12 Problems Women Face While Wearing A Skirt

We are sure every girl would agree that the best thing about the summer season is to flaunt in cute, fashionable looking skirts. Skirts are fascinating clothing in which every girl can look adorable.

skirt problems

Yet no matter how stunning we girls look, there are some unpleasant moments which every girl faces when she wears a skirt. From unwanted panty flashes to catcallers, we bet you would have faced at least one of the listed problems that we bring out for you in this post. Read on and you can have a hearty laugh or say- ‘Oh god! yes, this has happened to me’.

1. Marilyn Monroe moment:

marilyn monroe moment while wearing a skirt

If you are wearing a skirt, then the last thing you would want is a windy day and Marilyn Monroe moment. Terrible isn’t it? All you can do is pray not be the cynosure of everyone’s eye just like the Duchess of Cambridge- Kate Middleton.

2. Bending Troubles:

Problems Women Face While Wearing A Skirt

Isn’t it troublesome to bend in a skirt? The constant worry of who all would see what’s underneath is really a pesky thing.

3. Sitting troubles:

sitting troubles while wearing a skirt

Did someone just offer you to sit, that too in a mini skirt? A hundred of questions run in your mind, the worry of exposing your crotch, the worry of being completely exposed! Oh no, our hearts go for you.

4. Chub rub

crotch rub in skirt a problem of every girl

You would have lost count of the number of times you would have experienced thigh chafing in a skirt, that too during the scorching summers. Terrible times.

5. Dancing in skirt:

problem in dancing while wearing a skirt

After being all dolled up in a sumptuous skirt for the night party, you just realize that you can’t dance freely. Argh so disappointing.

6. Awkward walking:walking problem in skirt

How much ever you love your posh pencil skirt, it has surely given you days when you have had the hardest time walking.

7. The stairs question:

a problem while walking up stairs wearing a skirt

This question hovers every woman while walking up the stairs- Is someone walking behind me able to see under my skirt?

8. Skirt tucked in undies:

skirt tucked into underwear, funny skirt problems of girls

After nature’s call, the last thing a girl wants is to find her skirt stuck in her panties. Hell, no one wants to face this embarrassing situation.

9. Confusion over how short is the skirt:

Confusion over how short is the skirt

Who doesn’t crave over online shopping? You just ordered a modish short skirt online, only later did you realize that it is very short and your whole day goes in wondering if it is inappropriate to wear it (tireless thoughts)

10. What did I wear underneath:

which underwear to wear under skirt

Many of us make some craziest decision and later we realise how we could make such an error. You would come across days when you ask yourself- “Did I wear my knickers under my lovely skirt, oh no of all day today dumb me, I wore the brightest panties”, a total screwed up moment (god save you)

11. Booties that turn skirt shorter:

Booties that turn skirt shorter

Everything seems perfect with the skirt, but the moment you wear it you find it shorter at the back, and then you wonder is it your butt which has made it shorter?

12. Catcallers:

catcaller is big issue for girls who wear skirt

The moment you step out of your home, there are men on the street hooting, whistling and even passing demeaning comments. At that moment, you just feel like punching his nose or racing away from the place (tough times for girls)

Whatever be the difficulties, women love the winsome skirts and would continue wearing them. What say, girls?

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