Old Fashion Trends That You Still Regret About It

Old Fashion fads we deeply regret

Do you remember the trend of bell bottom pants in the 90s? It was huge then, and now thinking about that trend all you can do is gosh, how could I ever wear such an outfit? Yet we wore those popular trends back then and the good thing is that those terrible trends have come to a stop. From funky printed shirts in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to sagging pants of Justin Bieber, we bring most popular fashion crimes that we bet you still regret. Read further and either have a laugh or go red with shame that you wore such disastrous attires.


1. Wearing dress with flared Jeans

dress with flared Jeans


Girls do you remember wearing your favorite dress with flared jeans? Gosh on top of that wearing a ruffled dress can be nothing but a crime. How could we?

2. Loving the old pair of embroidered bell bottom Jeans

embroidered bell bottom Jeans

Bell bottom pants were major hit during the past, but what went worse was the embroidered bell bottom jeans that gave a complete tacky look.

3. The Terrible Trend of Sagging Pants

sagging pants, old fashion trends

Low waist pants or sagging pants flooded the fashion world and where people found it cool, there were moral police banning this shocking trend and we are quite happy the sagging pants are buried in the grave.

4. Hrithik Roshan’s famous net t-shirt

Hrithik Roshan’s net t-shirt

The song Ek pal ka Jeena from Kaho Na Pyaar Hai was a massive hit, but what looked a total disaster was Hrithik’s net t-shirt. Total uncool.

5. Printed blazer

Printed blazer

Printed blazer was considered a style statement, but such fuzzy prints now would be called a fashion tragedy.

6. Getting dressed in a funky shell suit

funky shell suit

Shell suits came into fashion with the rise of hip-hop culture and we are happy it is dead. It is voted the worst fashion piece in the 50 years and we totally agree with it.

7. Wearing unflattering broad platform shoes

Platform shoes are still in trend, but these broad platform shoes were quite popular then and were completely unflattering. Why would we wear such gaudy shoes?

8. Finding colored sunglasses the coolest trend

colored sunglasses the coolest trend

Remember Kareena Kapoor wearing tinted sunglasses in K3G? They were amazingly famous back then and look just pointless now.

9. Wearing shining metallic pants and skirts

shining metallic pants

Every 90s kid remembers growing up seeing their favorite celebrity in the shimmery, metallic pants or skirts and gosh metallic is fine but the shimmer effect is way too much.

10. Flaunting bare midriff in biker top

 biker top, old fashion trends

The only reason girls wore biker top or low-rise pants was to show off their toned midriff and belly button. Crop tops are acceptable, but these tops are just no so cool.

11. Men wearing funky printed shirts

funky printed shirts

From Govinda to SRK every man in their 90s have donned this flashy shirt with odd prints or riots of colors and can you ever imagine wearing them now?

12. Wearing short sleeves over long sleeves

short sleeves over long sleeves

It makes no sense to wear short sleeves over long sleeve, but this was a big trend in the 90s and there is nothing fashionable about this trend.

13. The trend of skirts over pants

trend of skirts over pants

Have you ever worn skirts over pants? Wear them now and you would be called fashion disaster. Skirts with tights or stockings look much more elegant than the crazy trend of skirts over pants. A big no!

14. Wearing tube tops meant being style icon

 tube tops meant being style icon

We are shocked and wonder how could this style become a huge trend? Tube tops and bell bottom pants were the talk of the town and were sported by the teens of the 90s. Good, this odd fashion is no more in trend.

Are you thinking that you were a fashion disaster? Then worry not, you weren’t the only one who wore such out of box dresses. Hope you never commit these fashion crimes again.

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