5 Latest Sunglasses Trends of 2017 to Dress your Eye Well

We remain concerned and caring towards our different body parts from face to underarms to hair etc.

latest sunglasses trends

Do we dress our eyes?

We neglect an essential part of our body system which enhances not only the beauty of our body but also a vital and very sensitive sensory organ without which human life is unimaginable if not impossible.


Eyes which require as much care and love from you and which we criminally neglect. Sunglasses are not just a beautiful accessory; they also protect you from harmful UV rays. So it is very important to choose the right frame which not only exemplifies your aesthetic beauty but also care for your eyes not just in scorching summers but over the year.

Here we will introduce you to some of the latest trends in eyewear that you can make your own.


1. Cat Eyes

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Very stylish and sophisticated, cat eye glasses were a rage during 1950’s and 60’s and have now returned to trend. Mainly for women but also occasionally for men, these glasses not only give you a stylish demeanor and perfect for a Fashionista. If you have a heart-shaped face, these glasses will suit you the most and best suited for formal occasions and fashion parades!!


2. Reflector Glasses

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These lenses are not only stylish they block harmful rays from direct contact with our eyes and hence the probability of any damage to our eyes. These can be worn casually and is used almost universally especially if you have a small face or square typeface.


3. Funky Frames

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Funky frames add a lot of excitement and suaveness to your personality and make you look stylish and cool. This is best-worn while out for a fun trip with your gang or in parties. Don these glasses because a little showoff does no harm. It will suit oval faced women very well though not extremely heavy ones.


4. Glitter Glasses

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Glitter glasses are great fun and come in all sort of shape and sizes. A bit extravagant piece of wear bests suited with eyewear. Glitter glasses will suit round faces very well though it is usually worn on informal occasions. Due to its very shiny surface, it may be a distraction at certain places, but it is a great companion when you are out for fun.

5. Floral Eyewear

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Give your sunglasses a touch of nature!! Floral eyewear gives subtle variations to your regular sunglasses which add charm to your ever glowing face. This eyewear is a perfect choice for people with oblong face type, as it will enhance your beauty and make your face look shorter. Floral eyewear is good to look even in the public spaces.

Every person has a face type (heart, diamond, and square, rectangular, oblong) as well as hair type and other bodily features which influence the type of sunglasses that may suit your face. Choosing the right sunglasses not only save you from the harmful radiations but give a new facet to your personality. An ill-chosen sunglass either regarding quality or face type may either be inefficient in its utility or may ruin the appearance of your face. So a good quality and carefully chosen sunglass is a must for your eyes and your face as well. So do a favor to your eyes. Treat yourself with the most exquisite piece of eyewear this season.

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