12 Basic Rules to wear Socks Perfectly like a Pro

socks etiquette and basic rules for menHaving a substance with style is what makes a gentleman. In this world of cool hunks, it is difficult to find a gentleman who grooms himself in the most respectable way. However, if you are someone who enjoys a classy look, then you would want to pay attention to your sock. But who would pay attention to socks?

We would say every gentleman would and should give equal importance to their socks, which aren’t just a necessity but a must buy accessory that defines you. It is known fact that many of you buy and wear socks without a second thought, but did you know your socks have the power to make you look turn from fab to drab?

That is why we bring you the 12 rules of wearing socks and suggest you to follow them as these rules will instantly boost your personality. Let’s begin with the socks rules.


Socks Etiquette: 12 Easy Rules to Learn From Experts

Rule 1. Pick white socks for gym

never wear white socks with formal or dress shoesImage Source:

The thick, white socks, which are your current favorite and you are practically wearing it with every outfit, we ask you to keep them only for your recreational activities.

Never wear them with your dress pants as these socks are thicker than the dress socks and designed for leisure purpose. You can wear these to the gym, sports activities, and other physical recreation activities.

Rule 2. There is a thing such as Dress socks

Dress socks for dress shoes and dress clothIt is customary to wear dress socks with your dress clothes and dress shoes. Choose light weight, calf-length socks of right colour combination. One can choose cashmere or wool blend, thick cotton fabric for dress socks.

A Visual Guide of Dress Socks for Men Infographics:

dress socks for men

Thumb Rule: Dark coloured socks always rock with dress shoes.

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Rule 3. Stay away from Skin Show in formal attire

formal attire without socks

There is often the confusion about which sock length is the right length for a formal outfit? The office is just not the right place to show your skin, as it would look indecent and unprofessional. Hence, we recommend you to opt calf length socks that would flash a bit of your skin. When you wear calf length socks, there are zero chances to expose your leg skin, also it would bring a decent look.

Tip: Solid coloured socks are out of trends nowadays so you can try multi-colour stripped or printed socks.

Solution: Mid-calf formal socks

stay away show skin attire in Men Formal Socks

Rule 4. Never Match the color of your socks with shoes

how to match socks colour to your outfit, never match your socks with shoes match with trouser

Image Source:

Every man would be certain about this rule, that the color of your socks should match the color of your pants, NOT TO COLOUR OF YOUR SHOES. These day socks come in numerous colors from pastel shades to bold shades and thus arises the doubt on what would look good with your trousers.

If your trouser is dark shade, then pick dark-hued socks and for lighter shade trouser opt lighter hued socks.

For more fashion experiments you can also match socks with shirt or tie colour. Anything above waist, belt, or suspenders is good to match with socks colour.

Tip: When in doubt for colour go for darker shades.

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Rule 5. Never roll your socks

Never roll your socks rule
Image by © Monalyn Gracia/Corbis

No matter what but after wearing your socks never ever roll them. It looks unpleasing as well as make your legs look bulky. No matter what never fold or roll your socks. But as there are various lengths of socks available in the market, you can restrict yourself from rolling your socks.

Rule 6. Every sock has an occasion

occasion socks

Image Source:

Yes, you read it right. Just like your outfit, even socks have an occasion to wear.

If you are confused, then consider this as a thumb rule– save vibrant socks for casual and solid shade such as navy blue, black, gray and so on for your formal look.

Make sure you avoid colorful printed socks for business or any formal occasion. Let your formal look be decent and subtle.

Rule 7. Never wear socks with sandals

socks with sandal

Image Source:

If you want a stylish personality, then avoid wearing socks with your sandals. Even though many athletes, tourists wear socks with sandals, it is a turn-off look and is considered as a fashion faux pas.

Sandals are designed for keeping your foot airy and cool, and when you wear socks with it, the purpose of the sandals tend to fail. So leave the socks behind and flaunt your dashing sandals.

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Rule 8. No Mismatch Socks

no mismatch socks

Image Source:

It is funky, urbane and cool to wear mismatched socks, but it gives negative vibes. Many don’t appreciate the trendy look of mismatched socks and hence, we suggest you to avoid wearing a mismatched pair of socks to your work. No matter how lazy you are in searching your socks, never try matching navy blue socks with black socks, the world would notice it easily. If you are planning to wear this style for your date, then refrain yourself from this idea, as it might create an unappealing look!

Rule 9. No socks in Bed

no socks in bed

Image Source:

Please, guys, never ever wear your socks to bed, your girl would hate it completely. Also wearing socks in bed will reduce the life of the socks. Unless you have a health condition that demands you to wear socks, don’t ever wear outdoor socks to the bed there are chances you might bring bacteria to the bed. Also, if you live in a cold weather condition, you can keep a fresh pair of socks just to wear in bed.

Rule 10. Hole in Socks? Invest in New Socks

hole in socks

Image Source:

Everything ages with time so do your socks. Now you might think who is going to peek inside my shoes, but you definitely don’t want to be in an embarrassing situation by wearing a holed socks. Also, discard socks that have lost their color, have threads dangling out, visible stains and look old. Invest in a brand new sock every 6 months and leave behind the old socks (no matter how much you adore them).

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Rule 11. Don’t wear socks with shorts

Socks thumb rule never wear socks with shorts

Image Source:

Another fashion faux pas is to wear socks with your shorts! You would have seen runway models wearing this fashion but it is a terrible choice! Don’t wear socks with your shorts, Bermudas, it not only looks odd, but even gives a funny look. You can skip the socks and wear loafers, boat shoes with your shorts and still look trendy.

Tip: If you just can’t wear shoes without socks, then you can prefer the no-show socks and pair it with boat shoes and shorts.

Rule 12. Wear bright shade socks with casual pants

what color socks to wear with brown shoes and jeans

Image Source:

Wear your bright, colorful shade socks with your jeans, chinos, khaki to look absolutely fashionable.

A Visual Guide to match right color of socks with your outfits: Infographics


You can pick patterned socks, polka dot socks in shades such as red, green, orange and other bright shades. Vibrant socks give a casual look and would flawlessly complement your casual pants and is perfect for dates, boys night out, parties.

So next time you buy a socks, keep these commandments in mind and look like a true gentleman. Do share with us your views in the comments below.





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