5 Tips and Tricks for Wearing Belts Every Man should Know

When it comes to updating personality, belt becomes an integral part of accessory for men. In fact, you feel incomplete leaving your home without wearing the belt. Regarding fashion, wearing a belt is one of the litmus tests one has to go through.

Wearing Belt : tips and tricks for Men

Selecting and buying a belt for men is not a rocket science, though. A good sense of fashion and knowledge about the brand & your need will help in buying the right belt that goes for perfect dressing. A perfect belt will not only hold your trouser but also lifts your personality to a whole new level. With this thought, we bring you with a guide to help in choosing the right belt for men.

1. Thumb Rule for Ideal Length of the Belt

It is important that the length of the belt should be larger than your waist. It should have few inches to the left of the buckle after wearing.

Thumb Rule for Ideal Size of Belt you should Buy

Thumb rule to get perfect waist length is to buy 1.5 inch bigger than your actual waist size or 2-3 inch bigger than jeans size.

2. For Perfect Belt Length Choose 3rd belt hole

perfect fit belt

A golden thumb rule is to tuck the dress belt inside your 3rd last belt loop and then it should end at proper length without making a bulge gap. Skipping 2 holes at end is always a better idea. Make sure the length shouldn’t be more because a long tail would bring awkward look.

You can even make sure of belt size guide to know which belt would go apt on your apparel.

Belt sizes chart

Perfect Size chart to Buy Right size of Belt for Men
Belt Size Chart PHOTO CREDIT: Nixon

3. Match Belt Colour and Fabric with Shoes

How to match belt with shoes? Thumb rules to match colour and fabric

You have to match belt colour, fabric and texture with shoes as shown in above image. If you’ve high polished shoes, then glossy looking belts are the best. Branded belts are known for their top quality and textures. It makes them look luxurious and comfort.

For casual attire, go for canvas belts, suede belts and other options available in a variety of looks. The leather belt should go with the leather watch and shoes.

Keeping the look classic and colours like blacks, browns and nudes will help in to wear countless time. Many branded belts come with rich textures looks appealing with formal wear.

4. Belts Width Defines Occasion to wear

Formal Vs Casual Belts

Formal Belt

Width: Below 1.25 inches
To wear on : Dress pants, Formal pant

Casual Belt

Width: 1.25 to 1.5 inches
To wear on : Cargo, Jeans, Casual Pant, Chinos & Shorts

5. Choose Belt Buckle Designs Wisely according to Occasion

As the fashion changes, the style of buckle also changes. Below are 23 different types of men’s belt buckle patterns you can go for:

  1. Screw Closure
  2. Clamp Closure
  3. Stitch Closure
  4. Tongue Buckles
  5. Double Side
  6. Reversible
  7. Double Ring
  8. Autogrip Buckle
  9. Military Buckle
  10. Clip Buckle
  11. Wrestling Buckle
  12. Auto Lock Buckle
  13. Pin Buckle
  14. Flip Closure Buckle
  15. Self Defense Buckle
  16. Automatic Locking Splice Buckle
  17. Military Utility Buckle
  18. Automatic Latch Buckle
  19. Webbing Buckle
  20. Clip on Buckle
  21. Clip Latch Buckle
  22. Rigger’s Belt
  23. Designer Military Buckle

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Tips to wear Belts Perfectly

  • If going or black or brown belt, then formal attire along with formal shoes
  • Natural leather belt with jeans and other casual outfits
  • Webbed and fabric version having double D buckle for casual wear
  • Studded and metal chain belt body for casual look will give an out of the crowd personality
  • Never wear belt with suit because it makes your mid section bulky.
  • Always cover leather tag on the waistband of your jeans with belt.
  • One of the best & easiest ways to create an illusion of being taller is to match your belt with your trouser or your shirt.

Right Way to adjust the belt length- Infographics

how to adjust right belt length

Interesting Facts about Belts you should know

Direction of wearing belt for men and women

  • Mostly Men prefer to wear belt anticlockwise and women clockwise. This isn’t the rule, you can wear according to your comfort.
  • Belt life is 9 to 12 months if you use regularly.

Final Word: It’s a wise choice to go beltless than belted too much.



















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