37 Unbreakable Fashion Tips for Men To Lift Style Game

While some may believe that clothing does make man, some may not. However in reality, proper clothing along with the most ideal attitude is what helps defining a man’s personality. And yes, clothing does matter to a certain extent.

That being said, irrespective of your profession or industry, every man should know about some of the most common and basic clothing tips. To make it easier for men, including those who are more or less fashion addict and even those who largely depend upon their attitude to define style, here is a brief list of the some of the most important easy, adaptable and applicable clothing and style tips.

Without much ado, here are some of the most important style and clothing tips for men.


1. Avoid wearing baggy pants as they can make you look short.

never wear baggy pant

2. Hang your belts instead of coiling to save space and to keep them durable.

hang you belts to keep them durable

3. One finger rule for collars

one fingure rule for collars

Maintain that one finger rule when it’s about your collars.

4. Choose small logos

choose t-shirt with small logo

Logos on T-shirts look great. But make sure that they aren’t big enough that can make you look like real walking billboards. Choose T-shirts with small logos and make your attitude bigger.

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5. Long dress shirts to tuck in

tuck in long dress shirt

If you are a lover of tucking in every dress shirt, make sure that they are long enough for the same. If they aren’t just simply keep them hanging.

6. Binder clips can be expert tie clips

blinder clip for tie

Want to save yourself from an embarrassing moment? Simply use binder clips or paper Clip to keep your tie in place.

7. Before washing, pair your socks and keep them together using a safety pin.

keep socks together using a safety pin

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8. Use banana skin for polishing your shoes.Wipe them again with a clean dry cloth. Voila, your shoes just became new.

use banana skin for polishing your shoes

9. Use shower caps for packing your shoes. No more soles touching your clothes, no scuffed shoes.

use shower caps for packing your shoes

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10. Rub chalk on the greased areas of your clothes and wash normally. The cheapest trick to remove grease stains!

cheapest trick to remove grease stains

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11. Steal the show and be a conversation starter by wearing bow-ties.

be a conversation starter by wearing bow tie

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12. To make your socks stay durable, always air dry them. Heat can actually deteriorate their elastics.

always air dry your socks to make them stay durable

13. If you are looking for an accurate fit, make sure to sit down while buttoning your shirt.

sit down while buttoning your shirt for an accurate fit

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14. Never ever wear pants with more than one fold at its bottom. Multiple folds can make you look outdated.

never wear pants with more than one fold

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15. Get that right sleeves

perfect sleeves

While stitching, don’t forget that your sleeves should be loose enough to flaunt your watch, yet fit enough to let you roll up them up.

16. Use thick wooden hangers to protect your shirt from deformation. Flimsy ones can actually ruin them.

use thick wooden hangers to protect your shirt from deformation

17. Get rid of ink stains by dissolving them with the help of a sanitizer.

how to remove ink stains from clothes

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18. Your hands are your permanent rulers. Remember their measurements.

remember your hand measurement

19. Use twist ties as an alternative to proper cuff links.

use twist ties as an alternative to proper cuff links

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20. Ward off unwanted moisture from shoes by padding them with newspapers.

ward off unwanted moisture from shoes by padding them with newspapers

21. Get used cashmere and tuxedos. They are not only money-savers but are also better.

used cashmere and tuxedos

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22. Air dry not blow dry!

airdry clothes

When drying a dress shirt always ensure it to get air dried. Just place your shirt on a hanger and let the natural air do the thing. Avoid applying high heat. It can actually damage your shirt.

23. Belt and suspender! A Big No No!

never combine belt with suspender

NEVER combine belt and suspender both. Each of them are meant to hold your pants. So, if you are wearing both of them, it would be like wearing a blazer and a jacket at the same time.

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24. Want a quick button replacement? Just use a pin instead. And if the pin is a cool one, you just got more points. Yay!

quick button replacement

25. Got a stuck zipper? Just rub it with a graphite pencil. Weird it may sound, the graphite actually helps in lubricating the zipper.

how to fix a stuck zipper

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26. Pack suit jacket easily with minimal wrinkles! Just fold your suit jacket perfectly inside out.

Pack suit jacket easily with minimal wrinkles

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27. Get the right jackets

black classic leather jacket

Never take jackets for granted. When buying jackets, make sure that they are long enough to reach up your butt at the most, while at least covering half your tush.

28. Get close colours

great color combinations

To don an elegant yet classy subtle look, always choose colours that lie quite close on the colour spectrum. As for example blue and purple. They can produce really great combinations.

29. Look like a man not boy

look like a man not boy

Young guys, want some attitude in your wardrobe? Just make sure to look or at least appear like a mature man than like a young boy. Bunk your wardrobe with some of the ultra casual stuff. Try look slightly older than your age.

30. Extend the durability of your shirts, trousers and jeans. Don’t wash them instantly after one wear.

dont wash clothes after one wear

31. Pocket squares aren’t meant to exactly match with your ties.

matching tie pocket square

Your pocket square and tie should never ever match completely in terms of color/pattern. Although, the colors should complement each other, wearing matching pocket square & tie is a massive faux pas.

32. Choose the collar that best suits your face shape.

collar for face shape

The collar of your shirt must complement your face shape, or else it may just show off your worst features. So, if you’ve a wide face, opt for a narrow collar, if you’ve a medium face, go for a semi-spread collar, and if yours is a thin face then a spread collar would be the perfect pick.

33. Suit Up for your Height

dress your height

A one-button suit is best suited for those with short height, a two-button suit for average height, and people with tall height must go for a classy three-button suit.

34. Don’t miss that loop

missing belt loop

Men often commit this fashion blunder of missing a belt loop when putting on belt. So, please check & assure after you get strapped to avoid happening this to you.

35. Pleated Pants are OK – but only with Subtle Pleats

big pleated pants

No doubt, pleated dress pants can be flattering and give a classy look. But too big pleats will only create a baggy appearance, making you look shorter.

36. Never wear a tie bar with a waistcoat

tie bar with waistcoat

Tie bars or the tie clips are meant to hold the tie is place, and a waistcoat also serves the same purpose. So please don’t create a cluttered mess, and wear one or the other.

37. Wearing sunglasses indoors or at night is not at all cool

sunglasses at night

Don’t wear sunglasses indoors or at night if you don’t want people to think that you’ve a serious eye problem which you’re hiding.

So, guys these were some of the best clothing tips and hacks for men. If you know more or if you have tried out any of these, don’t forget to comment below.

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