26 Best White T-Shirt Styles with Jean & Coat

Men, when it comes to fashion are not as choosy as women are. Speaking of which, their wardrobes are mainly filled with basics. A white t-shirt is surely a staple and they are having a moment of fashion currently. But have you ever thought how versatile this base layer is?

how to style a white t-shirt and jeans, outfits ideas to wear white tees for guys

Darn your jeans because its time you wear this number in numerous ways. We are here to alter your style a bit with a white t-shirt.

1. Hit it up with a Checks Blazerwearing white t-shirts everyday in style for men, casual blazer for men

Give your style a tinge of boldness by wearing your white tee with a checks blazer and cropped pants. Finish your ensemble with a pair of derby shoes and a bag to go to craft an attire for casual meet-ups.


2. Switch from Trousers to Denim

how to dress up a white t-shirt and jeans fashionably, blazer with jeans men smart casual street style look

There is no strict rule that you wear a blazer with a trouser. For your upcoming date, pair this perfect base with light blue jeans and a blue blazer. For a sleeker look and a bit of edge, add your frames and white shoes.

3. Accessorising is the right step

ideas to wear white t shirt and jeans outfits for men, blazer with jeans men

Yeah your white tees glam shouldn’t stop at being a basic. You can pair this one with a blazer and faded jeans. Accentuate your style more by carrying a bag and finishing your look with white lace shoes. Throw an impact by wearing this ensemble for a movie night.

4. Subtle and the best

white tees outfit ideas & tips, men casual half sleeve shirt look, classy casual outfits for guys

There are certain colors in this palette you Can surely lay your hands on. Wear a pink Shirt over your white tee with distressed Jeans. Add a casual touch with white shoes. A Classic summer look is all set to make you Stand out for weekend getaways. As you can See to pull this type of look off it helps to Have the right fitting white t-shirt if you have A muscular physique. If this applies to you Make sure you choose a muscle fit t-shirt to Really nail this look.

5. Trench Coat done right

how to wear white tees with different ways to look stylish, best casual wear for men

A lightweight trench coat is something you can adorn in all seasons. If you are willing to try it out then incorporate a trench coat with a white tee and combine it with grey jeans. Achieve a relaxed look with white shoes and create a perfect attire for your day out.

6. Keep it Neutral

how to wear a plain white t-shirt with different ways, party wear dresses for men's in summer india

The shades that revolve around the same palette can all be utilized into creating an outfit. Pair your white tee with a beige sweater and add khaki pants to it. Lean your outfit towards casual side and take it up a notch with white shoes as you head out for coffee.

7. Make it a bit Sporty

ideas to look stylish in white tees, men's party wear dresses photos

That denim jacket which is lying in your wardrobe can now own a chance to be a part of an outfit. Wear your basic tee with a denim jacket and black pants as you step out during the day. Complete your ensemble with black shoes and round sunglasses.

8. Click yes for a Bomber Jacket

how to style a white tees, white tees styles, men's urban fashion latest trends

Brighten up a gloomy day by adding this versatile charm to your attire. Layer your white tee with a bomber jacket and black pants. This one truly adds fun vibes for the weekend.

9. Denim and Leather Jacket Combination

best ways to wear white t-shirt with jeans and brown leather jacket, new men's trendy clothing

This one is a great addition to your style as it surely kicks off all the standard rules. Team your white tee with a tan leather jacket and light blue jeans for a little more prep to your outfit. This ensemble is sure to catch eyeballs during a party night.

10. Let your Accessories do the talking

white t-shirt styles guide, men's street style clothing

Simply pair your white tee with distressed jeans. Complement it with sunglasses, a bag, and a watch to go. This get-up is sure to give a hint of relaxed look yet add some sophistication to your outing ensemble.

11. Beanies are so in

what to wear with your white tees, street fashion for guys

Tone down your look by wearing a white tee with crunched jeans and a beanie at top. This one will surely be the statement piece for you and won’t make you look overboard when you are heading for brunch.

12. Grey Trousers can Slay the look

white tees style ideas for men, street style store for men's clothing

Play around and wear your white tee with grey trousers. Sum up the look with a belt and a pair of monk straps. No matter what the occasion is, this one is a match made for you to put together.

