Panty Liners Vs Pads: Only Few Knows Real Difference

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Ladies often feel confused while choosing between a sanitary pad and panty liner. We are mostly aware of the concept of sanitary pads which serve as our ultimate savior during those menstruating days. Today we are going to talk about panty liners, differentiate them from the regular sanitary napkins, and also offer our recommendations on the best products under each type.

What Is A Panty Liner?

Panty liners refer to feminine hygiene products which are worn to line the inside of your panties though they might not be of much help during heavy menstrual flow days. They are used for the following purposes:

  • For offering protection against light to moderate vaginal discharge.
  • Light urinary incontinence.
  • Can be used as an addition to a menstrual cup or tampon.
  • Days of light menstrual flow at the beginning or end of your periods.
  • Offer help against light postpartum flow which can continue for months post-childbirth.
  • Can offer backup in case you experience unexpected periods.
  • They absorb wetness and perspiration to keep women feeling dry all day long.
  • The anti-bacterial nature of panty liners makes them perfect for being used to counter blood spotting and excessive discharge.

What Is A Sanitary Pad?

Sanitary pads cater to the days when you have your menstrual flow. They are made from absorbent materials which can absorb the menstrual fluid. You can choose between sanitary pads in different sizes and flow types. Often the sanitary pads come with flaps or wings which can keep the sides of your underwear buffered from leaks and stains. Usually, the sanitary pads are disposable and meant for one-time use. Alternatively, you can get the reusable pads which are made of cloth and can be washed, dried, and used in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Difference Between Pad & Panty Liner

Point Of Difference Panty Liner Sanitary Pad
Size Usually comes in just one size and has a very thin build. Comparatively thicker and comes in different sizes for catering to your menstrual flow.
Usage Can be used every day to absorb the vaginal discharge. Can also be used as a precautionary measure before the start of your periods to keep your dress safe. Used only during the menstrual cycle.
Absorption Absorbency is not as good as sanitary pads. They are plain cotton sheets that can only deal with vaginal discharge. Offer a high degree of absorbency as they are designed for the menstrual cycle. They have gel which makes them highly absorbent.
Discreet Nature Thin and small in size which helps in placing them discreetly in your pant pocket. The bulky size of sanitary pads makes it difficult to carry them discreetly in pant pockets.
Comfort The thin nature of panty liners makes them a more comfortable option. You will forget that you are wearing one. Comparatively thicker and can be slightly uncomfortable.
Wearability With Thong Certain panty liners are specially designed for being worn with even the tiniest thong. Cannot be worn with a thong.

Useful Pantyliner Hacks

Panty liners use

  • Place them on the inside armpits of your t-shirt to prevent the formation of yellow stains from sweat marks.
  • Absorb your feet sweat by placing them inside your shoe which can otherwise lead to slippage issues.
  • Use them to remove your nail polish or makeup whenever you run out of cotton balls. The soft texture and super-absorbent nature make them the perfect substitute for your facial wipes.
  • Spray some perfume over a panty liner and store it between your clothes to keep the drawer smelling great.
  • Shield your skin against corrosive bras by placing a panty liner over the sensitive regions.
  • Place them inside the shoe for acting as a comfortable cushion to alleviate heel pain and shoe bites.
  • Applying eye makeup can be messy. Panty liners can make the process neater as you cut them into halves and position them underneath your eyes.
  • Nursing pads can be pretty expensive. You can bring down the expense by sticking them inside your bra for an absorbent layer of protection.
  • If your furniture has been scratching your floors, then you can stick a panty liner on the foot of your furniture leg and wrap it around so that it stays still.
  • Stick a rolled-up pantyliner into plant pots for absorbing excess water.

Useful Pad Hacks

Period hacks for sleeping

  • Pads can be used as a bandage given their ability to pull away liquids from your body.
  • Soak a sanitary pad in water and freeze it before placing it over injuries like head bumps in the place of regular ice packs.
  • Protect your joints while gardening by sticking the pads to your knees.
  • The absorbent nature of the pads helps in cleaning the potty of toddlers while traveling in a car.
  • Bid adieu to drafty doors, windows, and vents by sticking a pad over the leaks from where the air is coming in.
  • If you are tired of carrying bulky glass cases, then you can switch out to a smaller one lined with a thin pad to protect your glasses from scratches.
  • Enjoy a salon feel at home by using your sanitary pads as a separator while painting your toenails.
  • Get the hourglass figure you always desire by strategically sticking sanitary pads under your garment.
  • Pull apart a pad and use it as a firestarter while out camping.
  • Wrap a pad around damp home pipes to prevent mold or mildew from forming.
  • Scare away deer and hungry bunnies from your crop by hanging pads by a string next to your garden plants.

Different Types of Panty Liner

  1. Unscented Antibacterial and Light Absorbent
  2. Extra Thin Daily Use Pantyliner
  3. Bladder Incontinence Pantyliner
  4. Vegan Pantyliner
  5. Reusable Cloth Pantyliner
  6. Thong Pantyliner
  7. Breathable Pantyliner

1. Unscented Antibacterial and Light Absorbent

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Stay fresh and comfortable all day long with this naturally absorbent panty liner having an organic cotton top sheet that can cater to your feminine hygiene needs such as spotting. An ultra-thin design brings the right amount of comfort and flexibility discreetly while keeping irritation and unpleasant odors at bay.

