12 Best Barber Clippers for Fades

barber clipper for fadesFades are the best option for achieving head-turning haircuts. You can transform a simple hairstyle into a high-street fashion number with a neat fade. However, it is impossible to achieve the perfect fade without a clipper designed especially for the operation. Usually, these barber special clippers come with sharp blades and an array of other specialties. We listed some of the best barber clippers which can help nail the most stylish fades.


1. Wahl Professional 5-Star Mentor Clipper with 4 Detachable

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The detachable from Wahl Professional can serve as the perfect tool in the arsenal of any hairdresser. Despite delivering a power-packed performance, the clipper doesn’t cause a ruckus with its operation. The clippers have high and low speeds of operation and are extremely lightweight so that you don’t feel any hand strain even when using them for a prolonged stretch. They do not get overheated or tug or pull at your hair. The 14 feet length of the cord is also longer and more flexible compared to other detachable offering greater versatility of use. Despite carrying an expensive price tag, this battery-operated Wahl barber clipper made from premium-grade materials can have your back for generations to come.


2. Andis 12470 Professional Master Cordless Lithium-Ion Hair Clipper

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The Andis Fade clippers come powered to the core with a rotary motor operating at 7200 rpm and delivering effortless cutting without any pulling or grabbing. The solid construction of metal guarantees years of usage without the parts succumbing to wear and tear. You are bound to feel elated with the prolonged battery life of this lithium-ion powered clipper which can have your back as you try out a variety of styles without getting hot. When the battery runs low, you can easily plug it into a charger and use them as a corded clipper. The lightweight clipper is easily maneuverable as it doesn’t come with a cord.


3. Philips Norelco Multi Groomer 25 Piece Men’s Grooming Kit for Beard

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Your search for the best razor or trimmer to cater to your everyday shaving needs ends with the best fade clippers from Philips. Even after multiple uses, the battery life stays strong. The device is accompanied by two precision pieces, a trimmer, and a shaver. With the precision trimmer, you can reach places that are otherwise hard to get like above your ear. The precision shaver serves as the perfect choice for shaving in tight spaces like just below the nose or the upper lip. An extremely powerful motor can take your shaving sessions to a completely different level. The accompanying accessories come in various lengths and can have your back at reaching places that your trimmer can’t.


4. Suttik Professional Barber Haircut Clippers and Trimmers for Men

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Keeping up with your grooming session becomes easy with professional barber clippers. A durable carbon steel blade brings a high level of precision in its operation and the guided combs and adjustable taper lever help to try a variety of hairstyles while controlling the hair length. You won’t have to worry about the trimmer’s battery running out of juice anytime soon as it comes powered with a 2500mAh lithium-ion battery. A built-in LED display indicates when it is time to charge or oil the hair clippers. A powerful 10W motor guarantees lifetime performance but doesn’t create a ruckus with its operation.

5. BaBylisspro Goldfx Cordless Lithium Clipper for Men

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This professional barber clipper has a luxurious and premium look courtesy of its golden hue. You can expect well-blended and precise haircuts from this all-metal clipper. The battery is long-lasting and can keep you company as you try out many cuts and trims. However, the powerful motor doesn’t heat up or emit any sound during its operation. A titanium-coated blade accompanied with 8 comb attachments and 5-detent taper control offers a high level of versatility in its operation. Irrespective of the hair texture, you can cut through them with ease and precision.

6. Novah Grooming Professional Hair Clippers and Trimmer Kit for Men

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The barber clipper set brings industry-leading precision to the table. You can enjoy thorough versatility in shaping and outlining your hair and trying out a variety of styles. The set has been specially designed by keeping the comfort of users in mind so that you don’t have to worry about accidental slippage or hand strain. While the battery lasts pretty long, you can gain an understanding of the power levels and the device speed from its built-in LED display. You can expect a high level of durability from these cordless barber clippers featuring an all-metal body so that you can enjoy supreme grip and two different speeds for greater functionality. A small ring is attached to both clippers which helps hang it on a hook while charging.

