18 Ways to Rock an Oversized T-shirts like a fashionista

We all have that one inexplicably large and oversized T-shirt that we do not touch until its a cleaning day. Have you ever thought that the very same ignored comfy piece can make you look dazzling and chic!! Here we have got some stunning styles for you to use that big Tee as a fashionista.

We find 18 stunning ways that you may rock your oversized T-shirt in. Go ahead and try these out on a casual day!!


1. Pull it off with an open cardigan

For the urban ladies, this is a typical laid back look. Just flaunt your style statements with a loose long Tee and an open cardigan.

  • This look goes great with long beautiful boots or shoes.
  • Keep a high bun with an oversized bag.

2. Keep It off Shoulder

You can flaunt your beautiful shoulder line with your oversized Tee worn off shoulder. Tuck it in or keep it baggy, that’s again entirely your call.

  • Wear a contrast camisole or bustier to add a chic look.

3. Tuck It in Loose

A very casual loose T-shirt look just elegant when tucked aesthetically into your shorts or a pair of jeans.

  • Try monochrome trousers.
  • Choose high boots or huge sneakers to keep the look as casual as possible.

You may tuck the Tee entirely to give a cleaner look or tuck it loosely from the front to give a nerdy casual look. It all depends on your choice!!


4. Go Creative with the sleeves

Well, no wonder the whole idea of wearing an oversized Tee is a chic idea, but ever single one of you needs to first keep the sleeves upto the mark. Cut them out according to your will or roll them up like a punk!!

  • Wear a nice camisole if you want to keep the shoulders off.

5. Belt it Up Like a Tunic

If your T-shirt is a long oversized one, try on a prominent belt that contrasts with your pick and wear it with your T-shirt. It forms a good comfortable tunic and it just rocks with a hat or a huge bag. This outfit goes well as beachwear and is super comfy.

  • You can also use this style with a ripped pair of jeans or leggings.

6. Go Sporty With the Jerseys!!

Another way to give a sporty hunk look is to put on your oversized jersey with a pair of shorts or leggings. Just awesome for a great day at a match or a sports meet. You can choose to wear something weird like bright pants or prints with the jersey to give a different look.

  • Wear a pair of sneakers or sports shoes to add to the looks.
  • Keep the lowers bright and punk!!

7. Knot it like a crop Top

One of the best things, you can just knot the T-shirt and change it into a crop top if you want. The extra fabric doesn’t bother at all and it fits as well.

For those of you who do not like the idea of a loose fit Tee, just transform into this well fit top and rock your looks.

8. Jam it with Cool Dungarees

The loose Tees just look fabulous with cool dungarees. Just tuck them in, put on your cool sneakers and take a whiff of the air out on a sunny day.

  • The looks would be heightened with a messy braid or a high bun.

9. Team up With Skirts

Style your Tees with a chic skirt. Choose denims or tight skirts to keep the outfit balanced. You can tuck the Tee in your skirt or just keep the T-shirt loose outside. Wear beautiful casual ballerinas or flats with your skirt.

10. Wear It Loose

To make a bigger statement, just go out with a simple long oversized Tee and pair it up with boots or sandals.

It is a simple causal outfit that is just right for the lazy day and substitutes a casual frock.

  • Wear a shirt or a blazer atop to add layers.
  • A high bun would just do wonders.

11. Give a Rock Hunk Look

Choose a colourful bright oversized Tee and team it with a rocky leather jacket. It does not only give the exact shape to the outfit but also makes the whole look completely rock style.

12. Oversized T-shirt with Blazer

Exude a classy yet laid-back look by pairing your oversized T-shirt with a blazer. It’s best to wear a similar shade of the color palette to keep your look aesthetically pleasing. This outfit can be sported to semi-formal events or occasions like cocktail parties, brunches, and date nights. Despite being smart and casual it carries a formal vibe.

13. Oversized T-shirt with track pants

Add volume to your look by pairing those oversized t-shirts with track pants. This combination is super comfortable, cozy, and easy to wear. This outfit can serve as your best bud on days when you just want to laze around in baggy garments.

14. Oversized T-shirt over a Slip Dress

Wearing an oversize T-shirt over a slip dress adds more character to the same and makes it look very interesting. You can easily nail an ultra-glam look by finishing off with a denim jacket and platform sneakers.

15. Oversized T-shirt with denim Jacket

For a completely sporty look, you can wear your oversized t-shirt as an A-line one-piece and pair it up with a denim jacket and sports shoes.

16. Oversized T-shirt With fringe studded Jacket

Pairing your oversized t-shirt with a fringed jacket can add a cowgirl vibe to your look.

17. Oversized T-shirt with a shimmer skirt

Take your dressing style a notch higher by teaming your tee with a shimmer short skirt.

18. Oversized T-shirt with leggings

If you don’t want to expose your legs, then you can pair them with leggings boots. This look can help you put a stylish foot forward during those winter outings.

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