Choosing the Right Wedding Dress Styles for Short Brides (Under 5 Feet)

perfect wedding dress styles for short brides

Looking for the perfect wedding gown can be a cause of confusion for short brides. These ladies look fragile and delicate which always gives the upper hand to men who feel both strong and masculine behind the petite beauties. In such a backdrop, it’s imperative to find the correct silhouette which can emphasize your best features while camouflaging the loopholes

4 Best Wedding Dress Styles for Short Brides

1. Trumpet/Mermaid

trumpet/mermaid wedding dress for petite brides

This style can be termed as one of the most feminine wedding gown silhouettes as it beautifully emphasizes the bride’s bust and hips. A petite bride can flaunt her curves in a mermaid or trumpet-style dress as the flared skirt adds a dash of volume and drama to your frame. You can go for a waistline sitting higher than your natural waist if you wish to create the illusion of longer legs.

2. Sheath/Column

sheath/column wedding dress for petite brides

This is a common style of wedding dress for short brides who like a minimal design while showing off their curves. The vertical seam running from the shoulder to the hips can elongate your body and can serve ladies well at an outdoor wedding. These dresses are usually made from lightweight fabric making them adequately comfortable for being worn both at a traditional chapel or a beach setup.

3. A-Line

a-line wedding dress for petite brides

An A-line silhouette can accentuate your waistline by hugging your hips. Petite brides can opt for an A-line gown having a defined empire waist which creates an elongated effect and looks perfect at any type of wedding ranging from a traditional church wedding to a casual outdoor ceremony. The best thing about these dresses is that they look universally flattering on all body types. These dresses resemble the letter A and are fitted on the hipline before broadening down up to the ankle. Petite brides can add some extra length to their frame with this beautiful style.

4. Cocktail

cocktail wedding dress for petite brides

You can’t go wrong with this short wedding dress which is functional for any type of wedding. Shorter brides can create the illusion of longer legs with cocktail dresses which can also serve as the ideal ally for flaunting those killer heels. These dresses impart a fluffy look without hindering your petite frame and also provide ample options for adding embellishments and laces. You can wear them easily to outdoor wedding ceremonies without worrying about dragging your dress on the grass.

General Tips for Petite Brides Who Wish to Look Tall On Their D-Day:

choosing the right wedding dress styles for short brides

  • One of the simplest ways to add a few inches of height to your frame is by wearing high heels. They can also boost your confidence as you walk down the aisle. However, this works only for the brides who have a habit of walking in stiletto heels. You shouldn’t overestimate your abilities as it is better to be comfortable on your wedding day as you will be spending a lot of time on your feet.
  • Walking the monochrome path in terms of fabric can visually elongate your stature while creating a vertical line. Petite brides should avoid dresses with color block designs or bright floral ornaments and instead opt for the ones made from the same plain materials devoid of any contrasting details.
  • You can create a flattering silhouette and look taller with vertical pleats on the skirt, a long line of buttons on the back, and vertical stitching on the bodice. If you wish to accentuate your waistline with a ribbon or a thin belt, stick to the same color pattern rather than choosing a contrasting one.
  • It becomes easy to create an illusion of a taller frame with a high-waisted dress. You can choose an empire wedding dress with a soft and lightweight skirt for your D-day. This can serve as a match made in heaven for plus-size brides as the cut of the gown elongates the silhouette while covering all imperfections. Ladies who fall under the slender category can go for a jumpsuit and train, making for a stunning frame.
  • Short brides should refrain from wearing dramatic ball gowns. The combination of heavy crinolines, a full skirt, and lots of material and decoration will simply make you look both wide and stumpy. Rather you can choose a slimmer silhouette that won’t hide your delicate figure. Dresses with voluminous decor and boxy shoulders will make you look boxy by creating a disproportion.
  • Chapel-length veils and long trains aren’t of much help for short brides as they will simply make you look shorter. Ideally, the hem of your dress should end right above the ground for covering your shoes. Alternatively, you can choose a low-high cut for accentuating those slender legs.

When it comes to choosing the right bridal gown, there are many things to consider including your preferred style, body type, and budget. Though choosing the perfect wedding dress can be a tough drill for ladies with a short frame, you should always proceed with the one that gives you a nice feel and adds to your confidence count.

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