Rules of Wearing Skinny Ties in Perfect Way for Men

Say Goodbye to boring traditional ties with skinny ties. Skinny tie makes you look stylish and
 cool. Just, follow the fashion rules to wear it in perfect way and wow the world.
Are skinny ties in style 2021

Some men wear ties to work daily while other wear them only on special occasions like weddings or party. Tie is an essential accessory in every men’s capsule wardrobe. It brings attention to your clothes and also reflects your choice and class. Ties are available in various types, patterns, fabric and colors to match any wardrobe or occasion. One such type of tie is “Skinny Tie”. It brings modern style to outfits and keeps your look up to date. Skinny tie can make you look stylish or extremely awkward depending upon the way you dressed it. So, it’s very important to dress it in a proper way. Guys who don’t know what it skinny tie, how to wear it and where to wear it, then the following guide will answer all the mysteries and help you to look your best & steal the show.


Hidden Mystery Behind Skinny Tie Solved

What is Skinny Tie?

Skinny tie is highly fashionable accessory especially among youngsters. It is slimmer compared to standard tie, width ranging between 1.5 and 2.5 inches at the widest point. But its length is same as that of normal tie. This quintessentially retro and ultra-stylish tie is available in fabrics such as wool, silk, microfiber, cotton and knit cotton.

Wearing skinny tie in right way adds a twist to your outfit and provides an edge to a classic style. Going skinnier gives you a retro look whereas wearing wider tie lends a traditional look.

Simple and Most Common Tie Knot for Skinny Tie

how to tie skinny tie perfectly

The skinny tie looks best when tied with small knot. The simple and most common tie knot, four-in-hand knot complements a skinny tie and goes well with all types of shirt & suit. Four-in-hand knot gives a narrow and asymmetrical knot for a trendy look. If you are not familiar with four-in-hand knot, then learn how it is done and look really stylish & elegant.

Steps for Four-In-Hand Knot

steps for Four-In-Hand tie Knot

1. Put the tie around your neck (wide end on right side and tail on left side)

2. Cross wide end/larger end over the tail (right to left)

3. Bring the wide end below the narrow end (left to right)

4. Now, bring wide end to the starting point without getting it twisted (right to left)

5. Pull wide end into the loop formed around your neck (left to center)

6. Pass the wide end of the tie through the front of the knot

7. Finally, pull down the wide end and tighten the knot

Half-Windsor tie knot is also a good choice when it comes to skinny tie. It is perfect for men who want a more formal look. It provides cleaner and triangular knot.

Who Is Suitable For Skinny Tie?

men who can wear skinny tie

Skinny tie doesn’t look good on everyone. It looks best on skinny and tall man. But make sure that you don’t go for ultra-skinny tie as it makes you look skinnier than you are. Guys with shorter frame can also go for skinny tie as slimness of tie draws attention away from their stature and bring it to face, making them appear longer. Guys having heavy built should avoid skinny tie. Skinny tie will exaggerate their frame.

7 Fashion Rules For Skinny Tie

1. The basic rule of wearing skinny tie is that the widest part of tie should match the jacket lapels at its widest point.

tie and jacket lapels should be similar

2. The pointed end of tie should end near your belt buckle or the waist band of pant.

perfect length of tie

3. Skinny ties look best with one or two buttons single breasted European cut suits. You can also wear skinny tie with vest and jeans for a smart-casual look.

European cut suits for skinny tie

4. Don skinny tie with medium to narrow collar shirt rather than wide-spread collar.

right shirt to wear with skinny tie

5. Go for solid colors or simple striped skinny tie.

solid color and striped skinny tie

6. Skinny tie does not need any accessory but you may accessorize it with a simple silver or gold clip to keep the tie in place. But make sure that the clip is narrower compared to the width of tie.

perfect way to wear tie bar with skinny tie

7. When it comes to material, wear silk for formal gathering/wedding, cotton for casual summer outings/office seminars and microfiber for regular wear to work.

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