Best Lingerie selection Tips that guarantee 100% Seduction

Lingerie is more than just a piece of undergarment for women – it allows them to feel beautiful, feel confident, and explore the power of being desired. Here are some fascinating tips to select the perfect pair of lingerie that will definitely make the wearer look and feel sexy and desirable.

Best Lingerie selection Tips

Sexy erotic lingerie is a woman’s greatest weapon for seduction. Seriously, no man can resist the allure of a woman in a pair of seductive lingerie. There is something enticing about a woman in ribbons, lace, ruffles and sheer material that literally drives a man wild & crazy. No matter whether a woman is skinny, plus sized, petite or tall, the right piece of lingerie will always enhance her beauty by highlighting her best assets and hiding the rest in the most appealing manner. In India, most of the women consider bras & panties as the only item of lingerie, when there are so many different styles available to suit different styles, tastes and needs. Corsets, bustiers, g-strings, stockings, teddies, babydolls, thongs, and suspenders are just a few examples of lingerie styles that women can wear to up their sex appeal. Given below are some handy tips on how to choose the right lingerie to look and feel sexy. So, go through it to get some perfect pair of seductive lingerie wears and spice up your love life by making yourself irresistible to him.

Tips for choosing sexy lingerie to get all his attention at you

1. Play on with Colors

Lingerie in red black and blue colours

Most of the men find black and red lingerie as the most erotic ones. Both these colors look super sexy on all body types and make a woman feel confident. Black is an especially apt choice for those who are a bit flabby as it has great slimming effect. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you keep on wearing the same two colors. Be adventurous and try exploring different exciting colors that compliments you. Dark violet, chocolate, powder puff blues, lilacs, magenta, wild orchid shades, elegant wine, maroons, cute pinks, peach, sky blue, simple virgin white all can work wonders for you and your partner. So stock up on some fabulous lingerie in an array of colors and keep him guessing every time.

2. Get some flirty trims and prints

hot Lingerie with trims and prints

Lace trimmed lingerie is something that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Trims like lace, ruffles and bows not only give you a very flirty feminine look but also add glamour to your sex appeal. Also, do not forget to experiment with some colorful printed lingerie. Go for animal prints to show off your wild side and romantic floral prints to add an element of fun and delicateness.

3. Pick opaque material

blue colour cool lingerie made of opaque material

If you want to don a fresh virginal look, then bold skin show through transparent fabrics is a big no-no. Instead, go for some solid non-flimsy fabrics like flirty silk or satin with lace trimmings. He would simply love to caress them and learning that there’s more to find underneath will only excite him more.

4. Leave him anticipating for more

lingerie with robes in black white and red colour

Build the sexual anticipation in him by putting on multiple layers of lingerie. There’s actually a huge collection of different cover ups you can choose from. Long nighties, robes, lacy night wear with 3-4 pieces all would make you look super-enticing. And if your man is a fan of thongs/g-strings, then tease him by covering up with a stylish sheer panty and a garter belt.

5. Don Lingerie with Tie-Ups

seductive lingerie with strings style in dark red, black and pink colour

Seduce your man with some sexy tie-up lingerie. Let him work a bit harder to get you by untying all the laces, ribbons or strings. One thing’s for sure, the longer you make him wait, the more excited he would be to ravish your body.

6. Never compromise on fabrics quality

hot lingrie of high quality fabrics and style

Being comfortable and confident are the two keys to being sexy. So, never compromise on quality when buying lingerie as only a high-quality fabric can make you feel comfortable.

Also, make sure to choose the fabric that best suits you. If you’re slim go for lightweight fabrics, and if you are a bit overweight then lingerie made of heavy fabric will be best for you.

7. Pick lingerie that emphasizes your best assets

sexy Underwire and babydoll lingerie

Highlighting your best features will make you look extremely sexy and of course super alluring to your partner. So make your choice based on which feature of yours is most attractive. For example, if you’ve got big breasts, go for stylish bras with underwire that will highlight this area by providing an additional lift to your cleavage. And if you’ve received a lot of compliments on your hips portion then don a super short night dress to show off your sexy bottom or legs.

Choose styles that best flatter your body type

  1. Short
  2. Tall
  3. Pear Shape
  4. Apple Shape
  5. Rectangle Shape
  6. Hourglass Shape

Here’s an easy guide to help you discover the most flattering lingerie styles for your figure.

1. Short

Sexy gowns with slits in the leg area will make you seem much taller than you are. Short baby dolls also make a good choice for getting that “leggy” look. However, avoid opting for lingerie that’s too long in length or in the rise. Also, stay away from any kind of horizontal stripes or prints.

sexy and hot lingerie for short women

2. Tall

Vertical stripes or cut will look flattering on you. Just make sure not to select something that is supposed to be long but looks short on you. For example, a floor length sheer robe going above your ankles will simply not work. So, it’s better to opt for erotic lingerie styles that are short. They will highlight your long and sexy legs in most appealing way.

sexy and perfect lingerie for tall women

3. Pear Shape

Pear shaped women have smaller upper body in comparison to their lower half. They should try something loose fitting on the top but not too lose.

And those peer women with small breasts who are sensitive about this area should opt for something that doesn’t highlight this particular part of the body. A sexy babydoll will work best here. And if you want to add some cleavage then try something padded or pushup padded.

perfect lingerie for pear shape type women

4. Apple Shape

Women coming in this category have broader shoulders, bigger boobs and smaller hips. Corsets, low-cut, strapless & v-neck outfits, and babydoll dresses, are best choices for women having this body shape.

Corset and vneck lingerie for apple size women

5. Rectangle Shape

These women look pretty much straight up and from their shoulders to hips. There may be no noticeable curves, but some lingerie styles can actually create the illusion of fullness. Boned corsets, pushup bras, chemises, and waist clinchers, work best for this body type.

red and black lingerie for rectangle shaped women

6. Hourglass Shape

An hourglass figure means having curves in all the right places. Women having such perfect figure can honestly go for any type of lingerie. Form-fitting teddies, chemises, and corsets can make them even more charming and seductive.

Teddy and Chemise lingerie for Hourglass Figure

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