Life Changing Fashion Tricks and Hacks for Women (Part-2)

Dear Ladies, we acknowledge how you have an ever going loop between work and family that just keeps you super busy and always on your toes.

We definitely understand how remaining up to date with fashion and style has become a big motto of your lives now!!! In your so busy schedule, we know how you seldom get time to keep your things and stuff right at places and giving yourself the much needed time and pampering.

Like before, we found some very basic life hacks and tricks to make your daily hours as free of misery as we could all over again.

From your dresses to your shoes, from your laundry to your workplace- we found every simple thing that could just save your hours and make you go as smooth as you can in your day.

All you ladies need to do is follow them and just relax with your saved time!!!!


Easy Fashion Hacks for Style Statement

1. Trick to remove Makeup Stain from leather bag

quick and simple life hacks

Use make up removing wipes to remove blush or bronzer stains from your bags.

2. Fragrance overload? No Worry, Use this Hack

diy fashion hacks, Fragrance overload? No Worry, Use this Hack

Did you use too much of perfume this morning and smell as if you popped out of the bottle? Use unscented, oil based make up remover to ward off the excess fragrance.

3. DIY Trick to Reuse the Oldies

easy DIY hacks to recycle old sweater

No need to throw away the old sweater. You might need it after seeing this.

4. Thumb Rule of Wearing a Hat Perfectly

hat etiquette, Hat tips to wear it perfectly

I bet 95% of ladies do not know hot to flaunt a hat perfectly. A perfect hat should rest about 1/2 inches (maximum) to 1/8 inches (minimum) above the ears.

5. Right Length to wear Pencil Skirts

clothing hacks, Right Length to wear Pencil Skirts

A perfect pencil skirt should be just at the top of your knee. If it is worn below that it will make your legs appear shorter.

6. How to Tuck Flare Jeans into Boots Seamlessly So They Won’t Pop Out

jeans hacks, how to tuck jeans into boots

If your jeans are too narrow, make them skin tight to get them properly tucked in your boots.

7. Easy Ways to Roll Sleeves in J. Crew Style

fashion style hacks for shirt cuffSource:

Know the right way to cuff your sleeves.

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8. Easy DIY trick to style too much Ripped Jeans

simple life hacks to use around the house for distressed denim jeans

If ripped jeans are boring you now, pick up your stockings and try them with your pair of ripped denims.

9. Trick to Make Patchwork on Distressed Jeans

fashion tips and tricks, do creative patchwork on ripped jeans

You might even go for some creative patchwork to make something phenomenal.

10. Best Trick to make Leather Jacket Perfect Fit

genius clothing hacks, trick to make leather jacket perfect fit

When you buy a new leather jacket, try wearing it on a rainy day. Soaked in drizzle, it will adjust at the right places and fit you just right.

11. How to choose the perfect fit Blazer

fashion hacks for girls to find out perfect fit blazer

When you shop your jackets and blazers, make sure they fit right on the bony corners of your shoulders. While you can get everything altered, droopy shoulders cannot be mended by any tailor at all.

12. The Ultimate Jeans & Shoes Matching Guide

fashion tips and tricks

Follow this infographic to wear your jeans as per the footwear you choose for the day.

13. Easy Way to make a temporary Hem without Sewing

fashion world tips tricks to make a hem without sewing

Do you feel that the hem of your skirt is too low for the occasion? Or the tailor just ditched you with the length being too long? Use some extra tip for a makeshift hem at the end moment.

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14. Customize your own shoes!

diy shoe hacks

Pick those mundane plain shoes and make them look dazzling on your own using spray paint.

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15. Find lost objects using Vacuum & Pantyhose

fashion blog tips and tricks on how to find lost small objects easily

Use this trick to find out the tiny bits that you lost or can’t seem to find out. All you need is a vacuum cleaner and pantyhose.

16. Tip for Tangle Free Hair

life hack tips and tricks to get tangle free hair naturally

Have you been finding your hair entangled in the morning? Try using satin or silk pillows to keep you hair from breaking off during night. You would stop having bad mornings with your hair!

17. Style the right earrings for your face shape

fashion hacks to choose the best earrings according to your face shape

If you are fond of hoop earrings, find them as per your face cut. If you have a thin face go for larger loops, while women with round faces should go for long danglers.

