically measures smaller than 5.8 inches. If we look at the measurements in centimeters, a man’s small wrist measures less than 16.51 centimeters. In contrast, a woman’s small wrist measures less than 14.73 centimeters. Both men’s and women’s small wrists vary from only two or three centimeters.

Perfect Watch Faces for Small Wrists

If you notice carefully, you’ll find that a small wrist has a lot less room to slay bigger dials. So, to style a watch like a fashion expert, you need to choose its face carefully. Some rules can help you pick the best watch for yourself within minutes.

  • Keep it simple to style elegantly.
  • Avoid large crowns and instead choose small crowns.
  • Ensure that your new watch’s face measures below 40mm.
  • Avoid heavy designs that may overshadow your wrist.

Know Your Wrist Size; It’s Very Important

Being aware of your wrist size and knowing if you have a small, medium, or big wrist will help you make well-informed decisions. Moreover, knowing the wrist size will make sure you can choose your watch rather quickly. The trick is to ensure that the watch’s face doesn’t make your wrist look smaller. Secondly, you’ll also need to ensure that the watch doesn’t look way too small.

Strap Size

Many people often tend to ignore the significance of their watch strap or band. Unknowingly, all these people are dampening their looks by choosing the incorrect-sized strap. We don’t want our readers to make such a silly mistake. All we want is for you to look like a star.

Since you have smaller wrists, wearing bulky straps and bands will be a stupid decision. To avoid being or looking foolish, we recommend you opt for small bracelet-shaped watch straps and bands. You may also go for a clasp band.

Watch Strap Material

Frankly, choosing the watch strap material largely depends on your liking and taste in various watch strap materials. But considering the style point, even the watch strap material can make or break your style game. Without any second thoughts, you may pick leather or silicone straps with your favorite wristwatch, and they’ll go well.

However, if you’re planning to wear a Nato or a stainless steel watch strap, you need to be careful. The reason is, Nato straps are generally wider and will overshadow your wrist. Whereas stainless steel watch bands look big and they’re bulky. If you still need to wear a stainless steel watch band, check if your watch’s design is well-balanced for a small wrist.

Length: Lug-To-Lug

The lugs of the wristwatches are important as well. The reason is, lugs ultimately hold the watch’s strap together. You won’t be able to wear a wristwatch if a lug is damaged or broken. Moreover, the length and size of lugs can also enhance or destroy your looks. So, let’s find out what you can do to prevent the lugs from spoiling your looks.

  • Avoid massive lugs as they won’t help in enhancing your looks.
  • Check the distance between both lugs of your new watch. If it measures 42mm, the watch will fit your small wrist nicely.
  • For a wrist smaller than six inches, the ideal lug size is 34-36mm.
  • Likewise, for a wrist larger than seven and a half inches, the ideal lug size is 44-46mm.

Best Small Wrist Watches to Buy (Below 200$ Edition)

Let’s check out some of the best wristwatches to buy for under 200$ from industry-leading brands.

1. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Leather Watch (Model: BM8240-03E) – The Best Small Dress Watches For Skinny People

mens small watchesBuy Now

The men’s eco-drive leather watch by Citizen boasts a round dial and a leather band that adds grace to its classy looks. The watch is water-resistant in up to 30m deep waters, which makes it an excellent choice for everyday use.

2. Timex Easy Reader Leather Strap Watch (TW2R56100)

top watches brands for men with small wristBuy Now

The Easy Reader leather strap watch by Timex is a great option for men with small wrists. The watch comes with a classy brown leather strap. Moreover, it also features a day-date window at 3 o’clock.

3. Seiko Men’s SNK805 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

best small watches brands to buyBuy Now

The men’s SNK805 Automatic stainless steel watch from the house of Seiko comes with an analog dial and a nylon canvas strap. Additionally, this watch works on the quartz moment.

4. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Watch (BM8180-03E)

What size mens watch for small wrist?Buy Now

This Citizen’s eco-drive watch for men is an absolute masterpiece as it can turn any form of light into energy. Irrespective of what kind of lifestyle you have, this watch will give you great company as Citizen offers a five-year warranty.

