Reasons to consider Tailored Clothes this Fall

Tailored clothes are probably something that you’ve heard about many times before. Often it brings the mind to well-dressed lawyers pleading their cases in the movies or well-paid bankers. Even if suits might be the most well-known tailored article of clothing it’s not the only option for those looking to feel and look great.

The fall is a period during the year when those of us with an interest in fashion get an opportunity to really express ourselves. Without the need for keeping cool during the summer months, we can allow ourselves to experiment and find what works for us. There are plenty of reasons to consider tailored clothes this fall and below we’re going to list some of our favorite reasons why you should pick up some made-to-fit items this year. If you’re looking for inspiration, Blugiallo can be a good place to start.


The clothes simply look better

One of the main components of good-looking clothes is how they fit. You more than likely have some clothes that just look fantastic on you. It can be that the sleeves are just the right length or that it fits snugly without being constricting. The upside with tailoring clothes is that all items are made to fit specifically to the person ordering them and this really shows when you put the clothes on. Regardless of whether you’re someone who likes cowboy boots or suits, tailored clothes can help you look your absolute best.

The clothes feel amazing

But it’s not only the look that benefits from being tailor-made, they also feel incredible to wear. Instead of mass-produced shirts and pants that are made to appeal to a broader audience, these types of clothes are made specifically to fit you and your preferences when it comes to what you like to wear. They’re bound to give you confidence and make you feel like you look incredible which you more than likely are. Regardless of whether it’s a pair of pants that have been customized so that they feel like you’re wearing nothing or if it’s a shirt that is both comfortable

The clothes last longer

Tailored-made clothes tend to be of the highest quality. Due to this, they might be somewhat more expensive to buy but they might actually save you money in the long run. Today’s society is unfortunately completely obsessed with fast fashion and buying as many clothes as possible. These clothes might be fun to buy but they tend to be of poor quality and never last very long. Due to this, you might end up buying more clothes and spending more money. By investing in the quality you might have to pay more upfront, but at the same time you end up using the clothes for longer. This is not only better for the environment and for your style, but can help you focus on perfecting your style while also saving you money.

It will keep you warm

Another big advantage is that tailored clothes generally keep you warmer, as it is made of higher-quality fabric. If the cloth is made of cotton, the cotton is stronger and makes it easier for your skin to breathe through the fabric. Do keep in mind, that not all tailored clothes increases in quality fabric-wise, but certainly there is a higher chance of it. You are buying a higher quality fit, it is only natural that the fabric of that clothes reflect it. Higher quality fabric is most good for your skin and can cause less itchiness and general discomfort, but it also reacts better to the weather. There is a clear difference between a rain soaked low quality cotton jacket, and a higher-quality one. The higher quality will almost reflect the raindrops as they land on the jacket – instead of being soaked into the fabric.

Higher quality fabric will also help protect against smells. If you have a high-quality sweatshirt, the smell of sweat will not stick as much to the fabric. If you already own a nice sweater, I am sure you have experienced that simply hanging it out to air is sometimes enough to give it a completely fresh smell. Often it is only needed to wash it if there is a stain or something like that, that you can easily let the wind take care of.

We do recommend being extra mindful when washing your tailored clothes, as it is tailored for you shrinkage can be extremely annoying. If possible do handwash, but if using the washing machine make sure to use the handwashing program as it will not cause any damage or shrinkage. Also – please be mindful of what detergent you use. Fabric-like wool needs special detergent that will not cause damage to the wool.

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