How to Shrink a Hoodie?

how to shrink a hoodie

The loose and baggy fit of a hoodie oozes sheer comfort and style. It becomes easy to make the perfect statement courtesy of pockets and hood. While some feature a pullover design, others feature a zipper with the material varying from spandex and polyester blend to 100% cotton. If you aren’t a fan of the voluminous fit of the hoodie, then you can shrink it easily to your desired size and shape. You can choose between different techniques of shrinking the hoodie according to the type of material and also the degree of the desired shrinkage. Nonetheless, all the techniques are pretty easy and can be managed in very less time. Today we have collated different hoodie-shrinking tactics so that you can opt for the one that serves you best.

How to shrink a hoodie in the washer & dryer?

  • Review the specific washing instructions on your shirt. If it instructs you to wash the hoodie only in cool water, then you can shrink it by washing the hoodie in warm water. Similarly, if the instructions are to wash it in warm water, then the hoodie can be shrunk by being washed in hot water.
  • Start by putting your sweatshirt in a clean sink and running some hot water for 5-10 minutes. Wait for the hoodie to reach room temperature before checking its size.
  • If hot water doesn’t produce proper results, then pour some boiling hot water over the hoodie. For shrinking your hoodie by 1 size, leave it in boiling water for 10-15 minutes, and for shrinking it by 2 sizes, let it cool down to room temperature.
  • Once the hoodie has shrunk to your desired size, follow the drying instructions on your garment tag. Putting a wet hoodie in the dryer is bound to shrink it by around two sizes. If you wish to shrink it down further, set the dryer to the highest tumble dry setting. Allowing your hoodie to go through this cycle will shrink it up to 20% as heat and tumbling causes the fibers to contract and the garment to shrink. For slight shrinkage, take it out halfway through the drying cycle and drape it over your shower curtain rod to finish the drying process.
  • It is important to note here that while cotton and polyester blends and 100% cotton shrink easily, synthetic fabrics like nylon and rayon don’t produce adequate results. Wool shrinks the most and so you need to be cautious with the same.

How to shrink a hoodie with a hairdryer?

If you are wondering how to shrink a zip-up hoodie in a mess-free manner, then you can opt for this hairdryer method. However, this hands-on approach is more time taking and follows the steps listed below:

  • Dampen the area you wish to shrink by either soaking the area in cool water or spraying a bottle full of water and squeezing it between two towels.
  • Next, you will have to spread out your hoodie on another towel so that it becomes easy to access the damp region.
  • Plug in the hair dryer and opt for the highest temperature setting.
  • Finally, move the hairdryer back and forth over the damp fabric while ensuring that the nozzle doesn’t touch the fabric.
  • You will have to continue the same till the hoodie becomes dry and warm.
  • Repeat the same process on the other side by flipping the hoodie over.

How to shrink a hoodie with an iron?

This is another mess-free method of shrinking a small portion of the hoodie like its waistband, hood, etc.

  • First, wet your hoodie with warm water and lay it out on an ironing board after wringing out the excess moisture.
  • Make sure to lay a cotton cloth above your hoodie if it’s more than 50% polyester as polyester tends to harden up or get damaged on being exposed to high temperatures. You can use either a towel or a large t-shirt for this.
  • A high-heat setting can burn your hoodie rather than shrink it. This is why it is advisable to keep it safe by opting for a medium heat setting.
  • If your iron has a squirt function, then you can dampen the area you wish to shrink. Otherwise, you can prepare the garment by spritzing it with clean water from a spray bottle. You can also opt for the steam setting of your iron to get the best results by mixing heat and moisture.
  • When the iron comes in contact with the hoodie, apply moderate pressure. Don’t leave the iron in the same spot for more than 10 seconds.
  • Keep ironing the hoodie until a lion’s share of the water evaporates away.
  • Once the hoodie gets dry, give it some time to cool down and check whether the sizing is correct.

How to shrink a hoodie without a dryer?

  • Wash your hoodie in hot water so that the fibers of the fabric contract resulting in a smaller overall size.
  • Another alternative way is by putting the hoodie overnight in the freezer so that the fibers contract resulting in a smaller size.
  • You can try using vinegar if you don’t want to use heat or cold for shrinking your hoodie. This can be done by soaking your hoodie for half an hour in a mixture of one part vinegar and two parts water. Next, rinse it out and wash it normally.
  • If everything else fails, then try cutting your hoodie down to your size with scissors. However, you need to be cautious about not cutting off any important seams.

How to shrink a hoodie without fading?

