24 Tricks & Life Hacks for wearing new Footwear

Shoes can take the aura of your outfit to a whole new level, but carrying them on is not always that easy.  Fear of pain, ache and blisters can really turn out to be troublesome and often affect your feet too. Giving your uncomfortable shoes a comfortable take are the nine exceptional tricks and hacks for shoes. With the help of these tricks and hacks you will be able to explore the various methods that would not only protect your feet but the at the same time they are even going to enhance the lifespan of your shoes, giving you the opportunity to have your favorite shoes for a longer period of time.

1. Go for Tea Bag To Destroy The Smell

use tea bags to reduce smell, how to get rid of smelly shoes

Place the green tea bag inside the shoe and wait for 4-5 hours after that your shoe is left with refreshing smell of green tea. Repeat the process if required.

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2. Expand Tight Shoes with Hair Dryer and Socks

expand tight shoes with hair dryer and socks, how to stretch shoes

First, practice walking in the shoes with socks and then blow dry it for a while. Continue the process for at least 3 to for days with one session (each session can last about 3 minutes). Perform this method religiously and witness the wonder that it can create.

3. Roll on Deodorants For Reducing Friction

roll on deodorants for reducing friction, how to avoid foot blisters

Apply adequate amount of deodorants on the heels and toes, so as to reduce the friction between your feet and the toes. This will keep your feet comfortable and free from blisters.

4. Use Bandage For Added Protection

use bandage for protection, blister bandages

Take two to three bandages and apply them at your heels and right below your fingers. This will keep the area 100% protected and avoid any sort of rough contact with the shoes.

5. Apply Baby Powder To Prevent Blisters

try baby powder to stay away from blisters

Take a little amount of baby powder on your feet and apply it gently on them, and then wear your shoes. This will ensure that your feet glides into your shoe in a perfect manner and thus reduce the chances of blisters and unwanted feet ache too.

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6. Use Sand Paper to Increase Friction with the Floor

fix grip pads to the sole to add the grip, life changing hacks to make shoes less slippery

use sand paper to increase friction with the floor

Take the sandpaper and fix them at the outer layer of your shoe. The use of this paper would improve friction between the feet and the floor and thus allow you to walk in a balanced manner.

7. Self Stick Fabric To Prevent Blisters From Straps

Cut out pieces of the self stick fabric in accordance to the dimensions of the strap and fix them along with it. Wear your shoes and explore the difference that it can bring.

8. Professional Tools For Sole and Heels

tools for sole and heels

There are many brands that offer such tools in India, where you just need to place them at the heel and sole of your shoes and before you know it, your shoe becomes as comfortable as it can get.

9. Tape 3rd and 4th Finger To Prevent Pain

tap 3rd and 4th finger to prevent pain, how to wear high heels without pain

Many a time while wearing tight peep toes, a lot of force is exerted on the third and the fourth finger this can be easily avoided with the use of medicated or stationary tapes.

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10. Bag of Ice To Deal with Tight Shoes

bag of ice to deal with tight shoes, how to stretch your shoes

All you have to do is take an ice pack and place it inside your shoes for a while repeat this process for 3-4 days with a duration of 10 minutes and your shoe will turn out to be just the way you want.

11. Comfort Laces with Dwindle Pattern

comfort laces with dwindle pattern, dwindle pattern for shoes comfort

For some handling the laces of shoes is not that easy, especially when they are not comfortable at all. Here you should try the dwindle pattern where the laces of the shoe stick outside and do not overlap each other until they reach the end holes.

12. Soak Your Feet in A Green Tea Concoction

soak your feet in a green tea concoction, how to cure shoe blisters

Before wearing shoes you can soak your feet in a concoction of green tea for about 15 minutes and towel dry your feet. This can keep your feet happy and prevent blisters too.  

13. Dry Sheet to Absorb Sweat in Shoes

dry sheet to absorb sweat in shoes, how to remove odor from shoes

Handling sweat in case of tight shoes can be made easy with the use of a simple dry sheet. Use a thin sheet of paper and place inside the shoe, wear your shoes on and witness the difference that it can create.

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14. Lace The Straps of Flip-Flops for more comfort

straps of flipflops for more comfort, how to wear flipflops more comfortable

Make flip-flops comfortable with the use of trendy lace. Tie it around the strap by amalgamating it with flip-flops.

15. Repair Ragged or Torn Shoes with Denim

repair ragged shoes with denims, how to repair torn shoes

Give those rugged or torn shoes a redo with the use of denim that will compliment the color and style of shoes.

16. Cushion Shoes with Moleskin

use moleskin to make your heels more comfortable, how to use moleskin for blisters

Enjoy extra comfort and prevention while wearing high heels by using moleskin on them.

17. Use Professional Contraception Shoes For Expanding Tight Shoes

use professional contraception shoes for expanding tight shoes, how to stretch leather shoes

Don’t have the time to work on endless tricks then switch to a simple contraception shoe expansion tool, and let the magic happen.

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18. Use Baking Soda To Get Rid of Shoe Odor

use baking soda to get rid of shoe odor, how to get rid of shoe odor

Tired of the usual odor of the shoe then give it a refreshing touch with the use of baking soda. Sprinkle them on the shoes and they will get the rest done.

19. Apply Acetone to Remove Scuffs From Leather Shoes

apply acetone to remove scuffs from leather shoes, clean shoes with acetone

Handle those pesky scuffs on your leather shoes with the use of acetone (nail polish remover).

20. Brighten Dull Leather With Moisturizer

brighten dull leather with moisturizer, best leather moisturizer

Have you run out of leather polish? Don’t worry as your face or body moisturizer can do the trick. Apply a little on paper and towel and then gently wipe it on the shoe.

21. Get the 19th Century Look With Ribbons

19th century look with ribbons

Crazy about the contemporary design then bring it back to your shoes with simple ribbon work, making a bow that reflects the look of the era. 

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22. Mysterious Extra Shoelace Holes prevent Blisters in Sneakers

extra shoelace holes to prevent blisters in sneakers,how to prevent running shoe blisters with a heel lock or lace lock

Take a look over at your running and hiking shoes comes with extra shoelace holes. Do you know about the actual use of this? It’s just not for decoration or ventilation, but it is added to keep the heel/ankle area tight and prevent blisters.

23. Fastest way to tie your shoe in a 1 Second

fastest way to tie a shoe lace, how to tie a shoelace

Are you getting sick with the time only shoelaces take when you are in hurry? Well, here is a solution for you to tie your shoelace just in 1 second.

24. Getting mirror-like shine on shoes is not that hard. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to shine your shoes like a Boss!

how to shine shoes

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