How To Accessorize Handbags With Your Outfits

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The bond a woman shares with her bags is unmatched. Most women buy the most expensive handbags not only to carry things but because it glamorizes their look. But, there are so many different types of handbags to choose from. It can be a struggle to find the right handbag for your outfit. Can you carry a wallet with a ballroom gown? Does your classic leather jacket and ripped jeans pair well with a tote bag? These are probably some of the questions that plague you when you are styling an outfit.

Instead of spending way too much time in front of the mirror wondering which handbag works with your attire, scroll down to learn about the different types of handbags and how to style them.

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  • Different Types Of Handbags
  • Tips To Style Handbags With Your Outfits

Different Types Of Handbags

1. Clutch


A clutch is a small flat handbag that holds your essentials like your phone, lip gloss, money, cards, and maybe your house keys. Earlier, clutches were made without a strap or handle. But now, most of them come with a detachable strap or chain. A clutch is normally carried to formal events or club nights, where you won’t be carrying too many things. So, it is best styled with sparkly dresses and gowns.

2. Tote Bag

The tote bag is the simplest version of a handbag. It has minimal-to-no pockets and can be used to carry lots of stuff, like books and groceries. It is mostly made with light fabrics like cotton or canvas, though fancier tote bags can be made with leather. A tote bag works great with casual clothes, like jeans and a simple top with sneakers.

3. Sling Bag

A sling bag is basically a handbag but with a long strap. You can get formal or casual versions of this bag to suit your needs. If you are attending a formal event wearing business attire, then opt for a classy leather sling bag in a neutral shade, like black or beige. For a more casual look, you can find colorful hippy-esque sling bags.

4. Shoulder Handbag

shoulder handbags

This handbag, as the name suggests, is worn on the shoulder. Most laptop bags made for women are shoulder bags as they are easy to carry. You can get shoulder bags in small or large sizes. They are the best bags to carry for work as they pair well with business formals.

5. Satchel


The satchel is the perfect bag for a corporate professional or an academic. It is commonly made with leather and can be paired with business casual or plain ol’ casual outfits. It comes with a short handle and a long strap, so you can carry it as you prefer.

6. Quilted Handbag


Quilted bags are all the rage right now. What sets them apart is their unique criss-crossed look. Chanel is the designer brand that popularized this handbag style. These handbags can be found in different sizes. They are perfect for pairing with pant suits as well as casual jeans-and-a-top outfits.

7. Minaudiere

Those designer handbags you see celebrities flaunt at red carpet events or models carrying on the runway that look like small decorated boxes are called minaudiere handbags. They are commonly made with metal or other hard materials and have geometric shapes. They pair well with elegant gowns as well as formal pants and a loose shirt.

8. Hobo Handbag


A hobo bag has a loose, slouchy shape and is mostly made with leather or other soft and flexible materials. It can be used to carry your laptop to work or even as an overnight bag. It is ideal for college-going kids and can be paired with jeans, T-shirts, and sweaters.

9. Wristlet


Handbags that you can only carry on the wrist are called wristlets. They come in small and medium sizes. This bag pairs well with knee-length dresses and skirts worn with heels.

10. Beach Bag


As the name suggests, the beach bag is made to carry all your beach essentials, like a towel, bottle of water, sunscreen, clothes, a book, and things for your kids (if you have any). You can also use this bag on other occasions where you have to carry many things. A bikini with shorts and a cover-up is the best way to style this bag.

11. Bucket Bag

A bucket bag is named as such due to its cylindrical shape. You can find these bags made with soft and slouchy material like leather. These bags go well with casual clothes like jeans paired with a T-shirt and a leather jacket or even a floral dress with a denim jacket.

12. Classic Handbag

classic handbag

The classic handbag is made to carry quite a few things, like a wallet, makeup, and a book. It can be held at the elbow or the wrist. Depending on the design, color, and material, you can pair a classic handbag with any outfit except gowns.

13. Crossbody Pouch

corssbody pouch

The crossbody pouch is a great accessory for casual outings or fitness days. You can wrap it around your body and walk around hands-free! And it looks very cool. It goes well with jeans and a denim jacket as well as with athleisure outfits.

14. The Big Handbag

big handbag

If you have to stay overnight somewhere, this bag would be perfect! And it pairs with any clothes, depending on the design you choose. You can pair it with a midi dress or carry it wearing jeans.

You can follow some easy tips to choose the perfect handbag for your outfit. Scroll down to know what they are!

Tips To Style Handbags With Your Outfits

  • Color: A handbag can be a great way to spice up your outfit. If you are wearing an all-black or all-white outfit, carrying a bright or patterned handbag will add a pop of color to your look. But if your clothes are neutral-toned and you have to go to a wedding or a business meeting, carry a handbag in the same neutral color.
  • Necessity: If you have to go to a formal event, like a wedding or a work party, consider one of the smaller handbags, like a clutch, a minaudiere, or a wristlet. If you have a lot to carry during your normal workday or while grocery shopping, consider one of the larger bags like a tote bag, a big handbag, or a hobo bag.
  • Pattern: Make sure the pattern of your handbag goes with your outfit. You don’t want to pair an animal-printed handbag with a striped outfit.
  • Occasion: Some events demand a more sophisticated outfit, so casual bags like a tote bag may not work. If you have the vibe of the event figured out, you can choose the right handbag to go with your outfit. You also don’t want to be lugging around a big bag on a day when you have to walk a lot and all you have to carry is cash/cards.

With so many clothing and handbag options, picking the perfect bag can seem overwhelming. But once you follow the above pointers, it will become easier over time. Remember to choose a handbag based on your necessity and comfort.

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