After reading this story you won’t use yoga leggings the same way again

Yoga pants have got a bad impression of being revealing body shapes and inner wears. But if you wear them in right, they are no longer revealing. Just, follow the following style guide to learn how to wear them right.

how to wear leggings the right way

There is no doubt that it is women’s choice what to wear and what not to wear. But, sharing your thoughts is not a crime at all. Veronica Partridge, a Christian blogger shared her personal view regarding form-fitting leggings or yoga pants at her personal blog and she got lots of criticism & negative attention. Veronica had already mentioned in her blog post that she is not trying to tell people what they should wear. She just posted why she would prefer not to wear yoga pants or leggings publicly and the topic became a point of debate on web.

After a discussion with friends and her husband, the 25-year-old lady decided to give up yoga pants to honor god and her husband as well as to set a good example for her daughter. According to her, wearing yoga pants provoke lustful thoughts in men. Even a man who loves, honors and respects his wife or girl can distract and attract towards the girl wearing form-fitting yoga pants or leggings.

Drawbacks of form-fitting yoga pants or leggings as per Veronica Partridge

  • Set wrong example to young girls
  • Attract men
  • Provoke sinful thoughts in men
  • Show outline of a woman’s butt, vagina and panty lines which increase sexual stimulation in men

Groupon initiated a survey to know what women wear under yoga pants. The survey involved more than 400 women. Women were asked to answer three multiple-choice questions: age, how long they have been practicing yoga and what they wear under yoga pants (nothing, a thong or underwear). The survey revealed that 39.19% women wear underwear, 35.87% women wear thong and 24.94% women wear nothing.

groupon survey about leggings and yoga pant

Women who wear nothing attract the attention of men and are at the highest risk of sexual assault. And at the same time it is not good for the society or community.

As leggings or yoga pants have become essential part of clothing, they cannot be avoided. Wearing them in a right way is only solution to avoid drawbacks of yoga pants or leggings.

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Let’s check why they are popular and how to wear them in a right way.

Why Yoga Pants Are Popular Among Women

1. More comfortable than tight, constricting jeans

leggings are more comfortable than tight, constricting jeans

2. Yoga pants are inexpensive

Yoga pants are inexpensive so comes in your budget

3. Need only a little space in wardrobe

leggings require only a little space in wardrobe

4. Easy to wear: no zip and buttons

leggings are Easy to wear no zip and buttons

5. Elastic waistband and stretchy fabric makes comfortable to wear all day long. Also, it never goes out of fit thanks to stretchy fabric

wearing trouser gif image

6. Available in multiple colors

yoga pants available in multiple colors

7. Go with everything from t-shirt to sweatshirt

yoga pants dressup options: Go with everything from t-shirt to sweatshirt

8. Good for yoga and workout

yoga pants are designed for yoga and workout

9. Perfect for every weather condition

Perfect leggings for every weather condition

10. Great for traveling and packing

travel gif

11. Comfortable for dance practice

yoga pants or legggings are Comfortable for zumba dance

12. You can straightaway go to sleep after a partying

with leggings it is easy to go straightaway to sleep after a partying

Style Guide: How to Wear Yoga Pants in the Right Way

Pair them up with longer tops

If you think your yoga pants or leggings are too revealing or your butt is not your best feature, then pair them with shirt, eye-catching blouse or longer top that covers your rear end. But make sure that the top should not reach your mid thighs.You can also wear them with mini skirts or short dress.

leggings with longer tops

Choose the right undergarments

Wearing wrong undergarments can cause visible panty lines and camel toes. Seamless panties and thongs avoid panty lines. Wearing nothing under yoga pants can be a bit too revealing as well as increase the risk of camel toe. So before leaving the house, check yourself.

right way to wear leggings, yoga pant with right undergarments

Check thickness

Checking the thickness of the material is very important factor to avoid any embarrassing situation by showing a little too much. Thin-material yoga pants become sheer when you bend over or when it stretches.

right way to wear leggings: thick material yoga pants

Go for quality

Unlike cheap or discounted yoga pants, quality yoga pants work as a push-up bra for your butt. They have thick material, great fit and an extra panel in the crotch area.

leggings quality

Right size

Most of the women buy yoga pants a size smaller because they are stretchy. Poorly fitted pants are uncomfortable, cause camel toe, muffin tops and make you butt look weird & shapeless. Thus, wear perfect size pants.

Perfect way to wear leggings: choose right size

Include a cover-up

If you are wearing a short top, then try to cover it up with jacket, cardigan or long hoodie.

Perfect way to wear leggings: pair with jacket cardigan or long hoodie

Go for simple colors

Stick to black, brown or grey color yoga pants as they match up with most of the outfits. You can also wear other bright colour but avoid nude colored yoga pants. Nude yoga pants make you look like you are naked.

Perfect way to wear leggings: avoid nude colored yoga pants

Distract Attention

Those who want to wear tight yoga pants can go for printed, striped and geometrical print yoga pants. They don’t reveal your figure and distract attention of viewers.

Perfect way to wear leggings: choose printed striped and geometrical print

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