18. Wear the right ring for your hands

how to hack your fashion life, tips & tricks to choose best ring for your hand

Marquise rings show you small fingers as slender and long. Pearl or oval rings also create the same effect.

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19. Easy Way to Quickly Replace a Lost Earring Back

jewellery hacks- use pencil rubbers to quickly replace a earring back

Can’t keep your earring at place? Use the rubber band at the end of the pencil to save you at the last moment. 

20. Get rid of ring marks from Fingers

life tricks & hacks to get rid of green mark of ring

Save yourself from the green marks due to oxidisation from rings on your fingers by applying clear nail paint on the inner sides of your rings.

21. Identify Quality of Cashmere

real life hacks to Identify pure Cashmere fabric

Are you not sure if the cashmere you just invested in is good or not? Stretch it-if it doesn’t comes backwards, you are safe.

Amazing Fashion Tricks to Manage Your Wardrobe

Most women would just die to get another wardrobe. There is just no way you can manage your stuff and find space to walk around or actually find the things you are looking for.

We give you some ultimate tricks with our favourite item from your wardrobe- Hangers!!

22. Scarves and Ties Hangers

ties & scarves storage hacks for small spaces

Do your scarves and ties consume too much space in your wardrobe? Use the special hangers for them and make extra space.

closet storage hacks to store scarves in minimum space

Even a DIY is there if you don’t want to invest- Use the hangers in proper way to hang your scarves and keep them wrinkle free.

23. Organize your handbags using hangers

closet space hacks for bags

Keep the bags arranged properly using nothing but your hangers. Even the rotten broken ones would work for your bags.

24. Organise & Store Your Clutches

diy storage hacks for clothes and small handbags

Use a kitchen lid rack to create a DIY clutch organizer.

25. Right way to Fold Expensive Lingerie

trick to fold lingerie like a master

Also keep your fancy lingerie the right way to keep them live long and manage space.

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26. Bra Storage Hack to save space and keep in shape

clothing life hack, bra storage tricks

Keep your expensive wired bras safe and long lasting by following this hack using your wardrobe door.

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27. No Space for Caps and Hats? Use this Hack

brilliant diy organization hacks to store Caps and Hats in small space effectively

Use a hanger and curtain loops to keep you caps all together.

28. DIY Trick to Prevent Boots Shaft from Falling

diy shoe hacks, tricks & tips to keep boots in perfect shape

Keep your boots shaft in the right shape by stuffing magazines or newspapers into them!! A great way to keep adult magazines hidden too, isn’t it?

29. Hack to store Shoes and Boots in minimum space

shoe storage hacks, the best way to store boots in small space

Use hangers with clips to keep your boots safe from the outside world!!

30. Hack to store flipflops in minimum space

flipflop storage hacks, how to store footwear in wardrobe

You can also invest in the special shoe hangers and bring them home to keep your flip flops safe and sound.

31. Perfect Solution to store Hairband at one Place

Simple and genius hacks to keep all hairbands at one place

Save the discomfort of losing you hairbands here and there to keep them at one place.

32. Waste Glass Bottles are best to keep Bangles and Bracelets Safe

fashion jewelry tips and tricks

Keep your bracelets and bangles all in one single frame using old bottles and never lose them ever again.

33. Don’t know how to keep small jewelries like Earring, Rings, Nose Pins, Brooches and Anklets? Use Ice Tray…

small jewelries storage hacks

Use ice trays in your draws to store your earrings or hairpins etc. like a pro.

34. Are Bobby Pins keep disappearing? Use this Smart Life Hack

booby pins storage hacks

Keep your bobby pins right under your eyes with a magnet strip!! We recommend you put this strip right ahead your hairdresser to find them always nearby.

35. Simple Trick for organizing T-Shirts

clothes folding hacks you need to know

Save the space in your drawer by folding your tees and organising it this way.

36. Handy Rubber Bands Stop Tank Top falling from Hanger

Fashion hack and trick: smart use of rubber band to stop tank tops falling off from hangers

Use rubber bands to keep your tank tops from falling off.


amazing life hacks to stop tank tops falling off from hanger

Get easily available hangers with indents already there for you.

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37. Pack your maximum item in small bag like a Pro

life hacks tips- Pack your maximum item in small bag like a Pro

Learn to fold your clothes like a pro and never complain of space issues while packing!!

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