20 Outfits that you may find overpriced

These days more and more people love to shop online for one or another reason. Frequent shoppers or people who regularly browse products online have surely come across items that are overpriced. The prices of these items are completely detached from reality. Here, we have tried to put a list of 20 items that are dumb expensive.

The 20 Most Overpriced Clothing Items that will Blow your Mind

1. Pashmina Shawl (Price: Rs.4,90,000):

The shawl has great colour combo and design. Pashmina shawls costs up to Rs. 50000 but the price mentioned has one more ZERO added. Isn’t it?

overpriced Pure Pashmina Shawl


 2. Felt Tunic Dress (Price: Rs. 1,71,739):

At first glance, you will think it is a raincoat but actually it is a tunic inspired from raincoat LOL. There is warning that only 1 left in stock, I am still searching for that millionaire buyer who has purchased this overpriced tunic dress!

most expensive and overpriced Women's Felt Tunic Dress

3. Cocktail Dress (Price: Rs. 1,63,600):

World’s leading designers have donated special red dress for Vogue Empower charity, this one is from Christian Dior, a French fashion designer. You might consider giving all your money in charity a better option than buying this dress.

expensive cocktail dress

4. Red Jacket (Price: Rs. 1,50,000):

Outdated pattern, poor color choice, boring style! What’s wrong with Stella Jean? Tell me just one… only one such thing that could make it worth for big price tag.

red overpriced jacket5. Chinos (Price: Rs. 1,29,900):

We generally choose light and comfortable apparel for summers and this Brown Chino is perfect for it. But what about the heavy price “1,29,900” of this light fabric? Can you pay that much?

most expensive chinos, overpriced chinos

6. Skirt (Price: Rs. 1,20,000):

Nobody pays Rs. 1.2 Lakh for such a boring skirt at first glance. Seller needs to make Sunny Leone to wear this skirt first, to sell at mentioned price just as Narendra Modi’s pinstripe suit was auctioned.

expensive skirts, overpriced skirt, most overpriced fashion india

7. Gown (Price: Rs. 120,000):

Could zircon and chandla cost 120,000? There is nothing new in this red gown, and look at the list price, its 150,000. OMG!!! How stupid the seller thinks of buyers are, by giving 20% discount.

expensive and overpriced wedding gowns

Available at:

8. Chaniya Choli (Price: Rs. 1,05,000):

The work and design is totally outdated and the fabric used in the product is not of high quality. Generally, Crepe fabric chaniya choli is available between Rs. 10,000 and 15,000.

expensive and overpriced Chaniya Choli, most overpriced items on amazon

Available at:

9. Frock Midi (Price: Rs. 99,900):

Cotton is one of the cheapest fabrics and a seller of shopclues is charging the customers Rs. 99,900 for a cotton frock midi. Is it worth?

most overpriced items

10. Saree (Price: Rs. 91950):

Heavily embellished Sarees are totally outdated fashion after 20’s. It is better that seller keeps it at home rather than wasting time of buyers.

overpriced fashion items, overpriced net saree

11. Sherwani (Price: Rs. 88,750):

The product description says “Accessorize it with a smile”. Now, the question “Can you don a smile by spending such a big value for this Sherwani?” Now it is in your hand to make or break your Ceremony.

overpriced sherwani, Expensive items On Amazon

12. Nightwear (Price: Rs. 75000):

OMG, a Cotton Blended Nightwear worth Rs. 75000? It’s too much! After spending this much on a nightwear can you sleep peacefully? No way….

overpriced clothing

13. Black Polyester Jacket (Price: Rs. 72,100):

I am sure that buyer of polyester jacket faints just by seeing this…. With 72K any man can easily purchase his whole outfits for Diwali festival.

top most overpriced items

14. Salwar Suit (Price: Rs. 70,000):

This golden dhoti style salwar with open jacket even can not cover your asset properly. Do you ready to spend 70K and still remain half naked?

Novelty Multicolour Georgette Embroidered Dhoti Style Regular Fit Salwar Suit

15. Palazzo (Price: Rs. 53,000):

I just wonder what could make this 80’s fashion palazzo cost more than Rs. 50000? Instead of this single expensive piece, you can buy the whole designer collection in the same price range.

most overpriced items india

16. Top Bottom Set (Price: Rs.48000):

The title and product detail say it has embroidered work but picture can not reveal embroidery anywhere. Spending Rs. 48,000 just for plain 2-piece blue coloured set is not worth at all.

Shilpa Reddy Top Bottom Set

17. Grey Wool Vest (Price: Rs. 47,400):

Pay Rs. 1000 for branded woolen waist coat plus Rs. 1500 for blue casual shirt, and get the same look in just Rs. 2500. It doesn’t make sense to pay Rs. 45000 more for this plain vest.

overpriced Items on Amazon

18. Patiala Suit (Price: Rs. 29999):

A Printed cotton Patiala suit, which is available at Rs 1,599 on Flipkart, is being sold at Rs 29999 on Snapdeal. Flipkart is right again ‘Achha Kiya jo Nahin Khareeda’.

top 20 overpriced items

19. JumpSuit (Price: Rs. 25000):

Jumpsuit is ofcourse a western outfit, but embellishing with a brocade at shoulder and waist can not make it worth 25K.

site unveils list most overpriced items

20. Kurti (Price: Rs. 20192):

Pattern, print and embroidery of the kurti are really boring. What’s going in the mind of seller who expect 20k plus price just of silly georgette kurti?

most overpriced fashion items india


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