Incredible Birthday Invitation Ideas

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Parting with generic birthday party invitations done by phone or through the mailing list is a perfect way to make the celebration more memorable right from the start. Also, it is an absolute must if you are having a themed party or celebrating a round number and want to set the right atmosphere. And to give you a hand with getting creative about it, here are some ideas for unusual ways to invite people both to adult and kids’ birthday parties.


Print on the Balloons

print on the balloons birthday invitation

Just imagine: you receive a single balloon in your mailbox with just an instruction to inflate it. Without a single idea of what it’s all about, you do so, and voila! It is an invitation with time, address, and everything else. It’s a very creative and rather easy way to create memorable birthday invitations as the printing service will help you with the design. Furthermore, you can ask people to bring the inflated invitation balloons to the party and use them as decorations.


Vinyl Records

vinyl record birthday invitations
Nothing says “classy” as much as a sleek and shiny vinyl record. It is the ultimate indicator of good taste and love for music. Moreover, it is experiencing a resurgence worldwide. So if your friends are inveterate audiophiles, enjoy good music, or simply love retro things, they will surely appreciate the birthday party invitation in a form of a vinyl record! The label can include all the necessary party details, while the contents of the record are up to you. It can be a famous birthday tune, a song with special meaning for you and your friends, or even your voice recording.

Of course, you shouldn’t go for full-size 12-inch albums. EPs and 7-inch records are much more practical. And there is something very special and cute about the looks of the small vinyl, don’t you think?


Send a Handwritten Invitation

birthday invitation handwritten text message

Let’s be honest, it’s been a very long time since you’ve found anything but bills and advertisements in your mailbox. Getting a handwritten invitation is not just a pleasant surprise; it will show how much you care about them. It might even end up in their “good memories” box and serve as a reminder of what a blast you had together. Not to mention you can get rather creative with a birthday graphics design with all the tools and services out there.



wood engraved birthday invitationBuy Now

This is sure to catch the eye of your guests and demonstrate the scale of a birthday party they have been invited to. Laser carved wood plates can have all kinds of designs and get as intricate as you want. If you are celebrating a serious date and planning a grand party, such invitations will underline the weight of the event and make your guests feel as special as Oscar laureates.

Shaped Invitations

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Imagine the excitement in the eyes of your kid’s friends when they receive birthday party invitations shaped like football players, cars, Barbie dolls, or anything else they like. If you are planning a special activity, like lather tag, go-karting, or a visit to the aquapark, this will make them even more thrilled about the upcoming adventure.

What’s more, you can spend more time with your kids making such invitations. You can do everything from scratch if DIY doesn’t scare you or find cutouts on the Internet and print them. If you really want to make an impression, there are some services that make marvelous shaped invitations.

3D Invitation

3d birthday invitation cardBuy Now

Remember those old 3D magazines with a pair of red-blue glasses? The technology is called anaglyph, and though it’s rarely used now, it marked the beginning of a 3D cinema. It is easy to deliver and has a defined wow effect to it. So why not use it to design a birthday invitation card? It can make pictures and drawings of the invitation go alive and add some interesting effects to the text. As you may remember, when you look at anaglyph pictures, they are quite blurry, so such an invitation will have an element of deciphering as well.

A Letter in the Bottle

a letter in the bottle birthday invitation

What kid doesn’t like a pirate party? And true pirates only receive their invitations in a weary bottle, written on a yellowed paper with just the right amount of “argh” and “ahoy.” And if you are planning to hold the celebration out, you can draw an actual map leading to the place right there.

You can find plenty of ways to make the paper look weary on Pinterest and discover some additional ideas for your pirate adventure. They include games, food, costumes, and much more.


Here are a few ways to make your birthday invitations unique and memorable. Remember that the best invitations come from the bottom of your heart and show your friends and relatives how much you love and care about them. Have a great party!

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