15 Clothing and Laundry Tricks to make your work Easy

Whether it is tight runs, shoe scuffs, lint balls or any type stains, fix your clothing problems quickly and easily with this clothing and laundry tips.

Washing, drying, ironing, folding or hanging clothes are the tasks we need to do regularly and even takes a lot of time to complete. Besides these, we also come across some really frustrating tasks like removing armpit stains, hemming clothes, fixing a stuck zipper, etc. But now, you can do all these tasks in no time with the things you already have. So, say goodbye to your frustration because here are simple laundry tips and methods that will make your work easy, saves you time as well as money.


15 Useful Clothing and Laundry Tips you must know

1) Remove Pesky Stains

shaving cream removes stain
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You will be amazed to know that shaving cream not only removes hair from the body, but removes pesky stains from your clothes too. Apply the shaving cream on the stains of makeup, tomato Sauce, oil, etc. Scrub it quite a bit, wash it after a minute or two, and see the magic.

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2) Fix frayed Shoe Laces/Ribbons

nail polish stops fraying


Besides beautifying your nails, your nail polish could also prevent shoe laces from fraying. To do this, just paint the ends of lace or rope with clear nail polish and let it dry. Go with colored nail polish for some fun.

3) Speed up drying hand-washed clothes

dry clothes using towel
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Lay a large dry towel and wrap the hand-washed garments in it. Then wring out the towel completely (garment inside). Towel will absorb excess water from your clothes. Hang to dry well. This trick is very useful while traveling.

4) De-wrinkle laundry without an iron

iron-free de-wrinkling method
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Too lazy to use an iron? Here is an easy iron-free de-wrinkling technique for you. Hang your garment outside and mist it finely with a water spray bottle. Let it dry for an hour in the sun for the best results.

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5) Un-shrink your clothes

baby shampoo to unshrink clothes
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Don’t worry if your favorite pair of jeans / sweater / cotton shirt / top is shrunken. Soak the garment in a sink/bucket filled with lukewarm water & baby shampoo/conditioner. Wring (do not rinse) and dry it using towel, gently stretch the cloth, let it air dry to remove left over moisture.

6) Get rid of scuff marks from shoes

clean scuff marks


Fix your scuffed patent leather shoes or sneakers with nail polish remover. Dip a cotton ball or swab in the remover and gently rub to remove scuff marks. The same you can do to brighten the sole of your sneakers.

7) Hang a bunch of T-shirts quickly & easily

hang t-shirts easily
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Looking for a trick to hang t-shirts together? Here it is! Lay the T-shirts on top of each other. Put your arm through the t-shirt. After doing this with all the shirts/t-shirts, start hanging them one by one.

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8) Whiten & Brighten clothes

lemon juice whitens whites


Brighten your clothes by adding 1 cup lemon juice & detergent in the lukewarm water. Leave your laundry for 30-45 minutes, rinse and dry well. This tip is also very useful to whiten dirty socks. The best thing is that lemon juice is safe for colors too and also removes unpleasant odors.

9) Hemming without stitching

ham clothes using glue
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Don’t you have the time to ham your clothes with a needle and thread? Here is a quick solution! You can use glue gun or fabric glue to stick your fabric together.

10) Fastest method for shoe stretching

stretch out tight shoes
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You can stretch out tight shoes in 2-5 minutes. To do this, wear your shoes with socks and set a hair dryer on high heat. Heat the shoe where it is too tight, keep flexing your feet to stretch the problem areas. It works with any type of shoes, but leather works the best. Do not try this on canvas shoes.

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11) Remove Sweat stains

remove armpit stain


If you want to remove that dirty yellow Armpit Stain, just mix 4 tbsp of baking soda with 1/4 cup water. Using a brush, scrub the paste into the sweet stains. After an hour, wash it and dry.

12) Avoid runs in your tights

hairspray fix runs in tights

Now, not to worry when you are in hurry and suddenly notice dragged runs or snags in your tights! You can quickly & easily prevent the runs from getting larger by spraying the hairspray around it. It will temporarily harden fibers of the tights.

13) Fix a stuck zipper

un-stick a stuck zipper
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Dealing with stuck zippers is really annoying, but you can fix it easily with following items: Graphite pencil, candle wax, bar soap, petroleum jelly or different lubricants. Rub any available item on the zipper teeth to get the results.

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14) Defuzz your clothes/sweater in a flash

defuzz clothes quickly


Removing fuzz balls/ lint balls/ pilling from your old clothing will make them new again! To defuzz your clothes or sweater, glide an electric shaver or razor carefully on to your clothes.

15) Shirt/T-shirt folding trick

t-shirt folding trick
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Need to fold your shirts/T-shirts really fast? Use the simple trick shown above to fold your T-shirt in just two seconds.

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