10 Ripped Jeans Style trends created by Celebrities

ripped-jeans-stylesDenim jeans have always been an evergreen part for the fashion industry. They have been an ultimate abode for people who have nothing to wear today or the ones who want a formal day out but definitely not in the mood for those trousers. The celebrities being our fashion icons have taken the trend to the next level by wearing those stunning ripped jeans and completing blowing it off.

Let’s just have a look at what the tinsel town had to offer to us with those stripped denims.

Ripped Skinny Small Cut Jeans

You get the perfect rugged and stripped hunky look with these small cut jeans. These denims have just the right amount of the cut here or there and are perfect if you do not want to go for too much of this style and not look too dramatic.

Tip: Style them up with boots and a casual tee.

Malaika rocks in one of these teaming up with simple black stilettos.


Cropped Rip Jeans

cropped-rip-jeansThese ones are a little shorter, almost ankle length and are often cropped randomly in a hazy way. These give you the best hunk look for a day out on a bike.

Katrina looks terrific in a cropped pair of denims with high boots and a shrug.

Too much Cropped Jeans

cropped-jeansIf you have a pair of beautiful well toned legs that you love to flaunt, this style if the one for you. Perfect for a hot humid day, this one is an airy outfit that almost makes you forget you’re wearing a pair of jeans!

Have a look at how Kim gave us the perfect way to spice up the day with one of these.

Sequel Ripped Jeans

sequel-ripped-jeansOne of the “Do it yourself” styles, this style looks better with a loose pair of denims. If you do not want to take chances, the market is flooded with one of these. With blade cuts sequentially here and there, team them up with a patterned long sleeved shirt and a pair of heels.

Megan fox rocks the look with a pair of heels and a long vested cardigan.

‘Just The knees’ Rip Style

knees-ripped-jeansIn case you are not much of a skin show girl, this one is just the right one for you. The cuts and rips are wide on the knees and give a sporty look.

You can be a chic and wear the right sneakers or oxfords.

Poppy Delevingne pulls off these with the right style and coloured top.

The ripped Effect Style

ripped-effect-jeansSome of us love to wear the ripped jeans just for the idea of it and the feeling of being so with the trends. So just style up yourself with the least ripped denims that have just the right amount of cuts.

Alia Bhatt goes for a subtle pair of stripped denim jeans styling them with a cool tank top and sneaker.

Boyfriend Ripped Jeans


Originally styled and named by Mango, these ones get their name from the loose tattered jeans that you would borrow from your boyfriend to give the perfect tomboy look. These are often very loose and have a combination of various styles in the way they are ripped.

Rihanna, always a class apart, wears this style with an oversized jersey and red lipstick to go with.

Patch Styled Denims

patch-ripped-denimsWe have often seen celebs carrying up patched denims gorgeously. The denims are often styled with a patch of lighter or darker denim over the knee or over one of the thighs.

Karishma accentuates her beautifully toned legs in patched denims with a very subtle skin hugging top.

Ripped Baggy Denims


These give a perfect boyish look and came in the industry from the rap stars and other street chics and guys. These are extremely baggy and loose, almost hanging on your waist.

Tip: Be very wary of what impressions you will make when you choose these.

Ripped all Over Denims

allover-ripped-jeansIf you believe in symmetry, this one is a choice for you. These are tight and slim denims with symmetrical razor cuts all over the front. We would put these in the “Do it Yourself” list as this style is worth trying with your old pair of denims.

Miranda Kerr looks just perfect for this style by mango and teams it up with a light blazer.

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