Always use a color-safe detergent alongside hot water while washing your sweatshirt in the washing machine. A color-safe detergent can maintain your sweatshirt’s color through the shrinking process.

How to shrink a hoodie one size (a little bit)?

There is no perfect way of shrinking a hoodie by just one size. Unless you alter the garment measurements by sewing, you cannot get such exactness. However, you can follow the general rule of thumb that more heat results in more shrinking and vice versa. While using the washing machine method, don’t place your damp hoodie in the dryer as it will shrink a lot otherwise. Rather, you should hang it up to air dry. You can also use a cooler temperature on your hairdryer or iron using those methods. It is advisable to use the boiling water method if you don’t want to shrink your hoodie excessively.

How to shrink a hoodie in boiling water?

The best way to shrink a hoodie is by immersing it in hot water. Here you will have to deal with a large pot of boiling water making it a pretty tough task. However, the results are extremely effective. You will have to bring a deep pot of water to a boil and dip your sweatshirt in the bowl. A large spoon can be used for pushing and submerging the hoodie. You will have to allow it a resting time for five minutes before removing it carefully using tongs. If you are wondering how to shrink a hoodie that’s too big, then you can allow it to sit in the water for ten minutes. Once your hoodie has cooled down adequately, wring out the excess water manually and place it in the clothes dryer. If you don’t want it to shrink any further, then allow it to air dry.

How to shrink a hoodie without ruining it?

  • Properly read the manufacturer’s care label inside the garment on how to wash it safely.
  • From the label, you will come to know whether the hoodie is made of polyester or cotton so that you can use a suitable shrinking method.

How to shrink a hoodie with print?

Avoid using a washing machine or boiling water to prevent damage to your hoodie’s printed design. Often heat-set designs may fade or crack on being exposed to excessive heat or moisture. This is why it is advisable to use a hairdryer on the target areas you wish to sink. To avoid stretching, you should lay your hoodie on a flat surface or drying screen rather than a clothesline or a hanger. You can hang it on a properly sized hanger once the item is fully dry. Read on to know about how you can safely shrink your hoodie without damaging the print:

  • Turn the hoodie inside out and soak it in cold water. Doing this will prevent the print from peeling off or fading.
  • You can also place it in a delicate laundry bag or simply put it inside the dryer.
  • Next, set the dryer to a high heat setting and allow it to dry for 20 minutes. This process can be repeated if you aren’t satisfied with the results.
  • The hoodie can also be put in the washer to shrink by flipping it inside out and selecting the hot water setting. Select an extended cycle setting with hot water for the rinse cycle. On completion of rinsing, remove the hoodie from the washer and place it between two clean bath towels.
  • Rather than wringing it, roll the towels with the hoodie still inside. Doing this will help prevent the print on the hoodie from cracking.
  • Finally, lay out the hoodie in a well-ventilated area to air dry it.

How to shrink a hoodie with 80% cotton and 20% polyester?

Cotton fibers shrink quickly on being heated to low or medium temperatures courtesy of their natural build. However, synthetic fibers resist shrinkage and can shrink only under high temperatures. 80% cotton and 20% polyester fabric shrink by around 3%. You can actively shrink such a hoodie by following the steps listed below:

  • Heat water on the stove until it reaches boiling point. Ideally, the water should be hotter than 176 degrees Fahrenheit to initiate the shrinking process by disrupting the polymer bonds in polyester.
  • Next, you will have to boil the sweatshirt for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • You can periodically check the progression of the sweatshirt’s shrinkage by using heat-resistant rubber gloves and tongs.
  • Alternatively, you can hold the clothing under a warm water faucet and wring out the excess water with your hands before placing it on the clothes dryer.
  • You can also use the dryer method to shrink your cotton & polyester blend hoodie. For best results, the dryer should be set to high heat and you should allow the tumble dry cycle to fully complete.
  • While you can also shrink polyester using an iron, it isn’t advisable to do the same as the plastic in polyester can scorch or melt on being directly exposed to heat. The hairdryer method is more recommended for targeted shrinking.

We all have a favorite piece of hoodie but they tend to get too uncomfortable over time.  There might be various reasons behind shrinking a hoodie. Whether you wish to bask in the cozy feel or enjoy a better fit, you can choose between our above-mentioned tactics to shrink a hoodie. However, you need to understand that adding heat to the fabric can alter its shape and shorten the overall life of the clothing. There isn’t any surety that you will get the exact outcome that you require as it might come out perfect or 1-2 sizes too small. While most hoodies can be shrunk easily by a couple of sizes, it ultimately depends on the type of fibers that are used in the fabric.

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