How to choose Perfect Sunglasses according to Face Shape?

tips to select sunglasses style for your face shape

Sunglasses are used by people majorly because it provides protection against the harmful UV rays which can cause damage to the delicate skin under the eyes. While there is a category of people who aim at making an iconic impression with their pair of style and trend. A common problem depicted among people is that they buy the wrong shape of sunglasses since they are unaware of the basics need to be considered when buying shades for self. Some friends complain of their sunglass not complementing their face the way it was doing on their friend’s face. If you intend to buy the perfect pair of sunglasses you need to identify the style that will suit you most.


For this you should be able to answer these two questions:

  • What is the shape of your face?
  • What are the styles that will match your face shape?

Shapes of the face

This is the most important factor deciding your sunglass purchase. To know your face type you can do the following.

measure face shape

You can measure your face with the help of a measuring tape. While standing in front of a mirror, measure your distance from cheekbone to cheekbone, your jaw line, your face length and the width of the fore head. By looking at your dimensions you can draw the shape of your face.

Another way to know your face shape is to stand in front of a mirror, make sure there are no hairs covering your face and then draw the outline of your face on the mirror with a marker. Thus you have the shape of your face. The basic shapes of a face are mentioned below.

Face Shapes in Men
Face Shapes in Men Via
Face Shapes in Women
Face Shapes in Women Via

1. Round Face Shape

Angles are completely absent in round faces as they have noticeable curves. It is widest at the cheeks. For people having round face, the sunglass should lack curves and should emphasize more on angles. This will make your face look thinner and will add sharpness too. Rectangle, square, shield and warp frames are best suitable for round face.

Best Pick: Rectangle, Square, Aviators, Wrap
Worst Pick: Classic Wayframe, Browline, Oval, Round, Geometric, Oversized

2. Oval Face Shape

This is the perfect shape that every one desires to have. Any type of frame looks awesome on them. Since the features are pretty symmetrical in case of oval face, do not use huge frames.

Best Pick: Rectangle, Square, Classic Wayframe, Browline, Aviators, Geometric, Wrap
Worst Pick: Oval, Round, Oversized

3. Square Face Shape

This shape is equal in dimensions both width wise and length wise. People with square face should wear sunglasses with round or oval shape as it will add some curves to their sharp shape. Styles like butterflies and aviators work well with this shape.

Best Pick: Classic Wayframe, Browline, Oval, Aviators, Round, Wrap
Worst Pick: Rectangle, Square, Geometric, Oversized

4. Heart Face Shape

This shape is wide at the forehead and pointed at the chin. People with heart shaped need to wear sunglasses that will elongate the shape by shifting the attention downwards. Sunglasses with wide lower edges like the cat-eye glasses or the ones having round edges are best suitable for such faces.

Best Pick: Rectangle, Aviators, Geometric, Wrap
Worst Pick: Square, Classic Wayframe, Browline, Oval, Round, Oversized

5. Diamond/Triangular Face Shape

The temples are widest whereas the forehead and the jaw line are the narrowest parts. Oval and rimless frames are suitable for such faces.

Best Pick: Square, Classic Wayframe, Aviators, Round, Geometric, Wrap
Worst Pick: Rectangle, Browline, Oval, Oversized

6. Oblong Face Shape

This type of face is long and narrow, giving it a rectangular shape. To add width to this type if face one can wear over sized sunglasses with thick frames. Using deep lenses and vintage frames will add an edge to your angled face. Styles best suited for them are rectangular, wayfarer, shield, square and wrap.

Best Pick: Classic Wayframe, Browline, Oval, Aviators, Round, Geometric, Wrap
Worst Pick: Rectangle, Square, Oversized

Once you have been able to analyze the shape of your face and have knowledge of what shaped frames will suit you best, now you need to select the type of sunglasses from a wide range available in the market.

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