Dresses Guide for Indian Short Height Girls

Unfortunately, there is no magic trick to increase the height but a few secret fashion tactics can help petite girls to create an illusion of being taller. Isn’t it lovely, a little change in your dressing and wearing style makes such a big difference? Scroll through now to learn fashion tactics I bet you never knew about increasing height without heels.

As far as the beauty and fashion world is concerned, all girls or women less than 5 feet 3 inches come under a petite frame. According to statistical data, the average woman’s height in India is 5 feet which means most of the women are of short height. Most petite women think that the only way to look taller is by wearing high heels. But, wearing heels on daily basis is not good for your health. It causes problems like back pain, foot pain, permanent injury in tendons and feet, leg sprain, and foot malformation. The infographics from mentioned below illustrate how high heels are dangerous to health.

Other than high heels, there are many small things you can do to achieve the desired look without putting in much effort. Wearing the right clothes, accessories, colors, shoes, etc. can give the illusion of being taller. Here are a few tips regarding clothing & styling needs to create an illusion of height and look more impressive.

Tips for Petite Women on how to look Taller without wearing Heels

All body Types


1. Monochrome Outfit

Wearing a monochrome outfit or the same colour clothing from head-to-toe creates one vertical line of color and thus causes the illusion of height. You can wear anything from jumpsuits to evening gowns.

Different monochrome dresses

Bonus Tip: Wear darker colours such as black, blue, green, red, brown, purple, dark tan, or dark grey to look taller and slimmer. If you want a softer appearance then go for cream or ivory colour.


2. Vertical Stripes

Striped print or pattern clothing are always in no matter what the season. Vertical Stripes outfits are the best friends of petite women. Vertical stripes pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts, or suits make you look taller along with giving you a slimmer look. You can wear a striped dress with an open straight jacket and cardigans.

Clothing with vertical stripes

Bonus Tip: Go for thin vertical stripes. Make sure that you don’t overdo it. Don’t wear pants/skirts/ bottoms with vertical lines with vertical striped shirt or top. Also, avoid horizontal stripes as they make you look wider.


3. High-Waist Bottoms

High-waist bottoms: pants, skirts, skinny jeans or shorts make you appear taller by creating the illusion of longer legs. You can pair high-waist bottoms with a tucked-in tailored blouse, a crop top/bralette, or a button-down shirt. High waist skirts should be up to the knees.

High-waist bottoms

Bonus Tip: Women with straight bodies and pear-shaped bodies should avoid high-waist bottoms. Crop tops and bralettes look good on younger petite girls.


4. V- Neckline

Women falling under the petite frame should wear V necks or plunging V necks tops, t-shirt, shirts, or dresses to make their necks appear longer. You can go for short sleeves or sleeveless tops or dresses.

V neck top, t-shirt and dress

Bonus Tip: Avoid turtle, round, and boat neck designs. Your tops should be up to the hip-line or above.

5. Jeans and Trousers

When it comes to jeans and trousers prefer skinny, high waist, slightly flared one or jeans/trousers with straight legs. Straight-leg jeans/trousers with a medium or dark wash will be an added bonus to make you appear taller.

Jeans and Trousers for Petite Girls

Bonus Tip: Avoid 3/4 trousers/Capri trousers or trousers with cuffs, bulky pockets, and pleats. Do not wear low waist jeans, cropped style pants, or bell-bottom pants. Slim girls can tuck in the shirt.

6. Wear Skirts/Dresses with Slits

Skirts/dresses with slits create the illusion of having longer legs. The slits can be either on the side or back.

Skirt and Dresses with Slits

Bonus Tip: You can try a long skirt or gown with a slit on the side. Say a big NO to calf-length clothing.

7. Maxi Length Dresses or Skirts

Maxi dresses or skirts not only make you appear taller but also slimmer. You can wear a pleated maxi skirt or floor-length maxis or monochromatic gowns, empire waist gown with flats, flat sandals, or flip flops to complete your look.

