14 Reasons Why Indian Girls hate Saree

A saree symbolizes Indian culture and tradition. It makes women look elegant and beautiful. However, these days Indian girls hate saree due to many reasons. Explore the reasons why girls refrain from wearing sarees.

We all agree that a woman looks sensuous, stunning, and gorgeous in a saree. But nowadays, this most beautiful and versatile Indian outfit is worn during weddings, festivals, and special occasions only. In fact, girls not of marriageable age don’t like to wear a saree and if they are given an option they prefer jeans or other attire over a saree. The problems associated with wearing a saree are the main reason why Indian girls refrain. Let’s check out some reasons why Indian girls hate to wear saree and proudly flaunt western and other Indian clothes.

14 Reasons why Indian Girls Hate to wear Saree

1. Cost

The cost of stylish and designer sarees starts from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000. Besides the cost of the saree, you have to bear a petticoat, blouse, fall, tailor, jewelry, and dry clean expenses. Also, you can’t wear the same saree on every occasion.

cost of stylish and designer sarees

2. Lack of time

Draping a saree is difficult, time-consuming, and requires a lot of practice. The girls in urban India are studying or working at offices so they don’t have sufficient time to drape a saree.

Lots of time required to drape a saree

3. Inconvenience

It’s hard to drive a two-wheeler or board crowded public transport while managing the pallu and pleats of the saree. There are even restrictions on the activities you do. You can’t dance, run, walk fast, hang out with friends and go to a pub/gym. Moreover, you can’t go for a pillion ride on a bike in a saree.

Inconveniences of saree

4. Feel bared

Even after dragging the pallu, many girls feel uncomfortable having their tummy, cleavage, and back exposed.

tamanna bhatia feels naked in saree

5. Difficult To Walk

When girls wear a saree for the first time, they find it difficult to walk. They may trip on their sari pleats and fall down on the floor. Salwar-kameez, jeans or trousers are very comfortable than a saree.

difficult to walk in a a saree

6. Chance of wardrobe malfunction

Although the saree is pinned up with lots of safety pins, the girls are always scared that they might step on the saree and pull apart those pleats in the front of others.

wardrobe malfunction with saree

7. Uncomfortable

Girls feel uncomfortable checking frequently whether the pallu is in its place, pleats are correct or not, bra strap is showing, etc. when wearing a saree.

Uncomfortable with saree

8. Jewelry

You need a perfect type of jewelry with saree like earrings, thin bracelets, and long sleek chains with small pendants. Your regular metal hoops or jewelry will not work with a saree.

type of jewelry with saree like earrings, thin bracelet and long sleek chains with small pendants

9. Heels

A pair of flip-flops or flats don’t go well with your saree. You need to wear at least a slight amount of heels when wearing a saree.

heels with saree

10. Pockets

Saris don’t have pockets like jeans or trousers so girls have to carry a clutch or a handbag for earphones, wallet, and keys.

Saris don't have pockets

11. Restroom

The urge to loo takes a backseat when you want to go to the restroom in a saree.

go to the restroom in a saree

12. Adds-to-age

Fat or slightly over-weight girl looks much older in a saree than her real age if she hasn’t selected perfect draping style as well as a saree according to her good body shape.

saree make fat girl more fat

13. Social Acceptability

The young generation refers to girls as behenji or aunty if they wear Indian attire. Lots of girls do not wear a saree for fear of being called behenji or aunty.

Social Acceptability of saree

14. Weather

Saree is always a problem in monsoon and winter. In the rainy season, the saree will stick to your body and make you look sexier while during winters, you will feel colder as your tummy and back are bare.

problem with saree in rainy season

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