7 Hilarious Reasons given to every woman to wear a saree after marriage

Hilarious reasons why Indian women wear saree?

We all know that saree is the most elegant attire that can instantly prettify a woman. No matter how many western clothes we girls own, there are days when we just want to drape the ethereal saree and flaunt your fashion statement. But have ever noticed that once a girl is married it becomes her duty to wear saree, irrespective whether she is comfortable or not? We aren’t saying a married woman shouldn’t wear saree but the reasons that the society gives her to wear saree are absurd. So we have written down the hilarious and odd reasons that people tell a girl to wear saree. You can either laugh out loud reading this post or have sympathy for the newlywed brides.


1. You are now married so saree is your staple clothing:

staple clothing

Shorts and jeans are only for unmarried, now that you have been married you have to doll yourself in saree. Wow, since when?

2. Saree gives the sanskari bahu tag:

reasons to wear a saree after marriage

This is funny-wearing traditional clothes will define your character, i.e saree is the synonym to sushil bahu. Kill me.

3. Saree will make you look graceful:

wear saree to look slim

Undoubtedly saree defines a woman’s beauty but so does western clothes. duh..

4. Relatives and friends will be happy to see you in saree:

relatives will be happy to see you in saree

We all are engulfed in ‘log kya sochenge’ thought and we wonder how come wearing saree will make others, especially relatives, and family friends happy?

5. Saree will not expose the body as mini skirts:

perfect dressing

Oh then what do you think about Kareena Kapoor in the song Mein Heroine Hun from Heroine?

6. Your mother in law will think- ‘iski maa ne isko kuch nahi sikhaya’:

hilarious reasons to wear a saree

If you don’t wear saree your mother in law can question your values! How convenient?

7. Saree is the most comfortable clothing:

comfortable clothing

Whoever said its comfortable didn’t know that one wrong step and you can trip over the saree.

We hope you liked this article. We love saree and we just don’t need anyone to reason out on why we should wear saree.

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