Men’s Fashion Ultimate Guide: A Woman’s Perspective

There are so many fashionable clothes and accessories already there, made and kept high in the market only for men. But, here is the issue. Not everything that a man wears or puts up actually looks good on him.

From flashy coloured shirts to pointy boots, there are so many men who have had tried their hand almost with everything, but had been completely in vain. Men, here it is. If you want to look good or at least want to impress women, you just can’t try everything that you set your eyes on. Delve in our minds and everything else can be a cakewalk. There are definitely personal preferences and tastes, but roughly there are few things that women would love on men, especially Indian men.

Go ahead and check out which are those things that most of the Indian beaus would have their eyes stuck on Indian men. Surprisingly, most of them are easy.


1. Perfectly fitted jeans

perfectly fitted jeans

Nothing can be better than a pair of cool jeans. Not only a good and a well-fitted jeans can be durable but they can also be purely classic.

Around 54% women have been reported to have said that men look really hot in rightly faded vintage-style jeans, neither too much nor too less. Couple it up with a white T-shirt or any bright coloured sweater and that can be a perfect contrast to those blues.

Shiona Turini, Cosmopolitan’s fashion market director reveals her personal preference on men also in the form of jeans. Here’s what she says,

There’s nothing I love more than to see a guy in a perfect white T-shirt, well cut jeans (not too baggy, not too tight and definitely not boot cut), with a pair of Jordans. There’s something so classic, manly and sexy about that very basic combination.

Also, don’t forget, no matter how many Bollywood films show, DO NOT show your underwear, by sagging down your jeans. A BIG NO!

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2. Flat front pants with crisp shirts

flat front pant with crisp shirt

Formal look can never go out of style. And no man should ever, ever underestimate the power of a pair of flat front pants coupled with crisp dress shirts.

Remember pleats can always repel a woman because pleated pants can make its wearer look bigger. Contrary to these are the flat front pants that can actually make its wearer look trimmer or at least average. Stay safe and classic by pairing them with a casual or formal dress shirt. While cotton dress shirts in light blue and white are must haves, it can be quite okay if you branch out some other colours like magenta, purple and green.

Make sure to follow the one-finger gap for your collars. While turning your head, don’t make your collars also turn along with it. Also don’t forget to stitch your sleeves loose enough to fit in a wristwatch. Yes, sleeves do matter a lot!

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3. T-shirts

white striped t-shirt with blue denim

You just C-A-N-‘-T miss t shirts. T shirts are a perfect solution when you want to give out a lesser formal look but more of a casual appearance. Next to books and dogs, they are definitely a man’s best friend.

If you want to rock a classic look, a crew collar T-shirt can be a good option.

Graphic tees accompanied with funny slogans can be cool, but think before buying them.Many women actually judge a man’s intellect based on his choice of T-shirts.

Don’t ever wear V neck tees if you don’t have an athletic body.

Polo T-shirts can be a safe choice if you have nice shoulders as well as forearms. You can also choose them if you want to give out a casual cool look.

Deep colours like dark blue and dark green can always be good, but never ever miss out a black tee in your wardrobe. Black is simply classic.

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4. Kurta with Pyjamas/Jeans

green kurta with white pyjama

When it is about fashion statement of Indian men, we just can’t miss out kurtas. Ask any woman and almost everyone would say, that any Indian man can simply look ethnically classy with kurtas on them.

Partner your kurtas with either pyjamas or jeans and you can be all set to steal the mood.  Short kurtas might not look bad, but the long knee-length ones can be just perfect. While white can be a safe colour to play with, dark blue, blue and violet can be equally sensational.

Remember don’t go over the top with those bright polka dots all over your kurtas or those tiny little flowers. Keep your kurtas plain and simple. Simplicity is always beautiful. If you want to add more style, just try rolling up your sleeves till your arms. Yes, women L-O-V-E that!

5. Black or navy blue suits

navy blue suit

Suits just can’t or would never go out of fashion. Just like chivalry, classy suits with few cufflinks are simply a must if you want to make sure that she has your eyes on you. While navy and charcoal are quite safe picks, brown or tobacco can also be quite cool. Remember, most of the Indian women would always prefer a man who would look like a man. It’s not being sexist but it’s a fact.

Rhoxy Villasenor, who is the founder as well as the designer of Rhod, says,

I love men that dress like men. I love when men understand tailoring, fit, and proportion; a man who dresses well and takes care of himself. A black well tailored suit is every man’s wardrobe staple.”

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6. Suede Jackets

suede jacket

Loaded with subtlety and versatility, suede jackets must be treated no less than Bibles. Reborn this season, this typical retro classic is quite a lot softer is a perfect alternative for a leather jacket, which are now quite passé. Suede jackets are definitely tough but are also loaded with supple versatility.

With minimal tailoring, these jackets are simply a checkmate solution for all those who want to look subtly formal with a touch of psych-rock as a cherry on the top. The added rough-and-tough look is what most women fall for.

Choose soft yet classic colours like light brown or just simple brown. But don’t try those ones that has those dangling threads all over. It’s just a NO NO.

7. Leather loafers

leather loafers

Now there is definitely something about leather that makes it a classic brand in itself.  Women often size up the shoes of a man as indicators of his personal sense of style, his cash flow and of course, his social status.

A pair of leather loafers indicate its wearer’s sense of casual elegance with the slight touch of sensual life. Nearly about 26% of women actually conclude that a pair of leather loafers is definitely a must for every man.

If you too want to stay safe yet smart, dark brown can be the right color for you.

Adding to all these, don’t miss out smelling good. Your fragrance can be your biggest advantage. Make sure to smell subtle yet strong.  The fragrance should also not be overbearing so as to repel all others present around you. Try some classic brands like Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss.

Try out these ideas and get ready to give out a lasting impression.

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