8 Unmatched Tips to Don Saree Blouse Gorgeously

Blouses are an indispensable part of girl’s ethnic fashion collection. It can make or break the look of a well draped saree. Girls, if you want to flaunt your beautiful figure in a saree; a well fitted blouse can be one best way. Most girls hardly have time to get their blouses stitched and buy anything off the shelves at the last moment. Instead of ending up with a readymade saree blouse, it is always better to get one stitched. There are a lot of designs, patterns and colors that you can get in a blouse. Make sure your favored outfit is plush, and highlights the best features of your body.

tips to don saree blouse gorgeously

Saree is an evergreen outfit that makes waves on any party or function. Well, you have to be more detailed and pay attention to the right choice of blouses to go with your saree to make it a hit. Here we have come up with a list of 8 tips that would definitely help you to select the correct blouse, next time when you will step out in a saree.

1. Get accurate measurements – It’s a must!

How to measure a blouse perfectly

Women have different shapes of body and varied sizes. The body measurements must be recorded accurately whenever you are considering getting yourself a blouse. The whole look of the saree can be ruined by an ill-fitted blouse. Make sure the tailor is recording correct measurements before he stitches the blouse for you. You can also take measurements of your arms, shoulder and bust at home and then get it matched with the tailor’s measurement. This is one extra step towards accurate measurement. It ensures the accuracy and the blouse thus suits your body frame perfectly. Always make sure that your bra tailor uses your bra size for your blouses. It gives you the right cup size. A well fitted blouse never allows its sleeves to rise or fall when you raise your hands. At the same time, it has enough room to move your arms.

2. Wear the correct bra

best bra for blouse

Once you have a nicely fitted blouse for you, the next big thing you need to pay attention to is your bra! It is very essential that you wear a correct bra under your blouse. The right bra enhances your figure and the look of your blouse as a whole. Going something out of your regular routine might get you that extra edge to shine a little more than others in the party.

  • If you are wearing a backless blouse, you can possibly go for the Backless Adhesive Bra, or use the bra cups that stick on your body.
  • Wear strapless bras under halter neck blouses and low back bras if you are wearing a deep back designed blouse.
  • You can try the Breast Lift Tapes with your Push up bras if you have plans to expose your cleavage.
  • If you are confident about your figure, or have small breast, you can wear blouses of thick materials, without a bra. It’s perfectly fine to wear sleeveless, transparent or low neck/shoulder blouses without a bra. Girls with bigger breast may try the cups which remains attached to the blouse, to avoid the bouncy feel.

Bonus Trick


Do not forget to ask your tailor to hook up buttons around the shoulder of your blouse. These buttons keep the bra straps tucked in. This ensures that your bra straps do not play peek-a-boo and result to a wardrobe malfunction.

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3. Choose the fabrics correctly

It can be quite a challenge to choose the right fabric for your blouse. Select one which complements the fabric of the saree, rather than going for similar fabrics. It is important that you know about the fabric in details before using it for your blouse.

  • Do not choose flimsy fabrics if you are planning to wear your blouse in winters.
  • Chiffon, cotton and net have become a big rage now days for summer blouse materials.

Some fabrics require lining; some requires extra room during stitching. The embellishments used on the blouse shall not overshadow basics of the stitching. This ensures a neat stitching. Get a good quality lining for your blouses, so that it does not shrink after a wash. Always remember that there is nothing wrong or right about a fabric till the time you are comfortable.

4. Keeping it simple and balanced

perfect saree style and matching blouse

Matching saree and blouse is almost out of fashion now. However, the combination needs to have a balance for a perfect look. You can try wearing plain colored bold designer blouses with heavy embroidered sarees. Similarly, a profoundly sequined blouse can uplift the look of a plain saree and fix one’s gaze at it. Hand done embroidery like Mirror work, Kundan work, Zardosi, Kutch embroidery, Bujh embroidery, Kantha embroidery, Maggam stone work, and pearl embellishments are in vogue and dominates all blouse design market.

You can try brocade, silk materials or velvets with traditional Benarasi, or Kanjeevaram silk sarees. These blouse materials go well with heavy sarees. Net, georgette, chiffon, and tissue blouses can grab the attention at any occasion.

Going contrast with the choice of colors can really make people goggle at you at the party.

5. Decide on the Design

different types of front designs and patters of saree blouse

It is important to choose the design of your blouse once you have bought the saree. The entire look of the saree depends on the cut and design of the blouse. There is a plenty of neckline designs ranging from halter necks to collared to backless. You can find numerous neckline & sleeve variations. Sleeves contribute to the variation of blouse designs. So, if you are planning to be a little different from the stereo types and look classier, you have to spend some time on the cut and pattern of your blouse.

