10 Best Beard Oil That Smells Good

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Hollywood A-listers like Idris Elba, George Clooney, Jason Momoa, Chris Hemsworth, and Hugh Jackman have proved time and again that nothing can be as attractive and satisfying as a well-groomed beard. However, maintaining your beard is easier said than done as you might have to toggle between a variety of products ranging from combs to balms, shampoos, conditioners, oils, and butter. However, beard oil ranks first in terms of importance for maintaining the look and health of your beard hair. While some oils have a bland smell, others can rival top colognes with their intoxicating aroma, Today, we have listed ten of the best beard oils that can rejuvenate your senses with their refreshing scent.

What is beard oil?

Beard oil refers to a simple concoction of carrier oils that nourish and moisturize the skin underneath your beard and your facial hair follicles to make your beard look more vibrant and feel softer. The beard oils are usually scented with essential oils and might be rarely scented with synthetic fragrance.

10 Best Smelling Beard Oils You Can Buy in 2022


1. Gibs Softens & Strengthens Beard Growth, Hair & Tattoo Oil

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All it takes is a single pump to keep your beard moist all day long with the best beard oil from Gibs Grooming. With every application, the oil moisturizes the skin beneath the beard to keep you buffered from sudden breakouts. It also works like magic on the itchy and sensitive skin of your tattoos as, within just weeks of use, the itchiness subsides completely. If the color has been puling from your tattoo, then you can make it look brand new by applying this oil. Massaging this oil on coarse hair makes your tresses soft and manageable. If you are looking for a beard oil with a masculine aroma that can impress your lady love, then you don’t need to look any further. The USP of this beard oil lies in a sweet and intoxicating aroma that rejuvenates your senses and lingers all day long.


2. Detroit Grooming Co. Condition Dry and Itchy Beards Oil

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Soothe your irritated and sensitive skin with this premium beard oil carrying smooth vanilla, tobacco, and cedarwood scent. Continued use can bring drastic improvements to the thickness of your beard, eliminates split ends, and leave your beard feeling soft and shiny. This conditioning beard oil is rich in magnesium which nourishes the hair follicles from the core. In stark contrast to peer oils, the Detroit Grooming Co. Beard Oil saturates deeper in the skin for promoting growth, clear pores, and reverse the damage already done to your beard hair. If you are on the lookout for a beard oil that doesn’t have an overpowering smell, then this ingenious blend of sweet almond oil can serve as your perfect pick. It gets absorbed by the skin quickly and can also serve as a potent cure for the chapped lips hiding underneath your beard.


3. Cremo Natural Moisture and Soften Your Beard Oil

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If you want to grow out your beard but are worried about beard itch and flaking, then the Cremo beard oil can serve as your best choice. It does an excellent job of keeping your facial hair in place and also helps in getting rid of dandruff. If you have been complaining about your hair feeling greasy, then this beard oil can keep your hand dry even when you run your hand through your beard. The first thing which is going to delight you about this best growth beard oil is its woody and masculine aroma. It comes with a dropper which eases the application process by bringing it down to less than 20 seconds making it the perfect pick if you are in a hurry. The oil works by hydrating the skin beneath to replenish the natural moisture of your skin.


4. Elemis Smooth Result Shave and Beard Oil for Men

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Elemis is an accredited skincare line and its shaving oil also stands true to its quality promise. If you have been having second thoughts about growing a beard, then this beard oil for growth can serve you well as it won’t cause even a nick on your skin. Men often complain of having razor burns all over their neck and applying this beard oil can keep your neck clear and your facial hair softer and more hydrated. The best thing about this beard oil is its non-greasy texture and you can nail a great shave with even the smallest quantity. It works very well for lubricating your face and can serve as the perfect alternative to shaving cream.

5. Badass Beard Care Beard Oil & Balm Combo for Men

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If you have a frayed and wiry beard, then the Badass Beard Care beard oil & balm combo can bring about a noticeable difference. The oil is very easy to use and does a decent job of softening your facial hair. Having a thick texture, the oil holds your facial hair in place so that you can try out various styles. Just a touch of beard balm is enough to make your beard look neat without making it look styled or stiff. You just have to rub the balm between your hands and then rub it on the outside of your beard.

