Beware! 15 Dangerous Fashion items that are Secretly Killing You

Staying in fashion is tough, isn’t it? You have to be on top of the trends, you have to find clothes and apparels that look good on you, and so on.

Health Hazards of Wrong Fashion

Did you know that if not used properly, many of the latest trending fashion items can actually cause more harm than good?

For example, high heels are also called as ‘killer heels’ for good reasons, it is a scientifically proven fact that wearing tight jeans for a long time can cause nerve damages, 80% of women wear wrong sized bra of which 70% wear too tight bras which leads to hosts of problems including sleep problems in women.

There are countless such examples. Let’s look at the problems that few of such fashion items can create and possible solutions for it.

You might be not knowing health risk of these fashion items

1. Pencil Skirts

Pencil Skirts

The pencil skirts look stylish, ooze power and sleek. Do you know that the sexy pencil skirts can clamp knees together? It makes difficult to bend and responsible for disc problems and muscle pull.

Solution: Try one size loose or try to wear them only occasionally or maybe wear them only in certain events. You can always pair your shirt and shoes with jeans that you can carry with you and change to that quickly if you start to feel uncomfortable.

2. Synthetic Clothes

Synthetic Clothes

The synthetic materials are like rayon, acrylic, nylon and many more. Such type of clothes might be convenient and wrinkle free, but can lead to fatigue, headaches, itching, nausea and rashes. Some kind of fabrics like wool, spandex, and polyester may cause skin irritation. Most of the synthetic clothes are not good for skin.

Solution: Avoid them in summer or when out in hot sun. Proper undergarments can also help limit exposure of such clothes to skin.

3. Pointy Shoes

Pointy Shoes

The pointy shoes can make the feel look sexy and sleek, but you can suffer from corns and bunions since the toes are pushed together. The problem can get compounded if such footwear is used for a long period of time.

Solution: Try to limit your time in such shoes. Take them off when sitting and working and put them on when you need to walk around.

4. Tight Shapewear

Tight Shapewear

People need a little help from the trusty shapewear to squeeze into that unforgiving bandage dress. It is advisable to wear the convenient clothes on daily basis. Well fitted shapewear is better for the posture, but too tight and constricting will leave you feeling crammed, claustrophobic, struggling to breathe and unable to move. A good shapewear will help to keep the back straight, but tight ones are too constricting. You might have problems in breathing deeply. This can put pressure on the spine and then lead to heavy back pain.

Solution: Avoid daily use of shapewear. Choose right fitting size of shapewear which will help in proper blood circulation.

5. Shirt Collars and Neckties

Shirt Collars and Neckties

This might come across as weird, but if you have constant headaches, tingly ears and blurred visions at work, it can probably be because of the shirt collar and ties. The tight ties and shirt collars restrict the flow of blood. Apart from this, ties and collars may cause back and shoulder pain.

Solution: Ensure that the collar is not too tight. One finger should easily slide between the collar and your neck. Keep the collar open and tie loose when it is not required to be worn tight such as while traveling or when having lunch.

6. Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans help to enhance the beautiful toned legs and give an illusion of extra height. However, they can interfere with the flow of blood to the lower parts of the legs which can also cause muscle damage. These jeans are tight fitted at three major points your waist, hips, and calves. It exerts pressure on joints that can lead to leg pains and the tightness around the waist might slow down the metabolism.

Solution: Get custom tailored jeans that are little loose around waist and buttocks. Wear such tight outfit for limited time. Avoid spending full day in such clothes.

7. High Heels

High Heels

Woman lusts after a pair of heels. If you wear heels daily you can suffer from many problems like bone, arthritis, back problems, nerve and hammer toes. Still several women use high heels, irrespective of discomfort. Wearing the heels regularly for a long period of time can cause spinal injury, cramping of toes, calf muscles, and knee damage.

Solution: Rotate these with your other footwear. Go for heels that are little less high. Consider doing calf exercise when seated.

8. Ill-fitting Bra

Ill-fitting Bra

Most of the women wear a wrong sized bra. Due to this wrong decision, such women can experience on neck pain, back and breast pains. Apart from that, too tight bras create difficulties in breathing and blood circulation in the body.

Solution: Get the right size. It should be neither too tight nor too loose. Consider sleeping without wearing bra as tight bras are found to interfere with sleep.

9. Flip-flops/Flats


Wearing flip-flops gives an attractive look, but it is bad and considered to be worse than heels. They do not provide heal cushioning and arch support. Hence, it can cause joint pain, orthopedic and shin splints problems. Even though they are not good for walking, still nowadays, flip-flops have become a common footwear style for women.

Solution: Consider other footwear that can go better with your outfit.

10. Bulky Earrings

Bulky Earrings

Nowadays, women wear bulky jewelry such as earrings and necklaces quite frequently. A pair of earrings worn with a gown can completely transform how they look stylish and elegant. When women wear such earrings for a long period, earrings stretch out the piercing of the ear and puts pressure on the cartilage of the ear. This can lead to neck pain and headaches. Similarly, the heavy necklaces or so called ‘statement necklaces’ creates pressure on the back of the neck that can cause poor posture, neck pain and shoulder impingement.

Solution: Limit the time in such jewelry. Go for jewelry made of lighter materials.

11. Heavy Handbags

Heavy Handbags

Tote bags or bulky handbags look stylish and more things go in easily such as laptops, chargers, makeup kits, and so on, thereby saving time and looking convenient. However, carrying a heavy handbag regularly can cause back pain and shoulder pain.

Solution: Remove unnecessary items regularly. Use both hands alternately to carry the bag.

12. Cheap Jewelry

Cheap jewelry

Cheap jewelry, typically of low quality artificial jewelry is cheap for a reason that everything in them is lowest grade. Such jewelry may be very glittery and attractive on the surface, but they are heavily loaded with poisonous and hazardous chemicals and substances such as Nickel and Chromium that can cause allergic skin reactions.

Solution: Wear them during the day but remove them as soon as you are at home. Buy high quality artificial jewelry. Rotate such jewelry as much as possible with real jewelry or high quality artificial jewelry.

13. Halter-necks


A halter-neck tight fitting top, or halter-neck bra or bikini supports the bust, and therefore pulls the neck forward causing strain in neck muscles. This can lead to you unaware about being in a highly damaging posture called as ‘anterior carriage’ where your head would be little forward compared to the body. Such posture can cause neck, shoulder and upper back pain

Solution: If possible, carry spare outfit to change if you start feeling uncomfortable or strain in neck. Be conscious about your posture.

14. Thongs


While Thongs are one of the favorite undergarments for many women because it prevents panty lines and hence are ideal for many situations and outfits. However, thongs can be harming your health. These undergarments are not made of cotton, which prevents the covered areas to breathe naturally causing irritation. They also do not absorb sweat, which can increases bacteria buildup that can cause infections in those areas.

Solution: Wash it every time after use. Avoid wearing if you sweat too much or not comfortable. Keep the private areas clean and dry.

15. Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are great in fitting, quick to put on and they also not need any special maintenance. Moreover, they give a sporty look. However, they can cause nasty health problems such as skin rashes and yeast infections.

These outfits are made of materials that are soft but not good in absorbing sweat. Therefore, the Yoga pants holds sweat closer to skin for a long time that can cause build-up of bacteria and viruses leading to skin rashes. Similarly, wearing these pants for long periods when they are moist with sweat can cause yeast infections.

Solution: Try to limit yoga pants for only workouts. Wash it after every single use.

These were some examples about how commonly used fashion items can cause health problems and how, by taking simple precautions, most of these problems can be prevented. Do you also have an example about ‘how fashion caused me health problem’?

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