14 Most Common Lingerie Problems Solved

Bra Fitting Problems

Lingerie faux pas are the last thing which you would want on your date night. Despite spending hours on buying a perfect lingerie, there are occasions where you would have faced an uncomfortable and embarrassing moments. From slipping bras, digging straps to side boob spillage there are many uncomfortable moments which would make your dressing look drab. Want to save yourself from looking drab? Then continue reading our post, where we want all our readers to be aware of the lingerie mistakes they could be unknowingly making..

If you want the Victoria secret angels feel, then be careful of the lingerie you buy. A slight modification while buying your lingerie will change the way you look and make you feel comfortable too. We bring the most common mistakes that every girl faces with her lingerie, and yes, we provide solution to those mistakes too. The next time you purchase sexy lingerie, do remember our tips and solution.

  1. Bra Riding Up
  2. Side Boob Spillage
  3. Quad Boobs
  4. Baggy Bra Cups
  5. Slipping Bra Straps
  6. Digging Bra Straps
  7. Exposing Nipple
  8. White on White
  9. Poking Underwire Bra
  10. Escaping Boobs
  11. Uneven Boobs
  12. Visible Panty Lines
  13. Muffin Top
  14. Camel Toe

1. Bra Band Riding Up

Bra Band Riding Up problem solved

Does your bra ride up in the back and sometimes peep out of your blouse? If you are someone who has faced this, then many ladies undergo this terrible moment.

Solution: The way to fix this faux pas is to try a smaller band size but go for a size up in the cup.

2. Side Boob Spillage

How to avoid side boob spillage

We completely understand how happy you feel wearing a smaller size bra, but if there is a side boob spillage then you might look unfit.

Solution: The best way to fix this issue is to look for a bra with same band size but with a cup one size up. If this brings no help, then try going for a full coverage bra.

3. Quad Boobs

Quad Boob Bra Problem Solved

Like the side boob spillage, there are times when you would find boob spillage on the top which would be seen even over your t-shirt (big blunder).

Solution: Change the style of your bra, avoid demi bra and opt for full coverage bra. Adjust your straps, if you wear too tight strap bra, then having a quad boob would be easy.

4. Baggy Bra Cups

bra cup too big fix, bra cup too big at top

Many women with smaller cup sizes face this issue of baggy cups that is there is ample room for your boobs.

Solution: To fix this problem either you can tighten your bra straps, or you can go for a smaller size cup. Also if you have smaller bust size, then you can pick demi-bra and bring end to baggy cups.

5. Slipping Bra Straps

How To Keep Bra Straps From Slipping, bra strap slipping stopper

Does your bra straps often fall off from your shoulder? Then it’s time to look for a new bra. Over the time, bra straps start to stretch out and that’s when you have your oops moment of straps falling off your shoulder.

Solution: So the best thing you can do is invest in a new bra or go for a smaller band size. Do take care in tightening your bra straps every month, and if you are looking for a snug fit then try the criss-cross or racerback bra.

6. Digging bra straps cause dent on shoulders

bra straps dig into shoulders can cause dents and pain in shoulders

Digging straps not only leave a mark, but even have health hazards, such as neck pain, headaches. So at no cost, you must be wearing tight, digging straps. Look for the reason why your bra straps are digging. It could be due to big band size, due to which the straps do the supporting work, or it could be due to thin straps which are just not for woman with big bust. Also there is a misconception that a tight strap would provide more support.

Solution: So the best we recommend is- go for wider straps or smaller band size.

7. Exposing Nipple

Exposing Nipple

If your nipples are making a dramatic entry, then it is time to change your bra or opt for stick gel petals that would keep your nipples under the wraps.

Solution: Try the silicon bras or a foam padded bra which will do its job perfectly.

8. Wearing white on white

wearing white bra beneath white top, bra problem

Avoid wearing a white bra under your white or black tops, it looks drab and uncool.

Solution: Under your white tee or blouses opt for nude bra and under black tops wear deep shades bra or go for a plain black bra.

9. Poking Underwire Bra

ill fit underwire bra

If your underwire bra has started to poke you or turned uncomfortable then probably you are wearing the wrong or smaller size. If you can live without underwire bras, then we ask you to go for bra size calculator for right measurements.

Solution: Look for a bra that would completely cover your boob and the underwire would sit perfectly without poking or giving any trouble.

10. Escaping Boobs

sofia vergara boobs escaping in bra

This is the worst thing that can happen to you. If your band size is too big or if your cup size is small, then your boobs would find a way to escape from the bra.

Solution: Don’t let this happen as it would look faulty, hence buying the perfect fit bra is recommended.

11. Uneven Boobs

uneven boobs

Sounds odd? But yes, there are many women who have one boob larger than the other.

Solution: What you can do to give a uniform look is that buy bra according to your bigger boob and for the other you can wear silicon pads.

12. Visible Panty Lines (VPL)

Visible Panty Lines (VPL)

One of the common problems of every woman is her panty lines under the sexy bodysuit or even her trousers.

Solution: You can hide the visible panty lines by wearing G-strings, thongs. But if G-strings don’t appeal you then you can go for seamless panties, boyshorts which would be like your second skin and make you confident in your outfit.

13. Muffin Top

jeans muffin top problem

The biggest problem for every lady is muffin top. Muffin top could be due to your tight underwear that make your belly bulge out and make you look not so adorable.

Solution: Go for high cut panties or high waist panties that would vanish off the muffin top and make you look fit and fabulous. Always go for a size bigger panties so that the waistband is not too tight to create a muffin top.

14. Camel Toe

Embarrassing Lingerie problem Camel Toe

The so not acceptable mistake is the camel toe. Unknowingly many women make this faux pas which could be due to their G-strings or thongs.

Solution: We ask you to avoid camel toe by wearing a low rise, no panty line bikini briefs, or seamless panty with your tight trousers.

1 Master Solution for all your Bra Problems

lingerie problems with solutions

To fix these bra fitting problems, Penny has designed a revolutionary product exclusively for active women of today. It is uniquely crafted to tackle six problems namely strap riding up, back fat, digging straps, side spillage, sagging and even digging frame. It’s best suited for women with full or semi-full breasts.

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