  • If you are planning to get your lehenga blouse stitched, then sweetheart neckline is one classic design.
  • Rectangular and oval shaped necklines looks good on petite women.
  • Taller women, on the other hand, can try Chinese or high neck collar for an elegant look.
  • Plunging necklines look marvelous with embellishment and raises the glam quotient.
  • Get the basic round and square necklines for silk sarees as these sarees already are so heavy.
  • Get padded cups build on such blouses, for a careful and comfortable wearing.
  • You can also attempt to wear Asymmetric necklines for special events.
  • Try backless and knotted design for choli style blouses. You can expose your back partially or fully, with this rare design. A knot or a bow is usually at the back to support the bust portion. It gives a feminine touch to the blouse.
  • Try full sleeve or plain elbow length blouses, for a sophisticated look.
  • Capped or puffed sleeves give you a smart and classic look.
  • Wear sleeveless blouses, for the ultimate chic look.

Do not choose to wear bold back designs, if you are not comfortable in carrying them off. It’s better to wear simpler, yet stylish designs for a more confident appearance.

6. Choose the design of your blouse according to your body shape

There are a plenty of blouse designs available to choose from. It is important to choose a design that suits the shape of your body. It not only complements your saree, but enhances your personality as a whole. This tip will certainly help you choosing the correct design for you, the next time you go to your tailor to get yourself a stylish blouse stitched.

blouse designs according to body shape

  • Apple-shaped women look best in scoop-neck blouses rather than spaghetti straps.
  • On the other hand, petite women look elegant in rectangular and oval necklines.
  • If your back is not toned, it’s better to wear a keyhole back rather than a backless. It hides the flaws and flaunts only the centre of the back.

Read below for more details:

  1. Heavy Assets
  2. Small Bosom Figure
  3. Athletic Figure
  4. Broad-Shoulders
  5. Curvaceous Figure
  6. Short Height
  7. Tall Height

1. Heavy Assets

Girls with heavy boobs have their share of blues in choosing the correct saree blouse type for them. It’s advised to avoid embellished blouses for them, with heavy work on the bust portion. Such works increases the weight of your already big bosoms. Girls with heavy bosoms can instead go for simple printed plain monochrome blouses. Choose blouses that are made with lightweight fabrics, such as satin, georgette or crepe and avoid deep necklines. If you really want to show off your glowing skin, then go for bare-back blouses instead of deep necklines.

Do not wear V-necks or scoop necks if you have heavy busts as such cuts emphasize the breast size. Instead wear high necks with full sleeves for an elegant look.

2. Small Bosom Figure

Girls with small busts can try several styles. Ask your tailor to give an illusion of fuller bosom to your blouse with heavy embellishments in the front portion. V-Necks and Empire Basques create an illusion of fuller bosoms. Get these designs in bulkier fabrics to correct your body errors. Girls with smaller boobs have lean neck, and high neck, collar neck or halter neck can be a good idea of blouse to cover it.

Fabrics, like tussar silk, velvet, brocade, etc. suits these blouse patterns.

3. Athletic Figure

Do not refrain from wearing sarees if you have a slim athletic figure. The right pattern of blouse can give you a drop-dead beautiful outfit to catch all the attention. Try corset style, noodle straps or halter necks if you have an athletic body. Full/long sleeve blouses also looks sophisticated and suits this body type.

4. Broad-Shoulders

Women with broad shoulders often make the wrong fashion choice. Girls with broad shoulders can flaunt their sexy backs or toned arms in broader neckline or short sleeve blouses. It can smartly conceal the broad shoulder. Avoid wearing padded or thin strap blouses if you have this body shape.

5. Curvaceous Figure

Wear full-sleeved or quarter-sleeved blouse if you have a voluptuous figure. This will cover the arms and shoulders. You can bare your sexy back to create a balance and keep those eyeballs rolling!

Do not wear puffed sleeves, halters or noodle straps as your flabby arms and shoulders will catch all the attention, which is totally not desired. Wear smaller prints on lightweight fabrics with light embroidery for a sober look.

6. Short Height

Girl who has short heights and short neck should try Rectangular Neck Blouse Designs. It apparently adds some height to the neck so that the neck may look longer.

7. Tall Height

Girls with a good height and a tall neck can go for Chinese collar blouses. It looks utter elegant and glamorous if stitched backless.

7. Face type

Face Shapes in Women

If you have round curved face, a linear neckline with collar will or a plunging V neckline gives you a smart look. The strong vertical lines make the face appear lengthened. Long faces look more balanced in high necklines. Go for horizontal or diverging lines like boat neckline or off-the-shoulder if you have a pear shaped face.

8. Seductive Dori


Look sensual with padded cups and dori. Dori gives you a nice fitting and delicate shape. Remain carefree about showing or falling of your bra strap as you can wear dori blouses without a bra. Add tassels or latkans to the dori to accentuate the look of your blouse.

Special Tips

Pay more attention to the neckline as it frames the shoulders, face and neck. It’s the neckline which apparently changes the length, breath and angularity of the natural features of the wearer.

Quick tip:

Girls, here is one quick tip for you. Always keep a bunch of safety pin handy whenever you are putting on your blouse. These pins are helpful in tucking the loose sections of the blouse in no time and you are ready to go! Safety pins are saviors when you wear your favorite blouse after a long time and find it loose. Pin the first button of your blouse (buttons on the front) to get a nice fitted neckline and shoulder line. Pin the last button of the blouse (front buttons) to get a quick fit in the upper waistline.

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