12 Easy DIY Women Fashion Hacks for Summer

Uggh, it’s summer again! And that again brings those crazy brainstorming of stylizing yourself with newer looks. Of course, who doesn’t like to be a trendsetter after all, right?

If you too are looking some extraordinary summer DIYs especially for women, then this article is surely for you. With the temps rising up, these summer hack tips are bound to make you look stunning and most importantly perfectly cool.

1. Oversized T-Shirt into a dress

oversized t-shirt into a dressLearn Full DIY here:

Almost everyone of us have that one oversized T-shirt that we just can’t put on, no matter how much weight we add on. It’s time to make the best use that T-shirt this summer. All you need to do is wrap it around and tuck in the two sleeves. Voila! You just got yourself a pretty dress.


2. Turn your flipflops from boring to awesome

flip flops from boring to awesomeLearn Full DIY here:

Flipflops have always been your feet’s best friends during summers. If you are looking for some fun stylish pair of them, don’t bother to rush to your nearest footwear store. All you need to have is a ribbon, few beads and bells. Simply wrap the ribbon first in the straps of your flips, while joining them both. Then stick the beads and bells on them with a strong glue. Hurrah, you just became the newest fashion diva!

3. Upgrade your dress or shirt

upgrade your dressLearn Full DIY here:

Almost each of us has a typical old shirt or dress which is stained and too old when it comes to style but too comfortable to be thrown away. But now, it’s easy to stylize it. Simply, grab an empty spray bottle, add some bleach in it and spray paint. Upgrade that stained dress by creating awesome patterns or designs on it.

4. Adorn your simple headband with flowers

adorn your simple headband with flowers

If you have a simple headband, it’s time to stylize it with your personal creativity. Cut some flowers from your old colourful T-shirt or shirt, in the form of flowers. Now attach them with a strong glue to your headband. Yay! Get ready to rock the beach with your personal creativity.

5. Add some braided bracelets to the look

add some braided bracelets to the look

Using the same cloth pieces to create some fresh looking fabric bracelets. All you have to do is to braid some of the thin cloth strips like you do it on your hair and tie both the ends by adding elastics. See, you never knew making bracelets was that easy.

6. Add the finishing touch with dyed canvas shoes

dyed canvas shoes

Now, complete the entire look with your old canvas shoes. No, it’s not about wearing them again. It’s about reinventing them. Simply add different colours to your canvas pair by either dying or by spray paint. Woo hoo! See, how awesome it looks.

7. Upgrade your jersey dress

upgrade your jersey dress

If you have an old black jersey dress which is too comfortable to be thrown away yet slightly out of the trend to be worn, take it out and transform it into a beautiful top. Simply cut a heart out of it and unleash the fashionista in you.

8. Create a trendy crop top from an old T-shirt

trendy crop top from an old t shirt

Grab that old t-shirt which your wardrobe has been living with. Cut a moderate amount of cloth underneath. Ta dah! You just got your new crop top. Want to add some more style to it? Simply add some fancy fringes to it just like this one.

9. Create a halter top from your T-shirt

halter top from t-shirt

Yet another easy hack that you can do with your old T-shirt! All you need to do is to simply cut off halter neck straps out of your T-shirt exactly like this one.

Or you can even manage to get a typical twist back muscle tank quite like this.

Interesting right? Do try it out!

10. Create your own hot pants

trendy hot shorts

Jeans can definitely be awesome. But if you are tired of wearing some of them, don’t just think of throwing them away. Simply cut a moderate length of your jeans and create your very own hot pants.

make your own shorts

Or adorn it with some fancy style! Just cut up a lacy t-shirt and add them to the newly created hot pants with the help of a hemming tape.

creative shorts

Or just scallop them and make yourself a trendsetter.

11. Get your own fairy cap toes

diy cap toe shoes

If you are planning to go out for a party and don’t have enough time to get a new pair of cap toes, don’t worry. Simply grab your old pair and stick on a tape in its front. Now spray it with any colour of your choice, however golden would be more appropriate if you are heading for a party.

12. Look chic from boring

long skirt

Getting tired of those long boring skirts? Just cut along its front to hem. And go chic!

Stylize yourself this summer with all these hacks and get ready to rock yourself in the heat like never before.





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