14 Brilliant Tricks to Wear High Heels without Pain

Whether you need to walk into a club or a bar wearing a four-inch stiletto, there are no second thoughts that you will go unnoticed, especially when you team up them with skin-tight pants or a short skirt. High heels do not fail to create magic for attracting or seducing the crowd. Walking in heels is an art and should be effectively learned.

secret tricks and hacks of wearing high heels without pain

If you don’t have prerequisite knowledge before wearing heals, you might end up in breaking your ankles. So it is mandatory to master the art before getting into the game! Here are certain points to be considered until you dazzle in a stiletto.


Different Types of Heels available in market

Types Of Heels Every Women Need to Know About

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Before making your way to a shoe store to buy a pair of heels for you, you should have a clear understanding of the types of heels.

  1. Cone: This is a rounded heel. It is broad at the point connecting the shoe and narrower at the part touching the ground.
  2. Kitten: This is a short heel. This is very easy to carry, perfect for the ones who have just begun to wear heels. These never go wrong on a formal gathering. These are nearly 2 inches in height and diameter.
  3. Wedges: These are very easy to balance as it has a huge chunk covering the heel and arch portion of the foot.
  4. Puppy: These are similar to a thick square wedge.
  5. Spool: It looks like an hourglass. Broader at the sole and heel but there is a very less distance between the two areas.
  6. Prism: It forms a shape of the prism at the point touching the ground.
  7. Stilettos: The most impressive ones. These are commonly called pencil heels as the area which touches the ground is not more than 0.4 inches.

14 Brilliant Hacks to wear High Heels Perfectly Without Pain


1. Emma’s Heel Height Rule- Find the ideal heel height

a chart to measure ideal heal height for you, heel height measurement tricks and hacks

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Your life would become much simpler if you would know what heel height you out to wear on a particular occasion. Well, it is certainly very curious to find out out the magic number. The foot of every individual has an innate incline at its situation of rest. This can predict the ideal heel size for your feet. The prediction of heel size takes care of the following points:

  • Curve at the orb of foot.
  • Heel of the foot

You can spread your legs while sitting comfortably. Let your foot relax and take the usual incline. Measure the distance between the heel and orb of the foot. The measurement depicts the ideal heel length for you.


2. Trick to assess the comfort level of heels

How to make high heels comfortable cheat sheet, how to wear heels comfortably with bunions

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When shopping for heels, make sure to check the space between the sole and heel. It must measure at least 3cm to make the pair comfortable for your feet. The greater the distance, the more comfortable the heels will be.


3. Magic Formula to find your perfect heel height

heel height measurement, how to measure your ideal heel height

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Finding your ideal heel height has never been so easy. All you need to know is your overall height and your leg length, and put those numbers in the provided formula.

4. Quick guide on appropriate heel heights for all occasions

Tips to choose right heels for the right occasion,heel height measurement chart,appropriate heel height for workImage Source:

Staying fashionable is not that easy. It seems that if there are lots of rules to be followed. The most important among them is to wear which help you stay happy and comfortable. Heels are the perfect accessories that can pump up your confidence. Here is a quick guide to select the correct heel size for every occasion.

  • Heel size 2-3 inches

Whether you need to go to work or attend a wedding, this heel size doesn’t go wrong. The 2 inch shoe can let you stay comfortable even when you are in full swing of work. They are feminine and adorable.

  • Heel size 3.5-4.5 inches

The ideal heel height which can adorn you with a polished and classy look is 3.5-4.5 inches. This heel size comes in stilettos to spoon heels. It is perfect for a day out with colleagues or a date night. Make sure you find a good pair that can fit right to the occasion. If you think that this heel height could go wrong at your work place, then you can try wearing nudes or sleek black.

  • Heel size more than 5 inches

If you feel comfortable in sky high heels, then you can certainly compliment with your favorite minis or a girl day out. These heels can only look great, if you learn walking in them.