Maxi dresses and skirts

Bonus Tip: Never highlight uneven points in the maxi-length dresses or skirts. Tuck in your shirt with a maxi skirt.

8. Saree

Petite women should opt for saree with short borders or no borders. Saree with vertical prints or small prints are a perfect choice. Try to buy Chiffon, Georgette, and Shimmer sarees as they stick to the body shape.

Sarees for Short height women

Bonus Tip: Do not wear silk, kanjivaram, cotton, and tissue sarees as they add volume to your body.

9. Salwar Suits

Petite women must wear a little longer kameez to elongate their frame. For example, women whose height is about 5 feet 3 inches can go for 47- 48 inches long kameez. You can choose darker colors and a Chinese collar with a closed neck. To further increase your height, wear puffed sleeves. Short girls can even wear churidar with long kameez. If you like Anarkali suits, then opt for V-neck Anarkali suits.

Salwar Suits for Short height women

Bonus Tip: Those with broad shoulders should avoid Chinese collars and puffed sleeves. Also, avoid kameez that ends just below the hips.

10. Lehenga

Petite women can try raw silk, brocade, and jacquard silk kalidar, mermaid style, or A-line lehenga. The lehenga should have a detailed embroidery pattern in a vertical design. Choli must be shorter in length with a U neck or square neck cut and deep backs. You can go for strappy, one-shoulder, off-shoulder, or full or three-quarter sleeves short choli. Fold and drape dupatta over one shoulder in such a style that vertical border design falls from shoulder to the knee.

Designer Lehengas of different style

Bonus Tip: Mermaid style lehenga does not suit every body type.

Thin Body Type

1. Shorts

Petite women with thin body types can show off their lean legs by wearing shorts, particularly hot pants (denim shorts). You can wear shorts with shirts or a tank-top/tube top.

Shorts for Petite women

Bonus Tip: Keep your shirt tucked in. You can go for high waist shorts.

2. Skirts

Short and mini-skirts show more skin and give the illusion of height. You can try a slim-fit short skirt along with a tube top or a t-shirt. Mini-skirts can be worn with any type of top. Skinny women can go for a shift blouse with skirts. A knee-length pencil skirt or sheer midi is also a good option. Skirts go well with flats.

Short and mini-skirts

Bonus Tip: The length of the skirt should be above the knees.

Accessories to look like tall

1. Handbag

Always carry a smaller handbag like cross-body bags, minaudières, clutches, and small top-handle totes. Carrying an oversized bag adds too much width to the waist and hip.

Variety of Handbags

2. Belt

Wear the same color skinny belts as your clothes as wide belts cut your body in half.

3. Jewelry

Stay away from heavy or bold jewelry. You can try long necklaces and dangle/drop earrings.

4. Scarf

Silk scarf draping down from the neck will add a touch of height.

Hairstyles to look tall

To add a few inches to your length, put your hair up. Try a high bun, high ponytail, puffed hair on top, or stylish chignon. You can also try hairstyles such as long bob, chin-length bob, and spiky.

Hairstyles for Petite Women

Shoes to look tall

Go for pointy-toe flats/ pointy flats, low-cut vamp (flats), and strappy sandals (flats). Light or nude colors strappy sandals are a great choice. Wear shoes in neutral colors, such as black, navy, gray, taupe, tan, or brown, that end just above the ankle. Avoid sandals with ankle straps.

Variety of Shoes


Keep your nails long and shape them properly. Longer nails make your hands look elongated and graceful. Also, get some nail art.

Basic Fashion Tips to seem tall

  • Wear well-fitting outfits.
  • Avoid wide patterns and larger prints.
  • Don’t wear tops that end below the hips.
  • Maintain correct body posture to add inches to your height.
  • Opt for lighter weight fabrics instead of stiff or bulky variety.
  • Avoid baggy clothes and too much layering.
  • Never wear low waist pants.


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