25 Fashion Products to make your Life Super Easy

Who does not want life to be as easy as it can be? Well, not every day do we get clothing and daily items  that are just meant to make life much easier and comfortable. We have always been trying to get the best things out there which could really make a difference in your day to day life.

We find here the best items that are probably out there and you just never knew!!

These do not only come as our big saviour but also are cheap and easily available in the market. Some of these are really practical and fun to use!!

1. Zippered Skirt

zippered skirt

Height of innovation, there are the zippered skirts with adjustable lengths as per your mood or occasion. Just need to add or remove a layer and there you are!!

2. Travel Jacket

travel jacket

The way the present generation travels insanely and in huge amounts, this one surely has hats off. With a lot of intricate facilities and innovations, this jacket makes travel easy and fun!!

3. Half Tees

half tees

Very necessary sometimes, half Tees save the need to wear a full spaghetti or an inner and works best with low cut tops and deep necks. They provide the perfect coverage and are comfy in summers as well.

4. Foldable Flats

foldable flats

We expected these to exist somewhere but the beauty was not something we expected. These are the best thing that can happen to a travelling freak. Foldable flats are comfy and easy to pack, and yes these do come in chic designs as well.

5. No Toe Stockings

stockings with open toe shoes

Well, we understand how a stocking just ruins your peep toe heels and you have to drop the whole idea and go without either of the two. With no toes, these keep the look intact and also give you the extra comfort and warmth. Find one of these at ebay.com

6. Underarm Pads

underarm pads

Are you really tired of the sweat marks and they just ruin your outfits at the last moment? The underarm pads are just there for your service. Go along and leave the whole work upto them!!

7. Convertible Shoes

convertible shoes

A miracle for those who have to keep wearing heels for variety of reasons, the convertible shoes come with a set of changeable heels according to the required height.

Just select the heel size and change it as per your comfort. We found this really amazing!!

8. Stash Bra

stash bra

One of the best ones, this bra has pockets and slots to keep your minimum things safe in place. You can keep your money and important documents at the time of travel and be free and safe.

9. Cam bands

cam bands

It is a stretch band that forms a layer at your waist. It substitutes your need to wear an additional layer below your tops that are either low waist or a little short.

10. The Twin Hoodie

twin hoodie

One of our favourites, this hoodie has two slots and you can carry an infant with yourself keeping both of you warm. Perfect for a stroll out, this is one marvellous innovation.

11. The Bosom Button

bosom buttonWell, if at the last moment your dress has a deep neck or your cleavage appears too much or there is a missing button the bosom button saves you giving a very elegant look as well.

12. Beverage Pouch Hoodie

beverage pouch hoodie

A very amazing creation, this hoodie has an extra slot to keep a bottle at its place.

We do like the idea of how extremely lazy we are going to be!!

13. Purse Organizer

purse organizer

The working ladies are going to love this one. A purse organizer fits into your bag like an extra slot and has folders and slots for each and everything.

Use this and everything is just right at place!!

14. Adhesive Bra

adhesive braThis one is not new but it definitely deserves a mention. Supportive, strapless and backless, what else do we need!!!

15. Hoodie Back Pack

hoodie back pack

One of our travel picks, this back pack comes with a hoodie. You just need to pull and wear it and continue travelling!!!

16. The Flip Belt

flip belt

You can keep your phone or iPod and listen to the music with no risk of the things falling while you do your work.

It is a boon for the gym goers and the runners!!

17. Pressing & Folding Mats

pressing and folding mats

MiracleFold has bought us this huge saviour. Perfect for folding and ironing the clothes, this mat makes folding fun and super easy.

18. Heel Protectors

heel protector

These clear heel protectors make it easy to walk on the grass as well as protect them from sinking in the damp ground. These are a must in bad weather.

19. Jean Stirrups

jean stirrups

These make it easy to keep your jeans from clogging into your boots.

20. Cushioned Stockings

cushioned stockings

Very comfortable for those wearing high heels and boots, the stockings have padded feet to give extra cushioning.

21. Anti-crease Shirt transporter

anti-crease shirt transporterTupperware has given us another unique time-saver. No need to worry for the ironed shirts. The shirt transporter keeps the shirts spic and span during travelling in just 50$

22. Inflatable Hangers

inflatable hangersThese hangers are portable and easy to carry when travelling. They can hang both wet and dry clothes and cost just 13$.

23. Portable Rain Hood

portable rain hood1Easily wearable beneath your coat or blazer, this one saves you from getting drenched just like a life jacket.

24. Underwear Pouch

underwear pouchThis insanely organised pouch has sleeves and pockets for your undergarments. You can now keep the dirty lingerie separate and also organise your UG’s  and bras during travelling.

25. The Panty-Scrunchies


Now, that’s something we never imagined! Scruchies when unfolded turns into an adorable pair of panties! Not just hair, they can be worn on wrists, ankles, thigh or just anywhere else you want to wear them.

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