16 Laundry Do’s and Don’ts That You Should Know

Don’t you sometimes wish that your clothes never got dirty? Laundry can be a taxing job that can consume all day.

The dos and donts of doing laundry

We spend around 23,214 hours doing the laundry! But did you know across 90% of the people around the world made big laundry mistakes thereby causing disaster to their clothes?

But we are here to help on how to do your laundry like a boss. From how to clean each fabric to following the master rules we give you amazing tips and tricks that can make your laundry easy. So without further ado let’s find out the do’s and don’ts of washing your clothes:


12 Things you should keep in mind while washing clothes

DO #1: Always read the labels to wash your clothes carefully


Check out the infographic that will help you wash your clothes at proper washing instruction and temperature.

DO #2: Separate laundry into 2 piles

Clean washing in three plastic laundry baskets

Wash lights and whites together and delicate and dark separately. Avoid washing towels with your delicate clothes.

DO #3: Wash your delicate and winter clothing in cold water

wash-winter-clothing-in-cold-waterImage Courtesy:

Keep your bright colored clothes, fine fabrics, delicates, denim new by washing them in cold water.

Cold Water Fabrics: Silk, Silk Blend, Wool, Cashmere, Viscose, Rayon, Ramie

DO #4: Use hot water for lights, whites and bath towels

use-hot-water-for-light-clothes-towelsImage Courtesy:

It is best to use hot water for light colored fabric, white clothing and bath towel. The hot water temperature will remove the stains and bacteria from the clothes easily.

Hot water fabrics: Polyester, Nylon, Linen

DO #5: Prevent shrinking of clothes by using cold or warm water

Cotton, denim, and various other fabrics can shrink if you wash them in hot water, so always use cold or warm water while washing woolen, cotton outfits.

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DO #6: Always pretreat the stains on your clothes

stains-on-your-clothes, how to do laundry properly

Stains can be messy on clothes and there are plenty of home treatments to treat the stains, so before washing your clothes, do pretreat the stains for squeaky clean clothes. Check out this handy infographic to treat all the stains.

DO #7: Fill the machine with water, detergent and then add your clothes

pouring laundry detergent into washerImage Courtesy:

This procedure will help detergent, fabric softener to properly dissolve in the water.

DO #8: Protect color fading with the help of salt


This is an old grandma trick, but if you add a teaspoon of salt in your washing machine, it will keep your brights brighter.

DO #9: Wash dark clothes inside out


Always wash your dark clothes, jeans inside out which will prevent them from fading. And choose the coolest temperature setting for squeaky clean clothes

DO #10: Throw a dry towel in the dryer for faster drying

dry-your-wet-clothes-with-dry-towelImage Courtesy:

If you are using the dryer to dry your wet clothes, then throw in a dry towel which will absorb the wetness and speed up the drying process.

DO #11:Always put your bras in mesh laundry bag


It is best to put all your delicates- bra, underwear, socks in a mesh laundry bag so that the delicate don’t get damaged with the other clothes. Also, hook your bra so that it doesn’t snag on other clothes. If you don’t have a mesh bag you can always use a zippered pillowcase.

DO #12: Always use alcohol-free detergent for your inner garments

alcohol-free-detergent-for-undergarmentsImage Courtesy:

In order to prevent itchiness or rashes, it is best to wash your undergarments with mild and alcohol-free detergents.


4 Laundry Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

DON’T #1: Never use bar soap to remove the stain


Bar soap can cause trouble to the fabric, hence either use detergent with cold water or try hydrogen peroxide to treat the stains. Also, avoid scrubbing the stains which will only spread the stain.

DON’T #2: Never use chlorine bleach on color fabrics

dont-use-chlorine-bleach-on-color-fabricsImage Courtesy:

Be very careful before using chlorine bleach, especially on your colored clothing as it might fade them quickly. Instead, reserve chlorine bleach for your white clothing.

DON’T #3: Don’t leave your clean clothes in the machine for long

dont-leave-clean-clothes-in-machine-for-longImage Courtesy:

Once the cycle is completed, remove your clothes instantly else the colored clothes can transfer their color to other clothes.

DON’T #4: Don’t leave the zippers open

dont-leave-the-zippers-openImage Courtesy:

Close all the zippers so that they don’t snag or tear your delicate clothing easily.

We hope this post helps you in a hassle free laundry. Keep your clothes fresh and clean with our tips and tricks.

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