12 Stunning Sunglasses Styles That Virat Kohli Loves

Undoubtedly Virat Kohli is one of the best players Indian cricket team could get. His magnificent performance on the field definitely makes us all proud of him. But apart from an intense player, Virat gives every guy major fashion goals and is the king of selfies.

Virat fondly known as Cheeku is flawless when it comes of being debonair. Be it casual or formal dressing he rocks in every look and makes every woman go gaga over him. But we aren’t talking about his clothing here.


We are totally gushing over his love for sunglasses which is evident on his Instagram and Twitter handles. You can find him flaunting effortlessly in Aviators, Wayfarers, polarised sunglasses and he masters every look. We take you on a trip to Virat’s social media profile which shows how much he loves his sunglasses and oh yes, how much we love his every look.

1. He can look fabulous in everything. Even this stylish oversized sunglasses makes us say wow Virat!

virat kohli looking cool in sunglasses

2. His current favorite sunglasses, which has become our favorite.

virat kohli sunglasses

3. He enjoys wearing the fashionable Ray-Ban and we enjoy watching him charm us with his look.

virat in the fashionable ray-ban

4. The polarised sunglasses of Virat Kohli give us a beach vacation vibe. This is a must-have sunglasses for all.

virat in sunnies

5. When he wore his new sunglasses from Dior, we were swooned by his look. He looks every inch of a dashing hero.

virat kohli in new sunnies dior sunglasses

6. Virat’s social media is interesting to see, especially when he is amazing at clicking selfies.

virat sunglasses

7. He looks fashionably handsome with his stylish shades, hairstyle, beard and of course the Holi color.

virat in stylish sunglasses celebrate holi

8. This is one of the cutest selfies Virat could click. With his classy Ray-Ban aviators on he definitely wins everyone’s hearts.

virat kohli in classy ray ban aviators

9. Look at his selfie, isn’t he more than perfect? We find him nailing every look in elan and totally love this polarised sunglasses.

virat kohli popular sunglasses

10. The sunglasses give a playful look and we find it completely adorable. He brings a funky look with his orange polarised shades.

virat in red sunglasses

11. I am sure many of you would agree with me that only Virat can look marvelous in casual black sunglasses. What’s your say?

virat in black sunglasses

12. Virat has a daring side, not only on the field, but even with his sunglasses. Doesn’t this red sunglasses look bold and dapper?

virat kohli in red glasses

We would love to know which of Virat’s swanky sunglasses are your favorite.

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