10 Dumb Fashion mistakes that proves we need smart designers

Have fun with nonsense of fashion industry! Some fashion inventions just make you say WTF at very first glance. Checkout what’s your reaction on seeing such a silly inventions?

Every five minutes, thousands of things are invented in fashion industry. All of these are not worthwhile and not so attractive, while few of them look silly and really useless. On seeing them, you are compelled to say just one word – WTF. Trying new thing is fashion, but what about common sense? Invented thing should be practical enough, if not, people generally laugh at such abnormal things. Normal parents never use their baby for cleaning, and you totally look mad wearing that nap cap in train or bus. Wearing that dumb handerpants is not style, but it seems that you invite people to make fun of you, are you that type of crazy? Lady in boat dress looks funny instead of the fashionista. Nobody interested in such odd fashion statements, they all about fun and stupidity.

Common sense are really not so common!

1. It’s an idea to make your child habitual of cleaning up own mess at this early age. Mop is fixed with clothes in such a way that the floor will be cleaned up itself while the child is crawling around at home.

awkward clothing baby mop suit

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2. Jacqueline Bradley smartly made use of a blow-up plastic row-boat and a lengthy skirt to mix function with fashion. Boat dress maybe useful as a mode of transportation during outdoor activities or unexpected floods, but when it comes to fashion, you say big NO.

awkward dress design, wtf fashion

3. Your little kitty looks surprisingly stylish wearing red wig. Pet lovers try new styles to dress up beloved cat or dog for crazy fashion cravings, but it is not necessary that all works great enough.

wtf fashion style, Cat red wig

4. You can enjoy privacy and full warmth single piece head to toe body sweater. A big round hole at face area is given to watch, eat, drink, etc. and of course for breathing. Where is the hole for poop or pee? LOL

awkward fashion photo
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5. We have A.C at home, in office, in theatre…everywhere, and now also for footwear. It’s not the real one but use filter technology, wherein heat and humidity from the shoe is emitted and fresh air is entered to keep the feet feeling comfortable as well as dry.

weird fashion for shoes

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6. No matter how hard you try, you may get wet even having umbrella. But no chance of getting wet with this full body umbrella as it is covered all around. It is different thing that you look surprisingly strange with this innovative umbrella. Also, some may feel suffocation because of poor air passage.

wtf fashion photos, wtf umbrella design for rain

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7. This is too much! These stretchy gloves are made of cotton and very cozy and palm-protecting. It absorbs sweat and prevents chafing. Concept is all good, only problem is that it holds look and feel of men’s briefs.

awkward fashion: Handerpants looks like Underwear for your hands is really wtf fashion design
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8. Because of hectic schedule, you might sleep in a plane, a train or in a bus. It’s okay, but when you finally asleep, your head slips off to the sides, causing terrible neck or it wakes you up. Now using nap cap, you can enjoy hassle-free sleep on journey only if your look doesn’t matter! In this set-up, you have to stick a plunger to the window or wall behind you and wear on the attached hat. Also, you can write the name of the station on attached message board so that your subway neighbors can wake you.

WTF Cap for sleep in train
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9. Rain never follows any timetable, and as a rule, whenever we forgot to carry umbrella, there was surely raining. Right? Go for tie umbrella, it is really handy and smartly saves you from sudden downpour. It is easy to use, just detach your umbrella tie, open, use, and when rain is ended, pack it and attach back. Very badly affects on fashion statement also you have to make adjustment for carrying such a heavy tie, ever.

wtf fashion, tie cum umbrella

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10. No doubt, fashion is all about pushing the boundaries, but this one seems to take things a little too far. The clear, plastic jeans by Topshop can literally make the wearer’s legs look like wrapped up in a Ziploc bag.

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