13. Casual call with Khaki Chinos

men stylish looks in white tee, party wear dress for men's in winter

They have been around before and they are still here to deck up your look. Wear yours by layering a denim jacket over a white tee. Finish it off with sunglasses and shoes for a distinct and laid-back ensemble.

14. Military Color is always a catch

white t shirt outfit ideas for men, men styles for white tees, men's stylish clothing

Give your attire a switch by teaming your white tee with a military bomber jacket. Complete your ensemble with ripped grey jeans and tying a sweater at the waist. This one will surely throw an impact and inspire all to dress alike.

15. Shorts are wow-worthy

style your white t-shirt, casual party outfits for guys

As easy as they appear, they will definitely make you look a stunner. Wear your white tee with denim shorts and merge a maroon fedora hat to your outfit. This style of yours will bring some interesting dimension to your casual look.

16. Peek-a-Boo with a Plaid Shirt

white shirt and jeans male outfit ideas, casual wear for men pictures

If you are the one who is a big fan of layering, here is a sure shot for you! Incorporate your white tee with black ripped pants and a red plaid shirt. Add another layer of a black jacket. This style is impeccable and won’t make you look over indulged. That’s a promise!

17. Kill it with Dress Boots

white t-shirt and blue jeans combination outfit mens, men's business casual fashion

Men usually prefer wearing easy to style shoes but why not create an intriguing look? Switch to dress boots and layer your white tee with a long coat. Add a touch of finesse by wearing your distressed jeans for spring.

18. Create a Classy Ensemble

white t-shirt and blue jeans style combination for men

Try to pick a jacket that will make you showcase captivating ensemble. Pair your white tee with a leather jacket and tie a plaid shirt at the waist. Those dark denims can be a striking element here with chukka boots.

19. Dungarees for men

different ways to look stylish in white t-shirt, how to wear t shirts that are too big

Because lighter is better and so you should grant your look an interesting layer. Club your white tee with this youthful light colored dungarees and complete your outfit with accessories and sneakers. Infuse this style and craft a perfect college going look.

20. Go for Smarter Appearance

how to wear and look cute in a white t shirt, men street fashion clothing

The shirts are quite adroit and can raise your outfit instantly. Wear your white tee with a military shirt and dark blue jeans. Finish it off with lace up shoes and sunglasses to devise a perfect outfit for dinner date.

21. Grey on Grey look

style guide for men's white t-shirt, men's business casual fashion

For an apt coffee date attire, this one will come to your rescue. War you white tee with a grey blazer and grey pants. If too much color causes nightmare, tone it down with white shoes because it’s stylish and catches attention.

22. Sport a look with Joggers

what to wear with a white tees, classy casual outfits for guys

Joggers are a way to keep the look easy. Wear a white tee with plain joggers. This one is perfect for gym hours as you crack the look with a duffle bag, a cap, and trainers to go.

23. Simple but Smart

how to pair your white tees with other outfits, best casual wear for men

A scarf is great source of styling and it will stick by you when you are drafting novelty for your look. Pair your white tee with a printed scarf and distressed jeans. Even out your relaxed, going out look with urban style boots.

24. Knitwear over your Tee

how to wear white tees with sweater, men's casual style fashion photo

Wearing your basic tee with a grey knitted sweater has a sartorial sense. Pair both of them together with black ripped jeans and boots that will lend you excessive style for your upcoming meet up.

25. Black Leather Jacket won’t go wrong

best ideas to wear white t-shirt, men's casual fashion latest trends

Because white and black are classics, it is easy to add it to almost anything. Wear your white tee with a black leather jacket and ripped jeans. Break the monotony by slaying this airport look with boots and a luggage bag.

26. Blazer with shorts

white tees outfit ideas & tips for men, smart casual wear for men

Finally, we are calling dibs on this style that constructs fashion-forward style. For an effortless style to your next outing with friends, wear a white tee with a blazer and shorts. Complete your look with boat shoes to keep you uber-cool throughout.

This guide, with its fool-proof ways will not let you down when you wish to style your basic white tee. It is bound you make you look charming and a white tee will always be an epitome to make you appear a well-dressed man.

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