10 Safety Pin Tricks To Get Dream Saree Drapes In 1 Min

Magic tricks and hacks to use safety pin in a saree for last-minute fashion fix
Saree can be the sexiest drape which enhances not only the body shape but also makes a major style statement in the event or party. Not only can your way of carrying a saree steal lots of hearts, but it also can be the secret of your lustrous beauty. But many ladies have to avoid the beautiful and gorgeous drape though they have a secret wish of flaunting them.

However, this problem can be easily taken care of. There are some amazing pinning tricks applying which anyone would be able to carry a saree with comfort and style.

10 Safety Pin Tuck Hacks that make Your Saree Drape Too Easy


1. Not Only Animals Camouflage

smart hack to use safety pin colour combination with saree

While wearing sarees of different colors, try using colored pins rather than the conventional silver ones, in that way your secret would only be draped with you in your body and be highly camouflaged.


2. Visibility is a Big No-No

how to hide saree blouse visible hook with smart use of safety pin

You might have often seen you friends and aunties concealing a gap in the saree or a blouse where the hook is damaged or to keep a particular draping style intact with the pins revealed enough to be visible to everyone. This is such a big no-no! Make your dress and draping look flawlessly oomphy by taking only the bottom layer of the overlapping side.


3. Shape Up

how to stitch saree pleats with easy tips & hacks

You are slim, well-toned, and want to flaunt your waistline, but these stubborn fabrics have disappointed you always. Here is a perfect way. Pull some extra fabric and tuck it inside the petticoat and conceal it to its place using a pin from under the pleats to accentuate your curves and then drape it tightly- you will see the concerned results in no time at all. After all, it’s a crime not to flaunt those killer curves and the mighty pin can show you how.


4. Extra Brownies For Neatness

how can i look hot in saree in just minutes, smart safety pin tricks & hacks

For your neat and tight pallu that won’t move from its place even a bit, pin the pallu vertically and not horizontally. And definitely, make sure that it is anchored in the back and not right in the shoulders to look alluring. Make all the other women burn with your dashing looks and kill the men with only a glance.

5. Fish Tails are Gorgeous

how to look gorgeous in saree with safety pin hacks

To make a neat and excellent fish cut in your saree without draining your purse for buying a new one simply get hold of all the extra fabrics near your waistline and neatly and carefully pin it underneath the pleats to get a fit around the waist and a gradual and lovely flair as it reaches the bottom.

6. The Ultimate Trick to Gracefully Dance in Saree

How to Pin in Saree for Dance

After knowing this trick, you’ll never hesitate to wear saree for a Sangeet Ceremony. Simply grab your pallu and pin it in the front to dance like a pro in your saree. You can even use this trick when doing the household chores.

7. Key to Master the Open Pallu Style

safety pin tircks to style saree with single pallu

Now this trick is for those who loves to keep the pallu flowing on the shoulder but finds it difficult to manage the same. The best way to master this style is to pinch the other end of the pallu and pin it to keep it intact without compromising on the look.

8. Secret to Keep the Pallu from Sliding off your head

how to set heavy saree pallu on head with safety pin

Ghunghat or over-the-head draping style has always been a part of Indian tradition. However, you need to adopt this trick to keep the pallu from sliding off your head. Just grab the saree that is effortlessly flowing down and pin it in to the blouse (just make sure that it’s loose). This will help the pallu stay in place even if the saree is heavy.

9. Secret to Hiding your Bra Strap

Tricks to Hide your Bra Strap

The moment your bra strap shows off, it will steal all the attention but of course for wrong reason. But now, you’ve an amazing trick to prevent this awkward moment from happening. Just make sure to take the bra strap along when pinning your pallu with the blouse.

10. Pin for a Quickie

The first and foremost thing that one should do when they are planning to wear a saree is to drape it around the body and give a trial of the gorgeous look that you are going to have. While doing so, pin up the fish cut and the mermaid cut area or the ‘pallu.’ In that way, while dressing up before hitting the party or the stage or dance floor and to steal all the glances, you would not have to struggle. You can get ready in just some minutes.

Be it a college get together or your cousin’s marriage, Sari has no other alternative. Western wears have come and gone but Sari is here to stay forever. Gone are the days when you would have second thoughts about choosing the six yards of pure enigma just from the fear of not being able to pull it off. Now you know all the mystery that can make you look like the ultimate diva! Make the world look up to you as the epitome of ultimate grace. Use these saree pin tricks and tips to drape and say voila with the mighty safety pin!

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