9 Reasons Why Long Kurta is Essential For Woman’s Wardrobe

When it comes to styling, Indian women generally have a wide range to choose from. On one hand, when ethnic clothing has always been in vogue, the rise of fusioned look, with the advent of kurtas, especially the long ones, has embraced almost every Indian women.


Gone were those days when long kurtas meant only about a traditional outfit. From Bollywood stars to the common women, kurtas have indeed taken a strong hold. From being simple yet elegant and from staying strongly classy, long kurtis are something that almost every Indian woman has fallen for ever since she came to know its importance. Including different styles, designs and easy availability, long kurtis have now become almost a necessity for every woman’s wardrobe.

Let’s take a quick look on the importance of these long kurtas and explore why they have been dominating more than other the forms of Indian attire.


1. Universally Loved And Accepted

Let’s agree to the point that India is at once both liberal as well as conservative. While some Indians can easily accept foods and cultures of other countries, they can also become quite conservative when it comes to clothing. Long kurtas tend to fit perfectly in this situation. These kurtas actually blend both the tint of western style along with merging the typical beauty that Indian clothes impregnate.

ira-soleil-black-printed-long-kurtiIn spite of being modern with respect to styles and cuts or even designs, women often find long kurtas quite ethnic. Be it because of more coverage, compared to the shorter ones, or the unique style that generally more length brings along, long kurtas are something that every Indian mother is bound to approve of.


2. Perfect For All Ages And Preferences

This is probably one of the biggest reasons due to which long kurtas tend to be more popular than the shorter ones. One of the biggest advantages that entail long kurtas is the fact that they can be worn by women of all ages. From a young college going to teenager to even a fifty year old mother, long kurtas are just perfect for all. Unlike short kurtas that generally have a smaller audience, mainly comprising of the young girls, long kurtas are just a perfect choice for all kinds of ladies. Check out how flamboyant Zeenat Aman looks in this stunning white long kurta.

Zeenat Aman in white long kurtaAt the same time, there can be some girls or women who mostly prefer wearing at least knee-length tops. Thanks to the long kurtas that often save them from the worst of situations. Since long kurtas may vary from knee-length to even till your shins, they become an easy choice for several women.aks-pink-printed-long-kurta


3. Versatility

Long kurtas are actually one of the most versatile dresses that Indian women can get theirs hands on. From casual parties to even a family function, they can be saviours for almost every situation. A beautiful embroidered kurta with a touch of golden on the fabric, or in form of sequins, can be most apt for a family function. Pair them with a simple pair of golden earrings or any bronze jewellery and you are all done.

ajio-gray-printed-kurta-with-waterfall-hemOr you can even opt for a simpler look with a long kurta that calls for lesser attention; but is also at once both elegant and classy. They can be fit for an occasion when you want to visit your friend’s family or cousin where the elders may not quite approve of the western dresses like skirts or tops or even shorter kurtis.

Just pair them with a simple pair of jeans, leggings, salwars or even patialas and you are all perfect to meet the family with all dignity. The length shall actually speak for yourself.


4. Comfort With Style

Now let’s admit India is not England where you can easily wear those tight tops yet can be comfortable. Since, India is predominantly a country with hot climate, it calls for opting comfortable yet stylish dresses. Long kurtas perfectly hit the mark in this case.



Being long and not quite body-hugging, long kurtas offer much more comfort than most of the tight-fitting dresses or even the shorter ones. Hanging till your knees or even till your toes, they promote better and more movement of air in a much better way than those tight tees and tops and even those short kurtis. This makes long kurtas much more ideal to be worn outside or even back at home.

pink-anarkali-long-kurtiYou can at once manage your household chores with them or can even hop around with your friends wearing them. Comfort with style is perfectly assured!

5. Pocket Friendly

And how can we ever miss on the importance of budget! Long kurtas, irrespective if you buy online or offline, are easily available in almost all price ranges. From a cheap 200 INR to even a 1500 INR, you can actually get quality and comfortable stuff which you can actually flaunt in any way.

black-cotton-solid-open-slit-kurtiBe it a cotton kurta with golden embedded sequins or a simple long silk kurta, meant for formal occasions, varying price availability has made this one piece garment a craze among Indian women.

6. Easy To Stylize And Accessorize

Since long kurtas imbibe a touch of Western style along with the grace of Indianness, it’s actually very easy to stylize them with almost any kind of accessory. Of course, depending on your own personal style and preference, mixing and matching long kurtas with any kind of jewellery or accessory is something that you just don’t need to master at. You can at once match it with junk jewellery or can opt for gold or silver jewellery. Pair them with beaded necklaces or simply match them up with a simple necklace accompanied with a pendant.

dhoti style kurti
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7. An Excellent Alternative To Salwar Kameez

Imagine you have to rush for your office and you just can’t find the dupatta that goes along with the salwar kameez you just wore! Yes, it’s totally irritating to hobble around your entire wardrobe only to get that one missing piece. This is where again long kurtas hit on the game.

fabindia-teal-cotton-panelled-zari-embroidered-long-kurtaOne of the biggest advantages that long kurtas have is the fact that they actually can be an excellent alternative to salwar kameezes. You can at once match a long Anarkali kurta with a pair of jeans today and can tomorrow switch over to a slit ankle-length asymmetrical styled kurta the next. And yes, with the same pair of jeans! But, Voila, new look!

8. They Don’t Shorten

Unlike short kurtas which can actually shrink once it’s washed, long kurtas don’t quite lose its size. This is primarily because being long, they tend to offer ample room even after being washed several times. Which again makes them a cost-efficient choice!

9. Trending More Than Shorter Ones

Remember the stunning look of Deepika Padukone in PK with her long kurtas, that till now has become a rage!

white-color-fancy-designer-kurti-productOr just spot on how Meera Rajput Kapoor looks so elegantly glamorous in Delhi airport with her hunk hubby Shahid Kapoor.


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