7. Amuliss Men’s Hair Clippers Zero Gapped Cordless Hair Trimmer

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Walk out with a clean sharp look time and again with the best hair clippers for fades that cut through facial hair like a hot knife against butter. You can easily go around the edges and remove hair in one stroke with this model rather than having to stroke the same area again and again. As a result, the trimming and shaping process becomes more efficient. Though the clippers are self-sharpening, it is recommended to apply a little oil before each use. The clippers are sturdily built with a rechargeable battery which you can easily gauge from the battery level display. An accompanying USB charging cord can refuel the clipper whenever it runs out of charge. Despite being powered by a powerful motor, the clipper doesn’t emit any loud noise which might cause disturbance to others.

8. Lurnofy T-Blade Rechargeable Zero Gapped Beard Trimmer

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Professional hairdressers around the globe swear by the best clippers for fades as it delivers excellent results despite having an easy learning curve. You can expect snag-free cutting from its titanium steel blade which is both harder and sharper than carbon steel. The powerful trimmer comes backed with an ingenious noise-reduction technology that is quiet enough to cut your baby’s hair without causing a fuss. Gone are the days when you had to book an appointment with a hairdresser as you can trim your body hair, sideburns, and hair around the ears and also shave your head completely coupled with the 10 comb heads accompanying a kit. Currently, the manufacturer is offering a USB-C charging port alongside the regular charging port so that you can charge the device easily by connecting it to a power bank or computer.

9. Limural Rechargeable Beard Trimmer with Large LED Display

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If you have been having a tough time moving around with corded clippers, then the best professional hair clippers for barbers can come to your aid. You can charge it easily coupled with the accompanying cable whenever the numbered battery indicates that the device has run out of juice. The well-built trimmer has a full metal body with a stainless steel finish which is durable enough to withstand accidental drops. The USP of this set lies in its adjustment knob which helps in precisely cutting your hair. Maintaining the kit becomes easy with the oil and brush which are shipped with the set.

10. Oster Cordless Classic 76 for Barbers and Hair Cutting Clippers

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You can fade different hair types and cut through bulk hair with this cordless professional clipper which comes with a lithium-ion battery for long-lasting use. It gets easy to bid adieu to hand strain courtesy of the ergonomic design of this detachable set which can be used either with or without an 8-foot-long cord. While cutting through dense hair, the adaptive speed control automatically adjusts the motor speed. Its stainless-steel blades are specially designed to stand the test of time and don’t show any sign of wear and tear as it cuts through the thickest of hair growth.

11. Andis 04710 Professional T-Outliner Beard Hair Trimmer

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If you wish to undertake detailed work on your hair, mustache, and beards, then you need to bring home this close-cutting trimmer from Andis Store. Keeping it well-oiled can help you with a close shave without the requirement of a blade which can otherwise cause scalp irritations. You can also expect excellent results while trimming neck hair and beard shaping. While these trimmers are weighty enough for withstanding regular wear and tears, it doesn’t lead to hand strain. The professional-grade trimmers can do an excellent job of cleaning up the stray hairs under your neck and making the cleanest and sharpest edge of your mustache. You can zero-gap the trimmers to provide the closest possible cut time and again.

12. Ufree Barber Clipper with Guide Combs for Men

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This cordless number comes with an all-metal body in a golden hue which makes it look very classy. You can use it either by keeping the power cord connected or in a wireless mode by fully charging the device. Other than being extremely easy to use, the clippers are pretty quiet and deliver a high level of precision with their operation. The trimmer works exceptionally well while detailing around the edges. The level of battery power is displayed by the clipper so that you can easily gauge the level of energy you have used up. The blending shears have a nice solid feel and work well as you cut the top.

Fades are a beloved style of the young generation. Given the pandemic scare, you don’t have to necessarily visit the hairdresser for trying out this style as the clippers mentioned above can help you explore new ways of blending and fading in a DIY manner.

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