10 Things Happen When You’re Addicted to Favourite pair of Jeans

We all have that one pair of jeans that just never gets folded, instead remains hung at the back of the door for the next day. Do you belong to the same clan and have that one love that saves you everyday? Well. if you are, we here are by your side.

No matter how worn out the jeans get, we just never get bored of them. They are more of a companion than just a pair of jeans. You might have ten pairs (or more!), yet that one pair covers your legs for almost an entire year.


Today, we come with these 12 things that happen to you if you are blind foldedly in love with your favourite pair. We hope you might all relate to this. And yes, we know you would just never get enough of that one single pair of pure bliss.

1. That one pair fits you the best at all the places!

fair feet all place

You might keep hunting for jeans and buy them here and there, yet none of them fit you as a perfectly as your soulmate pair does. It is too comfy and sits at just the right places making it one pick of a lifetime.

2. You just never get to wash them

forget wash jeans

Since it is like a daily ritual to get into those pair of denims, you just don’t get the time and opportunity to wash them. God forbids, they get too dirty or spilled over, hell breaks lose for the next two days!(Find)

3. Everything needs to match with that one pair

match one pair

Whatever you buy, you subconsciously make a silent check of matching it with your favourite pal. Almost everything in your wardrobe has a friendly bond with that one paur.

4. Everybody is tired of that one pair

everyone tired oone pair

Almost everybody in your circle is tired of seeing you in those rags and keeps taunting. But you are so drowned in your love for that pair, that you don’t give a damn.

5. You wear it till the end

worn out jeans

Even when the jeans is no more in its form, you keep wearing it till the last day it breathes. Whether it’s torn or in tatters, your love wins it all.

6. You can never find something like that

you never find something like that

That one pair becomes your ultimate bliss. No matter how much you try hunting down the showrooms, you never find a pair close to them.

7. The final pick

final pick

You might have a whole closet full of outfits, yet you end up wearing that one pair at every place you go since you think you look the best in it.

8. Packing becomes super easy

packing super easy

Whenever you need to pack for a vacation, you are the first one to finish. That one pair of jeans goes with all and you’re done with your packing!

9. Losing your love is your worst nightmare

losing your love nightmare

Well, since that one pair is so close to you, losing it would be your biggest fear. In your mind, you can just never think of a day without it.

10. People think you have nothing else to wear

people think you have nothing to wear

You wear that pair of jeans so often that people literally think that you have nothing else to wear!

But who cares, isn’t it???

It is hilarious how each one of has our one favourite pair that is just irreplaceable. Do you have any additions to what you go through with your one love of a life? Do let us know with a relating experience in the comments below! Till then, take care of your favourite denims!

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