6. Honest Amish Conditioning Premium Beard Oil

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If your beard is wiry, brittle, and suffers from horrible dandruff, then you need to try out the premium beard oil by Honest Amish immediately. With continued use, your beard will feel softer and you are going to notice muss less stringy hair or flyaways. This beard oil is worth every penny as you can easily style your beard by pairing it with its balm. You can easily use this product in the place of traditional coconut oil for higher satisfaction and better success. Only natural ingredients go into the composition of this oil which carries an earthy herbal smell that feels both mild and soothing. Just a few drops of this oil will do you good, however, you will have to follow it up with a good comb for properly distributing the oil around.

7. Grave Before Shave Gentlemen’s Blend Beard Oil

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The Gentlemen’s Blend beard oil carries notes of sweet vanilla which can lift your senses from the first day of application. Its aroma is pretty long-lasting without being too overpowering for your daily activities. The beard oil comes in as a significant improvement over peer beard oils which cause a build-up in the hair and requires more frequent shampooing thus defeating the entire concept of hydrating beard oil in the first place. The best beard oil from Grave Before Shave has excellent viscosity which can be worked into the beard. Its thinner consistency helps in penetrating the beard and making your facial hair feel softer than before. The oil moisturizes perfectly without leaving a residue.

8. Province Apothecary Woodsy Scent, Nourishing Beard Oil

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Fortify and soften your beard with the woodsy blend of pure botanical oils which get absorbed quickly into your skin leaving it revitalized and hydrated to the core. Continued use softens the skin underneath. The beard oil penetrates from root to tip so that your beard looks fuller and healthier. Its main components are black spruce oil derived from the heart of Canadian wilderness and cedar wood oil which acts as a natural astringent. This oil is free from parabens, petroleum, and synthetic fragrances making it a mother-nature-approved choice.

9. Zousz Black Oud Wood Scented Grooming Beard Oil

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The ZOUSZ beard oil has an amazing smell that feels very unique and lasts for quite some time. The oil has a premium feel that is neither too heavy nor too light. The dropper in the bottle makes it easy to dispense the oil without making a mess. You can now bid adieu to scraggy and coarse bristles by adding this beard grooming oil to your care regimen. Continued use keeps the hair underneath your beard hydrated and supple while removing dandruff from the core. Non-greasy formula doesn’t weigh down your hair as you prep up your grooming routine.

10. Mountaineer WV Timber with Cedarwood and Fir Needle Beard Oil

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Experience a stellar combination of great shine and scent with the beard oil by Mountaineer Brand which doesn’t leave behind a greasy feel which is infamous for weighing down your hair. Continued use leaves your hair feeling nice and soft. If you nurture a soft spot for natural scents that aren’t feminine, then this particular beard oil can serve you well. Its cedar-like smell is bound to make you nostalgic by bringing back memories of going on camping as a kid and cutting kindling for the fire. Just a few drops of this oil is enough for making your facial hair relax and prevent them from sticking up. Continued usage also helps in treating conditions like itching and dandruff.

How to use beard oil?

  • Pour two to three drops of beard oil into your palm and rub your hands to spread the oil throughout your fingers and palm. It is best to start with a small dose and add more if required later. Doing this will prevent your beard from becoming too greasy.
  • Now rub your oiled fingers and palms across your facial hair on both your cheeks.
  • Next rub your hands down the front of your face to cover your chin and mustache. You can use your fingertips to go over your mustache again.
  • For evenly distributing the oil, you should run a comb through your beard. You will have to comb both against and with your hair growth.
  • Finally, comb your beard back into place and groom as per your requirement.

What does beard oil do?

  • Beard oil helps moisturize the facial skin underneath your beard to prevent it from getting dry and flaky. Applying beard oil creates a water-repellant layer over your skin to prevent trans-epidermal water loss.
  • Beard oil carries various moisturizing properties that help reduce itchiness caused by flaking skin.
  • Coconut beard oils carry antimicrobial properties which help prevent folliculitis or an inflamed hair follicle caused by fungal or bacterial infections.
  • Beard oils with saturated or monosaturated fats can penetrate the outer layer of hair to maintain its natural moisture barrier and keep your hair soft and hydrated.
  • Last but not least, applying beard oils make your beard smell good as they contain various fragrances.

Beard oil vs Balm?

Beard oils are made from a combination of essential oils with carrier oils and fragrances. Being a lightweight option, it won’t weigh your beard down. Despite containing similar types of oils, beard balms have a thicker texture. This is why beard balms are recommended for men with fuller beards as they take longer for getting absorbed compared to oils and bring about a longer-lasting effect. You can style your beard in diverse ways and even tame flyaways thanks to the extra weight of the balm.

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