12 Reasons Why You should Wear a Sari

When we are talking of ethnic outfits, Sari is the top most outfit worn by women. No wonder, it makes you look sensuous and is one of the sexiest outfits ever designed!!

If you have had doubts about going for a Sari, Well here we give you 12 reasons to go and drape those 9 yards around that beautiful waist!!!

1. Play with multiple Drapes

Sari is that one outfit that provides you with countless drape options and plethora of looks with one single fabric! So women, have fun with your mood swings and drape it in new styles every time you need a change.


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2. Flaunt or Hide? That’s your call.


Sari is that one dress in which you control how much you show. If you do not want a skin show choose a nice decent blouse and drape it the way you want.

If you want to keep your look a lil bit steamy you can always play with the back of your blouse and pallu.

3. Flatter the Curves


There is no doubt that Sari is in fact the most feminine outfit we have seen. It just brings out the true Diva in you.

Wear a Sari and definitely people won’t take their eyes off you.

4. Tons of Blouses!


A single Sari can go with different blouse styles and it gives you an entirely new look everytime you wear it with a new blouse.

You may go with different necklines (mostly at the back) or experiment with the sleeves.

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5. Be bold or Be ethnic


The same sari can give out different signals while you wear it. Choose a sexy blouse with short patli or dhoti drape or go ethnic with floating drapes. Be it a Pooja or an evening party, the choice is yours!!

6. No body Types Bars


A sari is one outfit that can be worn by every single one of of you. If you are too slim or maybe too plump, sari will befriend you the moment you drape it. All you need to know is which drape brings the best out of you.

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7. Wear it Anytime or Anywhere


There is just no occasion where a Sari will make you look dumb!! It’s a perfect professional outfit- Wear it on your interview or at work. It will give you brownie points!!

Or it’s the best choice for an evening party as well.It just depends on how you carry it.

8. No Tailoring Issues

Every other Indian outfit needs some tailoring and it is never hassle free to get your size. Sari need not be tailored. All you need is get a blouse and get the falls done and boom!! You outfit is ready.


9. Most comfortable Outfit


Saree is the most comfortable outfit as compared to tight jeans and skirts. It’s neither too tight nor too loose. Your comfort is always in your hands with a saree. It’s a myth that wearing a Saree is complicated!! It’s the most airy outfit.

10. Season Friendly!!


There is a Sari fabric for almost every season. Be it winters or summers, a Sari wins it all. Also, experiment with blouse sleeves as per your need!!

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11. No Footwear Hassles


If you choose to wear a Sari, just forget the whole hassle of matching the footwear. There is no need to get extra attention there as they rarely would be noticed or visible.

12. Never out of Place


For those of us who keep moving places, Sari is one outfit that is accepted in every culture in India. We have a drape for almost every state!!!

So whichever party you be at, pick up a sari and drape it their way!! It will never make you look out of place.

All said and done, you now have pretty good reason to pick one and flaunt your beauty!!!So go out and make heads turn with your beautiful collection of sarees!!

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