6 Pros and Cons of Buying Lingerie for Your Partner

Pros and Cons of Buying Lingerie for Your Partner

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Lingerie as a gift can be a game changer, and here’s how. Getting lingerie for your partner can come off as audacious, thoughtful, spontaneous, or naughty. It all depends on how intimate you both are, and what the occasion is.  For starters, gifting lingerie to a girl indicates that she is the special one. It requires a certain level of trust and intimacy between the two of you. When done right, this gift can add to that and improve your relationship by adding a little (or a lot) extra passion to it.

We could go on and on about the nuances of gifting lingerie, but this post is about the pros and cons of buying lingerie for your partner. If you don’t know where to look for it Empress Mimi lingerie collection has already brought satisfaction to many women and their partners. If you want to make your lady feel truly admired, why settle for anything less?

What are the Pros?

Spicing Up the Things in the Bedroom

Do you want to say it without saying it? Get a set of hot lingerie. Lingerie has been known to direct emotions and ignite passion. If you and your partner have just decided to get intimate, lingerie is a thoughtful gift to show that you’re as in it as they are. Typically, lingerie flatters the female body in ways that help her exude confidence and spark up desire. Also, lingerie helps you get in the mood way faster than shyness can catch up. If you feel like you and your partner have been there and done that, getting her nice Empress Mimi lingerie and watching her rock it could help you see her differently. It’s been scientifically proven that a lady wearing lingerie can be more sexually attractive than a nak*d one. If she already has a few sets of lingerie, how about getting her a different style? A new style of lingerie could highlight your partner in a way that you would love to explore.

Showing That You Care

Lingerie is some of the most feminine pieces of female garments. Making the effort to pick the right one may go a long way in telling your partner how much you care about her. It says that you appreciate every part of her femininity and you think it is important to adore that part of her.

Another interesting fact is that lingerie does not only appeal to those who see them but those who wear them. Saniyyah Mayo, a licensed marriage and family therapist shared that buying quality lingerie can be a form of self-care which boosts self-confidence. Ladies tend to admire themselves in lingerie which makes them confident. When you get it for her, simply asking her to wear it when she’s by herself could help her feel loved and cared for. Every time she wears that lingerie and feels good, you can rest assured that she remembers your efforts to care about her.

People Need to Wear Lingerie, So Someone Needs to Buy it First

If you don’t take care of her, who will?

Buying lingerie for your partner may indicate your efforts to take up your responsibility as her significant other. Don’t be that person who talks about what they want their partner to do without helping her get it done. If you like to see lingerie on your partner, show her how much you want it by getting her something nice. You don’t need to be a pro at lingerie before getting her one. Simply observing how many or how few she has tells you how much she likes or needs them.

What are the Cons?

Right Size

Let me introduce you to the most annoying part of buying lingerie. They do not come in standard sizes. Imagine that you get your partner expensive lingerie, only for her to pass it to her married sister because it runs two sizes big for her. This scenario is reason enough to be worried, isn’t it?

Research has it that only 20% of women get their bra sizes right, so how do you plan to beat that? Easier than you think, for we at Empress Mimi have a detailed size guide designed specifically to help you with that. What’s more, most of our designs come with adjustable bands, which gives you some room for error. As long as you know your lady’s cup size and approximate measurements, shopping will not be a problem.

The Price

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. The worst thing you can do when buying lingerie, or any gift for that matter, is cheap. However, you don’t have to go bankrupt, as long as you know where to look. At Empress Mimi, you can find plenty of high-quality options that will make your partner feel like a Goddess of sex appeal without breaking the bank.

The Style

What is lingerie without the perfect style? Uhhh… I thought all lingerie was flattering. Well, some flatter more than others, depending on the body type and shape of your partner.

It’s important to read up on body types, body shapes, and the perfect lingerie for each. This helps you determine your partner’s body type and the perfect lingerie for her. More importantly, pay attention to what she already loves to wear and choose something similar. Don’t stray too far from her preferences. Remember that you are buying lingerie for her, not for you. If she wants to try something different, the initiative will come from her.


Lingerie has always been known to work the perfect magic if you play your cards right. With the right moment, the right size, and the right style, you’ll be sure to score a point or two with your partner. It’s ok to take your time and do some more research before making your move, but when you finally pull it off, you can rest assured that your relationship will be better for it.

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