12 Amazing Safety Pin Hacks to Use It Smartly

You won’t believe, but a safety pin can do lots of wonders. This small, tiny, mini device can help you solve so many of your wardrobe woes. We have curated some of the best hacks that will help you for a lifetime.

safety pin fashion hacks and tricks

These techniques are simple and way too practical. So, when you face any of the fashion hassles mentioned below, make good use of a safety pin. Take a look at some of the DIY safety pin hacks and you can thank us later!


1. Thread a Drawstring

Safety Pin Fashion Hacks & Tricks

Yes, when your pajamas drawstring go loose, use a safety pin to put it back in place. Rethreading your string is the best way to avoid any problems. And it’s fast!


2. Tie your Scarf Together

Different Uses of Safety Pin

If you want your scarf to look even and stay in place. Then sneak it up with a safety pin. Like this, it doesn’t go loose and you don’t have to adjust it all the time!


3. Bra Strap Holders

How to Use Safety Pins in Different Ways?

If you plan to wear a deep neck top or your clothing has a plunging neckline. Then use safety pins to keep the straps in place and also that your top or dress don’t slip off all the time!


4. Fix a Broken Zipper Tab

Amazing Tricks & Hacks of Safety Pins

It happens at times, that your zip tab breaks. Well, for a simple and quick solution just fix it with a safety pin. It easily does the work of tab!

5. Bag Locks

Surprising Uses of Safety Pins

Now you can keep your belongings safer. When you carry any baggage, just pin the zippers from inside. This way it’s difficult to open the bag!

6. Fix Broken Flip Flops

Safety Pin Tricks and Tips

If you are flip flop wearer, then this technique will save your life. Yes, literally! The strap of flip flop breaks, and it’s not possible for you to go grab a new pair quickly. So, you can pin the strap of the flip flop and get going!

7. Loop one through a difficult zipper for extra leverage

What to use of Safety Pin?

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to catch hold of the zipper. Be it in your boots, dresses or tops. In such a case, just loop one safety pin on the zip. This way it becomes easy to zip up and gives more leverage. Save your clothes also from getting hampered!

8. Cinch Effect

Unexpected Fashion Hacks to Use Safety Pins

Give your clothes some new touch. Yes, you can pin your tops or t-shirts from inside, creating a cinching effect. This makes your outfit look different and beautiful than the usual wear!

9. Lose ‘The Hitch’

How to Use Safety Pin for Strapless Dresses, how to safety pin a low cut dress and shirt

Save yourself from horror. When you plan to wear a strapless top or dress, just pin it up from inside with the bra. This way it won’t fall off, and you don’t have to always pull it up!

10. Pairs Together

Safety Pin Hacks and Tricks

Keep your pair of socks in place. Just pin them together so that you don’t lose either of them!

11. Necklace or Bracelet Loop

Ultra Cool Safety Pin Fashion Hacks and Tips

Sometimes, your bracelet or necklace lock fails. Simple, loop both ends with the help of a safety pin!

12. Adjust the Length of a Necklace

A safety pin can even come to your rescue when you need to shorten or lengthen your chain necklace.

So, next time you face any such problems as mentioned above. You know which thing to bank upon. Make some good use of safety pins with these simple DIY techniques. They save your time and are really cost-effective!

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