2. Extra Thin Daily Use Pantyliner

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Bask in a shower-fresh feeling all day with the Always panty liners which are both thin and absorbent for everyday use. They come with an Edge-2-Edge adhesive which keeps the pantyliner in position even when you engage in activities. A breathable layer keeps you dry all day long and comes individually wrapped for being carried around easily.

3. Bladder Incontinence Pantyliner

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Get ultimate leak protection with the Rael organic cotton cover liners which are perfect for postpartum use. Its super absorbent 4-layer core prevents overflowing and offers odor control to keep you feeling dry and confident all day long. These specially designed panty liners entrap fluids while the side panels offer added security to fit your dynamic lifestyle.

4. Vegan Pantyliner

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The cruelty-free and vegan panty liners render an irritation-free fit with their soft and flexible edges which can offer respite from painful chaffing. The innovative shape of these maxi pads having a moisture-wicking top sheet keeps you feeling fresh all day long. High absorbent leak guard panels help prevent overflowing as the long-lasting adhesive keeps the pad firmly in place.

5. Reusable Cloth Pantyliner

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Reduce landfill waste and save money along the way with these reusable cloth panty liners from Natissy. The thin fabric feels ultra-soft against your skin and can guarantee increased protection against both normal and heavy vaginal white discharge. You can wear the Natissy cloth thong pantyliners on both sides to protect your underwear discreetly and comfortably.

6. Thong Pantyliner

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Certified organic cotton goes into the composition of these reusable panty liners which feel soft and breathable against the skin of your sensitive regions. You can use them to deal with increased vaginal discharge during ovulation and before or after menstruation. Ultimate leak-guard protection brings a stellar level of absorption so that you don’t feel any wetness even after daylong usage.

7. Breathable Pantyliner

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Offer irritation-free protection to your sensitive areas with the Carefree Breathe daily panty liners which can keep you feeling dry and comfortable throughout the day. These dermatologically tested panty liners are free from harsh irritants, dyes, and fragrances. Their air-infused cover induces a soft-touch feel while guaranteeing complete protection from leakage with its super-absorbent design.

Different Types of Pads

  1. For Heavy Absorbency
  2. Ultra-Thin Cotton Pads
  3. Maxi Pad for Multi-Fluid Absorption
  4. Unscented Extra-Long Super Absorption
  5. Moderate Absorbency Long Incontinence Pads
  6. Incontinence Pads for Women
  7. Reusable Cruelty-Free Pads

1. For Heavy Absorbency

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Get 10 hours of non-stop protection with the U by Kotex Security Maxi Pads which locks away moisture and absorbs within seconds so that you don’t have to worry anymore about leaks. These hypoallergenic menstrual pads are devoid of any harsh ingredients and feel breathable against the skin. A cottony soft-touch cover feels gentle against the skin and keeps rashes at bay.

2. Ultra-Thin Cotton Pads

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Enjoy the highest level of period protection discreetly with the ultra-thin pads from Rael featuring a fully organic cotton top sheet. This pillowy pad keeps you feeling fresh and dry throughout the day by preventing overflow and leakage. They are made of hypoallergenic sheets which prevent irritation and unpleasant odors while trapping fluids with its leak locker technology.

3. Maxi Pad for Multi-Fluid Absorption

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Bask in maximum protection both during day and night with the Stayfree Maxi pads which are specially designed for heavy menstrual flow. You can focus more on your day as the 18 anti-leak channels block leaks from side to side and front to back. A quick-absorbing quilted cover keeps the pad dry while neutralizing odors along the way to help you feel confident.

4. Unscented Extra-Long Super Absorption

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If you are allergic to the synthetic smell of sanitary pads, then you can bring home the super pads with wings from Always. LeakGuard and RapidDry systems keep you feeling dry up to 8 hours even in the face of heavy flow. SecurelyFITS technology ensures that the pad stays in place even when you engage in different activities.

5. Moderate Absorbency Long Incontinence Pads

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Get up to 100% leak-free protection with the Always Discreet Moderate Long incontinence pads whose layered core can easily absorb bladder leaks without adding to the bulk. Its liquid-to-gel technology guarantees optimum dryness and the LeakGuards prevent liquids from running over the edges. A powerful OdorLock technology masks pungent smells for adding to your confidence quotient as you take on the day.

6. Incontinence Pads for Women (Ultimate Long Absorbency)

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Get 3-in-1 protection for comfort, dryness, and odor control with the long-length incontinence pads from Poise which are perfect for both day and night time use. These pads are specially designed to absorb bladder leaks during maternity or postpartum recovery. The unscented pad feels soft on the skin and locks in odor to guarantee discreet protection round the clock.

7. Reusable Cruelty-Free Pads

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Whatever be your menstrual flow, these unscented pads can suffice your needs. You can open and close them easily coupled with the button snaps on the wings and this prevents the menstrual cloth from bunching during side leaks. These reusable pads serve as a greener alternative to traditional pads and can help cut down on landfill waste.

Both sanitary pads and panty liners have their own sets of usage. You need to choose the one which is in sync with your specific needs.

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