Infographics: How to Choose Perfect Healthy Heels for different Occasions

how to make walking in heels more comfortable, how to get used to high heels

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5. How to Choose the best suited heels for your body

how to train yourself to walk in heels

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Here are some quick tips which can help you know the dos and don’ts with certain body types.

  • Don’t buy the heels with ankle straps if your ankles are broad, because it can make your ankles look expansive. You can choose to wear sling back or pumps.
  • Avoid wearing strap shoes if your legs are short, your feet can appear wider than actual. Nude heels or peep toes can solve the purpose here.
  • The shoes with pointed toes can give you extra height. However, wide toed ladies can feel uncomfortable. Spare them for extraordinary occasions only.
  • Wider toed women can opt for shoes with round toes. It can create an illusion of making the feet appear smaller.
  • Classy nude heels and sleek black stilettos will never fail can always make you look stylish.

6. The occasion

Best things to know before wearing high heels

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You should wear heels according to the occasion and the condition.

If you are going out on a romantic date, the stilettos make the perfect choice. But if you think you will have to walk for long, then it will not be the correct choice.

Plus you require a lot of practice to wear those sexy stilettos before the D date and find out for how long you are at ease wearing them.

You may even practice walking in your bedroom. You can even keep spare flats in your bag if you feel that you would not be at ease while going out for clubbing or long walks.

7. The right shoe size

Tips & Tricks to wearing high heels

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Data suggest that the most common mistake that women make while buying shoes is the right shoe size. The shoe sizes changes over a period of a year or even after child birth. Make sure that you get your foot length and width measure before buying the shoe for you. As wearing the wrong shoe size can cause many health problems.

8. The thicker heels are better

Best ideas to choose the right high heels

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The thin heels can make your foot tremble. Or some might even have severe leg pain after wearing the heels. One cannot deny the fact that, certain occasions and dresses demand the stilettos, but they should not be worn every day. It is better to keep the thin heels for selected occasions. Also avoid the thin soles as they can lead to pain in the bottom of the feet. Try wearing the shoes with thicker soles that can handle pressure of the body weight.

9. Use shoe Inserts

most comfortable insoles for high heels, How to wear high heels

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The foot pads are specifically designed to be placed under the foot. This helps to battle the soreness caused due to incessant wearing of heels. If you can manage to find a silicone foot insert, it will be better as it will help to hold your foot and prevent from descending ahead. This helps in preventing blisters and friction. You can also check with experts online and see more shoe insoles options.

10. The Walk

how to walk comfortably in high heels to avoid numb toes pain after wearing high heels

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Heels not only add the height but also improve your persona. You should learn to walk gracefully in heels. In order to look elegant, you should practice to take smaller steps. Go slow and do not bend your knees. Walking fast can make your way of walking look unpleasant. If you want to make your walk look natural, then you should always place the heels and then toes on the ground.

11. Walking Straight

walk straight while wearing high heels

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Walk while putting your feet right ahead of each other and let your hips move back and forth a little. Imagine a line and walk as per it. It will take some time, but with practice you will look no less than a model. And you are ready to roll everybody’s heads.

12. Standing while wearing heals

Tricks to wearing high heels, things on how to make high heels comfortable

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It is not only walking but you should learn to stand elegantly as well. Place the heel in front of the other foot and put the weight on the latter. If tired, you can shift the weight to another foot.

13. Stretching is important

how to stop heels hurting the balls of your feet, swollen feet after wearing heels

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Take breaks in between wearing the heels. Take them off and stretch your toes and ankles. Point your toes downwards then lift them up. This will make you relaxed.

14. Right Posture

how to train yourself to walk in heels

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A pretty woman should have a faultless posture. You should hold the back straight, keep your chin up. Your abdominal muscles could constrict this way and will make you feel lighter and thinner.

You cannot go in your sneakers for every occasion, no matter how comfortable you feel wearing them. Start will something steadfast and neutral with 2 inches. Try walking in heels, you can even wear them while grocery shopping. It will help you balance and even boost up your confidence. Try these prerequisites before you head towards the shoe store. This will help you to gain enough knowledge before investing in the heels you had always desired.

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