5. Timex Unisex Weekender Watch (TW2R63100) – Cheapest Watch For Small Wrist

Small watches for menBuy Now

The Weekender watch by Timex is the kind of watch you wouldn’t want to miss, no matter what. This elegant analog watch boasts a brown double-layered leather strap. Moreover, its dial features a clean design that makes it 10x better.

6. Casio Men’s Classic Silver-Tone Watch (A500WA-1ACF)

small automatic watchesBuy Now

The Casio men’s classic silver-tone watch features a square dial and a digital display that makes reading time easy and fun. The watch has a stainless-steel band that makes it water-resistant. Moreover, it also features an automatic calendar and world time.

7. Bulova Men’s Black Leather Strap and White Dial Watch

watches for small wrist maleBuy Now

The Bulova men’s watch features an elegant look, thanks to its minimalist analog dial. The watch is equipped with a leather dial, and it works on the Japanese quartz movement.

Best Small Wrist Watches to Buy (700$ edition)

Let’s check out some of the best wristwatches to buy for under $700 for a small wrist.

1. Junghans Max Bill Watch (Model: 027/3700.00)

What is a good size watch for a man?Buy Now

The Junghans max bill watch features a sleek round dial and stunning arms to tell the time. The watch operates on the infamous Swiss movement, and its strap is made of calfskin leather.

2. Marathon Milspec Divers Watch

Chronograph for small wristBuy Now

The Marathon Milspec Divers’ watch has a sophisticated design that complements the small wrists. The best part is that the watch is handmade. Moreover, being a diver’s watch, it is water-resistant for up to one thousand feet.

3. Hamilton Men’s Khaki Field Watch (HML-H70455533)

Which watch is best for small wrist?Buy Now

The Hamilton Men’s khaki field watch is one of the must-have wristwatches if you’re a true watch lover. To enhance its looks, the watch features a brown leather strap that makes it ideal for professionals.

4. Seiko Automatic Divers Watch (SKX013K2) – Best Dive Watch For Small Wrist

Men's watches under 40mmBuy Now

This automatic diver’s watch by Seiko is a show stopper as it boasts an appealing stainless-steel finish. It works on the Japanese 21 jewels automatic movement to tell time with precision in deep waters. Most importantly, the watch comes with a two-year warranty.

Best Small Wrist Watches to Buy (High-end Edition)

Let’s explore some of the best luxury wristwatches to buy for a small wrist.

1. Tudor Black Bay 36 Steel Automatic Watch – Best Luxury Watch For Small Wrist

36mm men's watchesBuy Now

The Tudor Black Bay 36 steel automatic watch, hands down, tops the chart for the best luxury watch for a small wrist. This beautiful watch is packed with a scratch-resistant sapphire dial. On top of everything, its 36 mm case makes it even better.

2. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Men’s Watch

38mm Mens watchesBuy Now

When it comes to luxury watches, nothing matches the style and class of a Rolex. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust is equipped with a stainless steel band and a sapphire crystal dial window.

3. Omega Speedmaster 38mm Chronograph Men’s Watch

Watches that fit small wristsBuy Now

The Omega Speedmaster watch is amongst one of the finest high-end watches for a small wrist. Unlike cheaper watches, the Omega Speedmaster operates on Automatic Swiss Movement. Additionally, it comes with a warranty period spanning six years.

4. Breitling Transocean Chronograph 38 Mens Watch

mens watch for small wristBuy Now

The Breitling Transocean Chronograph men’s watch is one of the best watches you would ever buy for yourself. Trust us; it has everything from class to style to elegance. The watch is packed with a black leather strap, and its chronograph dial steals the show.

Tips to Buy the Best Watches for Small Wrists

  • Avoid oversized dials to make your look stand out.
  • Measure your wrist size to make the right choice.
  • Don’t go for large lugs, as they may create space on your wrist.
  • Choose bracelet-shaped bands for classy looks.
  • Choose small crowns over large ones.

A small wrist can also look great with a watch. The golden rule is that the watch shouldn’t make the wrist appear smaller. If you have a small wrist, it’s okay. We got you the best watches for small wrists to buy. Shop them and flaunt your style amongst friends.

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